N113 - Edgware Station - Apex Corner - Hendon Central - Finchley Road - Baker Street - Oxford Circus - Trafalgar Square

A bus service operated by Metroline Travel

25–29 May 2024

Route N113 is on diversion in both directions on the night of Tuesday 28 May / Wednesday 29 May due to preparation for an event on Regent Street.

Buses towards Edgware are diverted via Shaftesbury Avenue, Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street, missing stops Piccadilly Circus (E) and Beak Street / Hamleys Toy Store (L).

Buses towards Trafalgar Square are diverted via Oxford Street, Bloomsbury Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, missing stops Oxford Circus Station (RG), Beak Street / Hamleys Toy Store (V) and Piccadilly Circus (F).

Edgware - Trafalgar Square

Edgware (Stop E) 00:2500:5501:2501:5502:3003:0003:3004:00
Edgware Station Station Road (Stop B) 00:2500:5501:2501:5502:3003:0003:3004:00
Edgware Purcells Avenue (Stop P) 00:2600:5601:2601:5602:3103:0103:3104:01
Edgwarebury Lane Edgware Way (Stop Q) 00:2700:5701:2701:5702:3203:0203:3204:02
Edgware Broadfields Avenue (Stop T) 00:2700:5701:2701:5702:3203:0203:3204:02
Edgware Broadhurst Avenue (Stop U) 00:2800:5801:2801:5802:3303:0303:3304:03
Edgware Kenilworth Road (HA8) (Stop A) 00:2800:5801:2801:5802:3303:0303:3304:03
Mill Hill Stoneyfields Park (Stop B) 00:2900:5901:2901:5902:3403:0403:3404:04
Mill Hill Mount Grove (Stop C) 00:3001:0001:3002:0002:3503:0503:3504:05
Mill Hill Barnet Way Apex Corner (Stop D) 00:3101:0101:3102:0102:3603:0603:3604:06
Mill Hill Circus (Stop S) 00:3201:0201:3202:0202:3703:0703:3704:07
Mill Hill University College London Observatory (Stop Q) 00:3201:0201:3202:0202:3703:0703:3704:07
Mill Hill Park (->S) 00:3301:0301:3302:0302:3803:0803:3804:08
Mill Hill Bunns Lane Bridge (->S) 00:3401:0401:3402:0402:3903:0903:3904:09
Mill Hill Tithe Walk (Stop QY) 00:3501:0501:3502:0502:4003:1003:4004:10
Mill Hill Fiveways Corner (->S) 00:3501:0501:3502:0502:4003:1003:4004:10
Hendon Westside (->S) 00:3601:0601:3602:0602:4103:1103:4104:11
Hendon Southfields (->S) 00:3701:0701:3702:0702:4203:1203:4204:12
Hendon Greyhound Hill (->S) 00:3701:0701:3702:0702:4203:1203:4204:12
Hendon St Josephs School (Stop M) 00:3901:0901:3902:0902:4403:1403:4404:14
Hendon War Memorial (Stop J) 00:3901:0901:3902:0902:4403:1403:4404:14
Hendon Central Station (Stop G) 00:4001:1001:4002:1002:4503:1503:4504:15
Hendon Beaufort Gardens (NW4) (Stop) 00:4001:1001:4002:1002:4503:1503:4504:15
North Circular Road Brent Cross (Stop H) 00:4101:1101:4102:1102:4603:1603:4604:16
Highfield Avenue Brent Cross (Stop P) 00:4201:1201:4202:1202:4703:1703:4704:17
Brent Cross Woodville Gardens (NW11) (Stop U) 00:4201:1201:4202:1202:4703:1703:4704:17
Golders Green Wessex Gardens (Stop V) 00:4301:1301:4302:1302:4803:1803:4804:18
The Vale Cricklewood (Stop W) 00:4401:1301:4302:1302:4803:1803:4804:19
Cricklewood Garth Road (->S) 00:4501:1401:4402:1402:4903:1903:4904:20
Cricklewood Lane Child's Hill (Stop S) 00:4501:1401:4402:1402:4903:1903:4904:20
Child’s Hill Lyndale Avenue (Stop T) 00:4601:1501:4502:1502:5003:2003:5004:21
West Hampstead Fortune Green Road (Stop G) 00:4701:1601:4602:1602:5103:2103:5104:22
West Hampstead Burrard Road (Stop CA) 00:4701:1601:4602:1602:5103:2103:5104:22
West Hampstead Lyncroft Gardens NW6 (Stop CB) 00:4801:1701:4702:1702:5203:2203:5204:23
West Hampstead West End Lane Frognal (Stop CC) 00:4901:1701:4702:1702:5203:2203:5204:24
West Hampstead Alvanley Gardens (Stop FU) 00:4901:1701:4702:1702:5203:2203:5204:24
West Hampstead Langland Gardens (NW3) (Stop FV) 00:4901:1801:4802:1802:5303:2303:5304:24
West Hampstead Finchley Road & Frognal Station (Stop FF) 00:5001:1801:4802:1802:5303:2303:5304:25
South Hampstead O2 Centre (Stop FH) 00:5101:1901:4902:1902:5403:2403:5404:26
Finchley Road Station (Stop FJ) 00:5201:2001:5002:2002:5503:2503:5504:27
South Hampstead Finchley Road College Crescent (Stop B) 00:5301:2101:5102:2102:5603:2603:5604:28
Swiss Cottage Station (Stop D) 00:5401:2201:5202:2202:5703:2703:5704:29
South Hampstead Boundary Road Finchley Road (Stop V) 00:5501:2301:5302:2302:5803:2803:5804:30
Maida Vale Queen's Grove (Stop U) 00:5601:2401:5402:2402:5903:2903:5904:31
St John's Wood Station (Stop C) 00:5701:2501:5502:2503:0003:3004:0004:32
Lisson Grove Lord's Cricket Ground (Stop K) 00:5801:2601:5602:2603:0103:3104:0104:33
Lisson Grove London Central Mosque (Stop P) 00:5901:2701:5702:2703:0203:3204:0204:34
Lisson Grove Alpha Close (Stop LA) 00:5901:2701:5702:2703:0203:3204:0204:34
Lisson Grove London Business School (Stop LB) 01:0001:2801:5802:2803:0303:3304:0304:35
Baker Street Station (Stop B) 01:0201:3002:0002:3003:0503:3504:0504:37
Marylebone Dorset Street (Stop G) 01:0201:3002:0002:3003:0503:3504:0604:38
Marylebone George Street (W1) (Stop J) 01:0301:3102:0102:3103:0603:3604:0704:39
Mayfair Orchard Street Selfridges (Stop BZ) 01:0501:3302:0302:3303:0803:3804:0904:41
Bond Street Selfridges (Stop BC) 01:0501:3302:0302:3303:0803:3804:0904:41
Oxford Circus Station John Lewis (Stop OF) 01:0801:3602:0602:3603:1103:4104:1204:44
Oxford Circus Station (Stop RG) 01:0901:3702:0702:3703:1203:4204:1304:45
Soho Beak Street Hamleys Toy Store (Stop V) 01:1101:3902:0902:3903:1403:4404:1504:47
Piccadilly Circus (Stop F) 01:1201:4002:1002:4003:1503:4504:1604:48
Piccadilly Circus Haymarket Jermyn Street (Stop R) 01:1301:4102:1102:4103:1603:4604:1704:49
Charing Cross Trafalgar Square (Stop B) 01:1501:4302:1302:4303:1803:4804:1904:51
Charing Cross Trafalgar Square (Stop W) 01:1701:4502:1502:4503:2003:5004:2004:52

Trafalgar Square - Edgware

Charing Cross Trafalgar Square (Stop T) 01:3002:0002:3003:0003:3504:0504:3505:05
Regent Street St James's (Stop Z) 01:3102:0102:3103:0103:3604:0604:3605:06
Piccadilly Circus (Stop E) 01:3302:0302:3303:0303:3804:0804:3805:08
Soho Beak Street Hamleys Toy Store (Stop L) 01:3302:0302:3303:0303:3804:0804:3805:08
Oxford Circus Oxford Street John Lewis (Stop OR) 01:3702:0702:3703:0703:4204:1204:4205:12
Bond Street Selfridges (Stop BX) 01:3902:0902:3903:0903:4404:1404:4405:14
Mayfair Orchard Street Selfridges (Stop BA) 01:4002:1002:4003:1003:4504:1504:4505:15
Marble Arch Portman Square (Stop Y) 01:4002:1002:4003:1003:4504:1504:4505:15
Marylebone York Street (Stop F) 01:4202:1202:4203:1203:4704:1704:4705:17
Baker Street Station (Stop C) 01:4302:1302:4303:1303:4804:1804:4805:18
Marble Arch Park Road Ivor Place (Stop X) 01:4302:1302:4303:1303:4804:1804:4805:18
Lisson Grove Alpha Close (Stop LC) 01:4402:1402:4403:1403:4904:1904:4905:19
Lisson Grove London Central Mosque (Stop N) 01:4502:1502:4503:1503:5004:2004:5005:20
Lisson Grove Lord's Cricket Ground (Stop J) 01:4602:1602:4603:1603:5104:2104:5105:21
St John's Wood Station (Stop B) 01:4702:1702:4703:1703:5204:2204:5205:22
Maida Vale Queen's Grove (Stop A) 01:4802:1802:4803:1803:5304:2304:5305:23
South Hampstead Boundary Road Finchley Road (Stop B) 01:4902:1902:4903:1903:5404:2404:5405:24
Swiss Cottage Station (Stop L) 01:5002:2002:5003:2003:5504:2504:5505:25
South Hampstead College Crescent (Stop A) 01:5002:2002:5003:2003:5504:2504:5505:25
Finchley Road Station (Stop FK) 01:5202:2202:5203:2203:5704:2704:5705:27
South Hampstead Finchley Road O2 Centre (Stop FL) 01:5202:2202:5203:2203:5704:2704:5705:27
West Hampstead Finchley Road & Frognal Station (Stop FD) 01:5302:2302:5303:2303:5804:2804:5805:28
West Hampstead Langland Gardens (NW3) (Stop FS) 01:5302:2302:5303:2303:5804:2804:5805:28
West Hampstead West End Lane Frognal (Stop FT) 01:5402:2402:5403:2403:5904:2904:5905:29
West Hampstead Lyncroft Gardens NW6 (Stop CD) 01:5502:2502:5503:2504:0004:3005:0005:30
West Hampstead Fortune Green Road (Stop CE) 01:5602:2602:5603:2604:0104:3105:0105:31
Child’s Hill Lyndale (Stop U) 01:5602:2602:5603:2604:0104:3105:0105:31
Cricklewood Lane Child's Hill (Stop V) 01:5702:2702:5703:2704:0204:3205:0205:32
Cricklewood Garth Road (->N) 01:5802:2802:5803:2804:0304:3305:0305:33
The Vale Cricklewood (->N) 01:5902:2802:5803:2804:0304:3305:0305:33
Cricklewood Pennine Drive Hendon Way (Stop R) 02:0002:2902:5903:2904:0404:3405:0405:34
Golders Green Wessex Gardens (Stop S) 02:0002:3003:0003:3004:0504:3505:0505:35
Brent Cross Woodville Gardens (NW11) (Stop T) 02:0102:3003:0003:3004:0504:3505:0505:35
North Circular Road Brent Cross (Stop N) 02:0202:3103:0103:3104:0604:3605:0605:36
Brent Cross Prince Charles Drive (Stop G) 02:0202:3203:0203:3204:0704:3705:0705:37
Hendon Graham Road (NW4) (Stop S) 02:0402:3303:0303:3304:0804:3805:0805:38
Hendon Central Station (Stop E) 02:0502:3403:0403:3404:0904:3905:0905:39
Hendon War Memorial (Stop H) 02:0502:3403:0403:3404:0904:3905:0905:39
Colindeep Lane Hendon (Stop W) 02:0602:3503:0503:3504:1004:4005:1005:40
Hendon Greyhound Hill (->N) 02:0702:3603:0603:3604:1104:4105:1105:41
Hendon Southfields (->N) 02:0702:3603:0603:3604:1104:4105:1205:42
Hendon Hall Lane (Stop) 02:0802:3703:0703:3704:1204:4205:1205:42
Mill Hill Fiveways Corner (->N) 02:0902:3803:0803:3804:1304:4305:1305:43
Mill Hill Watford Way Grahame Park Way (Stop QZ) 02:1002:3903:0903:3904:1404:4405:1405:44
Mill Hill Bunns Lane Bridge (->N) 02:1002:3903:0903:3904:1404:4405:1505:45
Mill Hill Park (->N) 02:1102:4003:1003:4004:1504:4505:1605:46
Mill Hill University College London Observatory (Stop P) 02:1102:4003:1003:4004:1504:4505:1605:46
Mill Hill Circus (Stop R) 02:1302:4203:1203:4204:1704:4705:1805:48
Mill Hill Apex Corner (Stop K) 02:1402:4303:1303:4304:1804:4805:1905:49
Mill Hill Oakmede Gardens (Stop L) 02:1402:4303:1303:4304:1804:4805:1905:49
Mill Hill Stoneyfields Park (Stop M) 02:1502:4403:1403:4404:1904:4905:2005:50
Edgware Highview Avenue (Stop N) 02:1502:4403:1403:4404:1904:4905:2105:51
Edgware The Grove (HA8) (Stop E) 02:1602:4503:1503:4504:2004:5005:2105:51
Edgware Broadfields Avenue (Stop F) 02:1602:4503:1503:4504:2004:5005:2205:52
Edgwarebury Lane Edgware Way (Stop G) 02:1702:4603:1603:4604:2104:5105:2205:52
Edgwarebury Gardens (Stop H) 02:1702:4603:1603:4604:2104:5105:2305:53
Edgware (Stop G) 02:1902:4803:1803:4804:2304:5305:2505:55

Timetable data from Transport for London, 21 May 2024

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