SC5 - Ballingry or Kelty - St Columba's High School

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Ballingry or Kelty - St Columba's High School

Keltyhill Avenue (adj) 08:00
Kelty Beechbank Crescent (adj 5) 08:00
Kelty Beechbank Crescent (adj 71) 08:02
Kelty Maple Terrace (adj 8) 08:02
Kelty, adj The School House 08:03
Kelty, opp Dullomuir Drive 08:04
Kelty, opp Clentry Crescent 08:05
Kelty, opp Loch Leven Terrace 08:05
Kelty, opp Clentry Nursery School 08:07
Kelty, opp Union Street 08:08
Keltyhill Road (adj 11) 08:09
Kelty, adj Primary School 08:10
Kelty, opp Crown Hotel 08:11
Kelty Main Street (adj 23) 08:12
Kelty, adj War Memorial 08:12
Kelty, opp Muirton Terrace 08:12
Kelty, adj North Road 08:13
Kelty Great North Road (S-bound) 08:14
Kelty, opp Netherton Farm 08:15
Cowdenbeath, adj Gray Park 08:18
Cowdenbeath, adj Golf Course Road 08:18
Cowdenbeath, adj Gordon Street 08:19
Cowdenbeath, opp Stuart Place 08:19
Cowdenbeath, adj Town House 08:20
Cowdenbeath, adj Union Street 08:20
Cowdenbeath High Street (adj 337) 08:21
Cowdenbeath, adj The Fountain 08:22
Cowdenbeath, adj Park Avenue 08:22
Cowdenbeath, adj South Street 08:23
Cowdenbeath, opp Bus Depot 08:23
Cowdenbeath, opp Westburn Avenue 08:24
Cowdenbeath, opp West Lane 08:24
Hill of Beath, adj Concrete Works 08:27
Hill of Beath, opp Netherbeath Road 08:27
Crossgates Main Street (S-bound) 08:28
Crossgates, opp Manse Road 08:29
Crossgates, adj Primary School 08:30
Crossgates, adj Reid Avenue 08:30
Halbeath, adj Kingdom Services 08:32
Halbeath, opp Shin Way 08:35
Duloch Park, opp Birnam Gardens 08:36
Duloch Park, opp Alford Way 08:37
Duloch Park, opp Braemar Drive 08:37
Abbeyview, at St Columba's High School 08:40

St Columba's High School - Ballingry or Kelty

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 2 March 2021

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