M92 - Hillsborough - Harley

A bus service operated by South Pennine Community Transport

Church Street, Ecclesfield (Sheffield)
27 May–2 June 2024

Temporary one way traffic for road works.

Church Steet will be temporarily one way with the road closed to traffic travelling from Chapeltown Road towards Mill Road. Buses on service M92 going towards Hillsborough will not be able to run along part of Church Street and will be diverted.

Service M92 towards Hillsborough will run from Chapeltown Road along The Common and Mill Road to rejoin normal route on Church Street.

Please use alternative bus stops on The Common, or Mill Road.


Hillsborough - Harley

Hillsborough Interchange/H5 (H5) 09:4011:5014:0316:12
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Taplin Road 09:4011:5014:0316:12
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Minto Road 09:4111:5114:0416:13
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Dixon Road 09:4211:5214:0516:14
Hillsborough, adj Middlewood Road/Lennox Road 09:4211:5314:0616:15
Hillsborough, opp Leppings Lane/Eskdale Road 09:4311:5414:0716:16
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Farndale Road 09:4411:5514:0816:17
Wadsley Bridge, at Penistone Road North/Clay Wheels Lane 09:4511:5614:0916:18
Wadsley Bridge, nr Fox Hill Road/Halifax Road 09:4611:5714:1016:19
Fox Hill Road/Baxter Drive (adj) 09:4611:5814:1116:20
Fox Hill Road/Birley Rise Road (opp) 09:4711:5814:1116:20
Fox Hill Road/Camborne Close (Adj) 09:4711:5914:1216:21
Fox Hill Road/Browning Road (opp) 09:4812:0014:1316:22
Fox Hill Road/Fox Hill Crescent (Adj) 09:4912:0114:1416:23
Fox Hill Road/Edge Lane (adj) 09:4912:0114:1416:23
Fox Hill Road/Cowper Avenue (opp) 09:5012:0214:1516:24
Grenoside Crematorium/Car Park (adj) 09:5312:0514:1816:27
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Salt Box Lane 09:5512:0714:2016:29
Grenoside, adj Main Street/Vicarage Road 09:5512:0714:2016:29
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Norfolk Hill 09:5612:0814:2116:30
Grenoside, adj Norfolk Hill/The Frostings 09:5712:0914:2216:31
Grenoside, at School Lane/Penistone Road 09:5812:1014:2316:32
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Queensgate 09:5812:1014:2316:32
Grenoside, adj Wheel Lane/Grenfolds Road 09:5912:1014:2316:32
Grenoside, opp Wheel Lane/Creswick Lane 10:0012:1114:2416:33
Grenoside, adj Wheel Lane/Cinder Hill Lane 10:0012:1214:2516:34
Ecclesfield, adj The Wheel/Cinder Hill Lane 10:0212:1214:2516:34
Ecclesfield, opp The Wheel/Town End Road 10:0212:1314:2616:35
Ecclesfield, nr Church Street/St Marys Lane 10:0412:1414:2716:36
Ecclesfield, adj Church Street/Whitley Lane 10:0512:1514:2816:37
Ecclesfield, nr Chapeltown Road/Whitley Lane 10:0512:1514:2816:37
Ecclesfield, nr Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 10:0512:1514:2816:37
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (adj) 10:0612:1614:2916:38
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 10:0712:1714:3016:39
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 10:0712:1714:3016:39
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 10:0812:1814:3116:40
Chapeltown, nr Station Road/Commerce Street 10:0912:1914:3216:41
Chapeltown, adj Station Road/Thornbrook Gardens 10:0912:1914:3216:41
Warren, opp White Lane/Hesley Wood 10:1112:2114:3416:43
White Lane/Warren Lane (adj) 10:1212:2214:3516:44
Harley, opp Sheffield Road/Kirby Lane 10:1312:2314:3616:45
Harley, adj Occupation Road/Cricket View Road 10:1512:2514:3816:47
Harley Road/Occupation Road (adj) 10:1612:2614:3916:48

Harley - Hillsborough

Harley Road/Occupation Road (adj) 10:1712:2714:4016:49
Harley, opp Sheffield Road/Black Lane 10:1712:2714:4016:49
Harley, adj Sheffield Road/Kirby Lane 10:1812:2814:4116:50
White Lane/Warren Lane (opp) 10:2012:3014:4316:52
Warren, adj White Lane/Hesley Wood 10:2012:3014:4316:52
Chapeltown, opp Station Road/Thornbrook Gardens 10:2112:3114:4416:53
Chapeltown, adj Station Road/Cowley Lane 10:2312:3314:4616:55
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 10:2312:3314:4616:55
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 10:2412:3414:4716:56
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 10:2412:3414:4716:56
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (opp) 10:2512:3514:4816:57
Ecclesfield, opp Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 10:2612:3614:4916:58
Ecclesfield, opp Church Street/Whitley Lane 10:2712:3714:5016:59
Ecclesfield, adj Church Street/Mill Road 10:2712:3714:5016:59
Ecclesfield, adj The Wheel/Town End Road 10:2912:3914:5217:01
Ecclesfield, opp The Wheel/Cinder Hill Lane 10:3012:3914:5217:02
Grenoside, nr Wheel Lane/Cinder Hill Lane 10:3112:4014:5317:03
Grenoside, adj Wheel Lane/Creswick Lane 10:3212:4114:5417:04
Grenoside, opp Wheel Lane/Greenfolds Road 10:3212:4214:5517:04
Grenoside, adj Penistone Road/Blacksmith Lane 10:3312:4314:5617:05
Grenoside, opp Norfolk Hill/The Frostings 10:3512:4414:5717:07
Grenoside, adj Main Street/Norfolk Hill 10:3512:4414:5717:07
Grenoside, opp Main Street/Vicarage Road 10:3612:4514:5817:08
Grenoside, nr Main Street/Salt Box Lane 10:3612:4614:5917:09
Grenoside Crematorium/Car Park (adj) 10:3912:4915:02
Fox Hill Road/Cowper Avenue (adj) 10:4112:5115:0417:10
Fox Hill Road/Edge Lane (opp) 10:4212:5215:0517:11
Fox Hill Road/Wilcox Road (adj) 10:4312:5315:0617:12
Fox Hill Road/Browning Road (adj) 10:4312:5315:0617:13
Fox Hill Road/Fox Hill Crescent (opp) 10:4412:5415:0717:14
Fox Hill Road/Parson Cross Road (adj) 10:4412:5515:0717:15
Fox Hill Road/Baxter Drive (nr) 10:4512:5515:0817:16
Wadsley Bridge, adj Fox Hill Road/Trafalgar Road 10:4512:5615:0817:17
Wadsley Bridge, nr Penistone Road North/Wardsend Road North 10:4612:5715:0917:18
Wadsley Bridge, opp Penistone Road North/Carwell Lane 10:4612:5715:0917:18
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Leake Road 10:4712:5915:1017:20
Hillsborough, adj Leppings Lane/Vere Road 10:4813:0015:1117:22
Hillsborough, adj Catch Bar Lane/Leppings Lane 10:4813:0015:1117:22
Hillsborough, nr Middlewood Road/Shepperson Road 10:4913:0115:1217:23
Hillsborough, opp Middlewood Road/Leader Road 10:5013:0215:1317:25
Hillsborough, opp Middlewood Road/Dykes Hall Road 10:5013:0315:1317:27
Hillsborough Interchange (at) 10:5213:0515:1517:29

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 24 May 2024

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