SM1 - Mereside - Marton - Common Edge - South Shore - St Marys Academy

A bus service operated by Blackpool Coach Hire

Mereside - MARTON, COMMON EDGE, SOUTH SHORE - St Marys Academy

Mereside, by Branstree Road 07:25
Mereside, opp Windmill 07:26
Mereside, o/s Langdale Road Shops 07:27
Mereside, by Kentmere Drive 07:28
Mereside, opp Paddock Drive 07:30
Mereside, opp Metropolitan Business Park 07:31
Marton, opp Cherry Tree Road North 07:33
Marton, opp Penrose Avenue 07:34
Marton, o/s St Georges School 07:35
Marton, opp The Cherry Tree 07:36
Marton Moss, opp Marton Methodist Church 07:37
Highfield, opp Carisbrook Avenue 07:38
Highfield, by Walker's Hill 07:38
Highfield, by Marshdale Road 07:40
Highfield Hotel (o/s) 07:40
Highfield High School (o/s) 07:41
Fishers Field, opp Acre Gate 07:42
Fishers Field, by Highfield Road 07:43
Fishers Field, by Stadium Avenue 07:44
Halfway House (by) 07:46
Squires Gate, o/s Morrisons Superstore 07:46
Squires Gate, by Abbey Road 07:47
Airport, by Squires Gate 07:49
Airport, by Albany Avenue 07:49
Farmers Arms, o/s South Shore Hospital 07:50
Farmers Arms, by Blesma Home 07:51
Farmers Arms (o/s) 07:52
South Shore, by Horncliffe Road 07:52
South Shore, by Kenilwoth Gardens 07:53
South Shore, by Lytham Road 07:54
South Shore, opp Fenber Avenue 07:55
Spen Corner (by) 08:00
Ansdell, opp Cunliffe Road 08:01
Bloomfield Hotel (o/s) 08:02
Ansdell, by Bloomfield Road 08:04
Ansdell, by Laurel Avenue 08:05
Oxford Square (by) 08:05
Marton, o/s The Saddle 08:06
Stanley Park, by Elmslie Gardens 08:08
Ansdell, by Somerset Avenue 08:11
Central, by Lune Grove 08:12
Central, opp Blenheim Avenue 08:14
Central, opp Palatine Road 08:15
Central, by Raikes Parade 08:16
Central, o/s Conservative Club 08:18
Layton, by Collingwood Avenue 08:20
Layton Rd (by) 08:20
Kingscote, opp Milton Avenue 08:21
Kingscote, by Torsway Avenue 08:22
St Walburgas, by Lakeway 08:23
St Walburgas, by Riversway 08:23
Kingscote, opp St. Mary's School 08:25

St Marys Academy - MARTON, COMMON EDGE, SOUTH SHORE - Mereside

Grange Park, o/s St. Mary's School 15:20
St Walburgas, opp Lakeway 15:21
Kingscote, opp Torsway Avenue 15:21
Kingscote, by Milton Avenue 15:22
Layton Road (by) 15:22
Central, by Leicester Road 15:25
Central, by Palatine Road 15:27
Central, by Blenheim Avenue 15:28
Central, by Westmorland Avenue 15:29
Ansdell, by Somerset Avenue 15:30
Stanley Park, by Elmslie Gardens 15:32
Marton, o/s The Saddle 15:34
Oxford Square, o/s St Paul's Church 15:35
Ansdell, by Laurel Avenue 15:37
Bloomfield Hotel (o/s) 15:40
Ansdell, by Cunliffe Road 15:40
Spen Corner, by Brun Grove 15:41
Hawes Side, by St Annes Road 15:44
South Shore, by Fenber Avenue 15:45
South Shore, by Lytham Road 15:45
South Shore, by Watson Road 15:45
South Shore, opp Kenilwoth Gardens 15:46
South Shore, opp Horncliffe Road 15:47
Farmers Arms (o/s) 15:48
Farmers Arms, o/s South Shore Hospital 15:49
Airport, opp Squires Gate 15:49
Airport, by Abbey Road 15:50
Halfway House (o/s) 15:52
Fishers Field, opp Stadium Avenue 15:53
Fishers Field, by St Annes Rd 15:54
Highfield High School (opp) 15:55
Highfield Hotel (o/s) 15:56
Highfield, opp Marshdale Road 15:57
Highfield, opp Walker's Hill 15:58
Marton Moss, o/s Marton Methodist Church 15:59
Marton, opp The Cherry Tree 16:00
Marton, opp St Georges School 16:01
Marton, by Penrose Avenue 16:02
Marton, by Cherry Tree Road North 16:02
Marton, by Preston Old Road 16:03
Little Marton, by Metropolitan Business Pk 16:04
Little Marton, by Paddock Drive 16:05
Mereside, by Kentmere Drive 16:07
Mereside, o/s Langdale Road Shops 16:07
Mereside, by Windmill 16:08
Mereside, by Branstree Road 16:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

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