R14 - Salisbury City Centre - Harnham Hill

A bus service operated by Salisbury Reds

Laverstock The Three Schools (Bus Park) 16:05
Laverstock St Andrews School (S-bound) 16:06
Laverstock The Green (SW-bound) 16:07
Laverstock William Close (SW-bound) 16:09
Laverstock Mayfair Road (SW-bound) 16:10
Laverstock Manor Farm Road (W-bound) 16:11
Salisbury Rampart Road (W-bound) 16:15
Salisbury The Chapel (W-bound) 16:16
Salisbury Blue Boar Row (Stop M) 10:0011:0512:1013:2014:2516:2017:25
Salisbury Brown Street (S-bound) 10:0111:0612:1113:2114:2616:2117:26
Salisbury St Osmunds School (S-bound) 10:0311:0812:1313:2314:2816:2317:28
Salisbury New Bridge Road (S-bound) 10:0411:0912:1413:2414:2916:2417:29
Salisbury BP Garage (SE-bound) 10:0511:1012:1513:2514:3016:2517:30
Salisbury Milton Road (E-bound) 09:0510:0611:1112:1613:2614:3116:2617:31
Salisbury Butler Close (E-bound) 09:0510:0611:1112:1613:2614:3116:2617:31
Salisbury Dryden Close (E-bound) 09:0510:0611:1112:1613:2614:3116:2617:31
Salisbury Milton Road (NW-bound) 09:0610:0711:1212:1713:2714:3216:2717:32
Salisbury Longhill Drive (SW-bound) 09:0610:0711:1212:1713:2714:3216:2717:32
Salisbury Viking Way (W-bound) 09:0710:0811:1312:1813:2814:3316:2817:33
Salisbury Lime Kiln Way (NW-bound) 09:0710:0811:1312:1813:2814:3316:2817:33
Salisbury Swiftdown (W-bound) 10:0912:19s13:29s
Salisbury Martins Close (SW-bound) 10:0912:19s13:29s
Salisbury Falconsway (NE-bound) 10:1112:21s13:31s
Salisbury Martins Close (NE-bound) 10:1112:21s13:31s
Salisbury Swiftdown (E-bound) 10:1112:21s13:31s
Salisbury Ridings Mead (N-bound) 09:0810:1211:1412:2213:3214:3316:2817:33s
Salisbury Cecil Avenue (S-bound) 09:0810:1311:1412:2313:33s14:34s
Salisbury Greenrack (N-bound) 09:1010:1411:1612:2413:34s14:35s
Salisbury Francis Way (W-bound) 09:1010:1411:1612:2413:3414:3516:2917:34s
Salisbury Harvard Close (N-bound) 09:1210:1611:1812:2613:3614:37s16:31s17:35s
Salisbury Portland Avenue (W-bound) 09:1310:1711:1912:2713:3714:3716:3217:36s
Salisbury Harnwood Road (NE-bound) 09:1610:2011:2212:3013:4014:3916:3417:38
Salisbury Bishops Drive (NE-bound) 09:1610:2011:2212:3013:4014:3916:34
Salisbury Hollows Close (NW-bound) 16:36s
Salisbury Wiltshire Road (W-bound) 16:37s
Harnham Hill Wiltshire Road Green (S-bound) 16:38s
Salisbury Wiltshire Road Top (W-bound) 16:38s
Salisbury Suffolk Road (W-bound) 16:39s
Salisbury Essex Square South (W-bound) 16:39s
Harnham Hill Essex Square North (E-bound) 16:40s
Harnham Hill Norfolk Road (N-bound) 16:40s
Salisbury Norfolk Road Chip Shop (N-bound) 16:41s
Salisbury Norfolk Road (W-bound) 16:41s
Salisbury Tylers Close (W-bound) 16:41s
Salisbury Richards Way (N-bound) 16:42s
Salisbury Middle Street (E-bound) 16:43s
Salisbury Constable Way (W-bound) 16:43s
Salisbury Old Parsonage (SE-bound) 16:45s
Salisbury Folkestone Road (E-bound) 16:46s
Salisbury New Bridge Road (N-bound) 09:1910:2311:2512:3313:4314:4216:47
Salisbury St Osmunds School (N-bound) 09:2010:2411:2612:3413:4414:4316:48
Salisbury Catherine Street (N-bound) 09:2110:2511:2712:3513:4514:4416:49
Salisbury New Canal (Stop U) 09:2210:2611:2812:3613:4614:4516:50
Salisbury Tesco (Stop K) 09:2510:2911:3112:3913:4914:48

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 12 September 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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