U1E - NOCS - Southampton - University - Airport - Eastleigh

A bus service operated by Uni-Link

Eastern Docks, o/s Southampton NOCS 17:0017:2417:5218:42
Town Quay Platform Tavern (Stop TC) 17:0317:2717:5518:45
Town Quay Telephone House (Stop TE) 17:0417:2817:5618:46
Southampton Holyrood Church (Stop BF) 17:0517:2917:5718:47
Southampton WestQuay (Stop BR) 17:0717:3117:5918:49
Southampton ASDA & Marlands (N-bound) 17:0817:3218:0018:50
Southampton Civic Centre (Stop AO) 17:1017:3418:0218:5200:38
Southampton Cenotaph (Stop HD) 17:1217:3618:0418:5400:39
Bedford Place Giddy Bridge (NE-bound) 17:1317:3718:0518:5500:40
Bedford Place Law Courts (N-bound) 17:1517:3918:0618:5600:41
Banister Park, adj Archers Road 17:1617:4018:0718:5700:42
Banister Park Stag Gates (N-bound) 17:1717:4118:0818:5800:42
Banister Park Northlands Road (N-bound) 17:1817:4218:0918:5900:43
Portswood Albany Park Court (NE-bound) 17:1917:4318:1019:0000:43
Portswood Bentley Court (NE-bound) 17:2017:4418:1119:0100:44
Portswood Tennyson Court (NE-bound) 17:2117:4518:1219:0200:45
Portswood Waitrose (Stop PF) 17:2317:4718:1319:0300:46
Portswood Broadway (Stop PH) 17:2517:4918:1519:0500:47
Portswood Highfield Crescent (N-bound) 17:2617:5018:1619:0600:48
Highfield Upper Shaftesbury Avenue (W-bound) 17:2717:5118:1719:0700:49
Highfield Jubilee Sports Hall (N-bound) 17:2917:5318:1919:0900:50
Highfield Interchange (Stop B) 17:3217:5618:2219:1100:52
Highfield Library (E-bound) 17:3617:5918:2519:1400:53
Highfield Bealing Close (E-bound) 17:3718:0118:2719:1500:54
Swaythling Tulip Road (E-bound) 17:3818:0218:2819:1600:55
Swaythling Woodcote Road (E-bound) 17:3918:0218:2819:1600:55
Swaythling Aster Road (SE-bound) 17:4018:0318:2919:1700:56
Swaythling High Road (SE-bound) 17:4118:0418:3019:1800:57
Swaythling Montefiore House (NE-bound) 17:4318:0618:3219:2000:58
Swaythling Friars Way (N-bound) 17:4418:0618:3219:2000:58
Swaythling Station (NE-bound) 17:4518:0718:3319:2100:59
Swaythling Walnut Avenue (NE-bound) 17:4618:0818:3419:2201:00
Swaythling, opp Mountpark 17:4718:0918:3519:2301:01
Southampton Airport, o/s Parkway Station 17:5018:1218:3719:2501:02
Eastleigh, adj Lakeside Country Park 17:5218:1418:3819:2601:03
Eastleigh, nr York Road 17:5418:1618:4019:2701:04
Eastleigh, adj Derby Road 17:5518:1718:4119:2801:04
Eastleigh, opp Campbell Road 17:5718:1918:4219:2901:05
Eastleigh, adj The Swan Centre 17:5818:2018:4319:3001:06
Eastleigh Bus Station (Stand A) 18:0018:2218:4419:3201:07

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 22 November 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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