N28 - Livingston Deans North - Edinburgh

A bus service operated by Lothian Country Buses


Greenside Leith Street (Stop JA) 00:25
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PQ) 00:27
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PS) 00:28
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PS) 00:30
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PY) 00:33
W End The Exchange (Stop XG) 00:35
Viewforth, opp Morrison Crescent 00:37
Viewforth Fountain Park (at rear) 00:38
Gorgie, opp Roseburn Street 00:40
Gorgie, opp Westfield Sainsbury's 00:40
Gorgie, opp Westfield Avenue 00:41
Gorgie, after Stevenson Grove 00:41
Gorgie, opp Saughton Rose Gardens 00:41
Stenhouse, opp Saughton Park 00:41
Stenhouse, at Chesser Cottages 00:42
Stenhouse, before Chesser Avenue 00:42
Stenhouse, after Chesser Avenue 00:42
Saughton, after Stenhouse Mill Lane 00:43
Saughton, at HMP Edinburgh 00:43
Saughton Mains Avenue (opp) 00:43
Broomhouse, at Parkhead Terrace 00:44
Broomhouse, at Sighthill Post office 00:45
Sighthill Gardens (before) 00:45
Napier University (Sighthill) (opp) 00:46
Sighthill, after Wester Hailes Road 00:46
Sighthill Calder View (Mid Stop) 00:47
Hermiston Walk (at) 00:49
Ratho, at Addistoun House 00:51
Ratho Dalmahoy (SW-bound) 00:52
Wilkieston, opp Burnwynd 00:54
Wilkieston, opp Kindrochit 00:55
Kirknewton, after Meadowbank Road 00:57
Kirknewton, opp Forth View 00:57
Kirknewton Inn (opp) 00:57
Kirknewton, opp Park Terrace 00:57
Kirknewton, opp Braekirk Avenue 00:58
Kirknewton, opp Railway Station 00:59
E Calder, opp Overton Crescent 01:02
E Calder, at Langton View 01:02
E Calder, after Langton Gardens 01:03
E Calder, after Oakbank Road 01:03
E Calder, opp Bowling Green 01:04
Mid Calder, at Torphichen Inn 01:06
Mid Calder, at Cunnigar House 01:06
Mid Calder, opp Ochiltree Crescent 01:08
Mid Calder, opp Caroline Park 01:09
Dedridge, after Lizzie Bryces Roundabout 01:10
Dedridge, opp Bankton Lane 01:10
Dedridge, after Ambrose Rise 01:11
Dedridge, opp Primary School 01:12
Dedridge Herald Rise (opp and after) 01:13
Livingston, at Bank of Scotland 01:14
Livingston Bus Terminal (Stance C) 01:15
Livingston, opp The Centre 01:16
Howden, at Club Earth Nightclub 01:17
Craigshill, after Tay Walk 01:20
Craigshill Pentland Park (opp and after) 01:21
Craigshill, at Dee Drive 01:21
Craigshill, after Letham Primary School 01:22
Craigshill, before Stirrup Stane 01:22
Craigshill, at Adelaide Street 01:23
Craigshill, at Hobart Street 01:23
Craigshill, opp Melbourne Street 01:24
Craigshill, before Fire Station 01:24
Howden, before St Johns Hospital 01:28
Howden, at St Johns Hospital 01:28
Ladywell, opp Cedarbank School 01:29
Ladywell, o/s Fernbank 01:30
Ladywell, opp Park and Ride 01:31
Ladywell, at Willowbank 01:32
Knightsridge, before Barclay Way 01:33
Knightsridge, opp Park and Ride 01:34
Knightsridge, opp Logan Way 01:35
Knightsridge, opp Nicholson Way 01:36
Knightsridge, after Sutherland Way 01:37
Knightsridge, after Camps Rigg 01:38
Knightsridge, after Carmondean Primary School 01:38
Deans, before Harburn Avenue 01:39
Deans, before Nellburn 01:40
Deans Meldrum Primary School (opp and after) 01:41
Deans, before Burnsknowe 01:41
Deans, at Nu Moves Dance Studios 01:42
Deans, after First Bus Depot 01:43
Deans, after Royston Roundabout 01:44
Deans, opp Mossbank Cottages 01:44
Deans, opp Tesco Distribution Depot 01:45
Bathgate, at Fire Station 01:47
Bathgate, before Hunter Grove 01:48
Bathgate, after Inch Crescent 01:49
Bathgate, at Kaim Park Hotel 01:49
Bathgate, before Carn Lea 01:50
Bathgate, opp Roseberry Crescent 01:51
Bathgate, opp Gordon Avenue 01:52
Bathgate, opp Union Road 01:52
Bathgate, opp Social Work Buildings 01:53
Bathgate, at Morrisons supermarket 01:54

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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