X78 - Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow - Bus Station, Kilmarnock

A service operated by Stagecoach West Scotland


Lang Road, Barassie, Troon - Bus Station, Kilmarnock
Bus Station, Kilmarnock - Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow

Troon, after Garden Place 06:52
Troon, nr Portland Street 06:55
Troon, before Barassie street 06:55
Troon, at Portland Football Park 06:55
Troon, at Logan Drive 06:56
Troon, nr Donald Crescent 06:56
Troon, opp Ottoline Drive 06:57
Troon, opp South Drive 06:58
Troon, after Merrick Avenue 06:59
Troon, before North Drive 06:59
Troon, after Teviot Place 06:59
Troon, before Esk Place 07:00
Troon, nr Findhorn Place 07:01
Barassie, opp Dornal Drive 07:02
Barassie, after Calder Avenue 07:02
Barassie, at Lang Road 07:03
Barassie, at The Knowe 07:04
Barassie, opp Gailes Burn 07:05
Dundonald, opp Kilnford Drive 07:10
Dundonald, at Auchans Drive 07:11
Dundonald, before Kilmarnock Road 07:12
Dundonald, opp Earl Drive 07:12
Gatehead, after Milton View 07:16
Gatehead, before Old Rome Way 07:17
Gatehead, at Moorfield Ind Estate 07:19
Kilmarnock, opp Porter Drive 07:22
Kilmarnock, opp Smillie Place 07:22
Kilmarnock, after Mount House 07:23
Kilmarnock, opp Mount Avenue 07:23
Kilmarnock, opp Westmoor Crescent 07:24
Kilmarnock, opp Aird Avenue 07:25
Kilmarnock, before Seaford Street 07:26
Kilmarnock, before Nelson Street 07:27
Kilmarnock, at Dunlop Street 07:28
Kilmarnock Bus Station (Stance) 07:30 07:35
Kilmarnock, before De Walden Terrace 07:36
Kilmarnock, opp Melville Street 07:37
New Farm Loch, before South Dean Road 07:39
New Farm Loch, after Huntly Place 07:40
New Farm Loch, before Maxwell Court 07:41
Glasgow, before Blythswood Street 08:28s
Glasgow, opp Waterloo Lane 08:29s
Glasgow, before Bath Street 08:31s
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 5) 08:38

Bus Station, Kilmarnock - Lang Road, Barassie, Troon
Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow - Bus Station, Kilmarnock

Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 5) 17:33
Glasgow, before West Regent Lane 17:39
Glasgow, after West Campbell Street 17:43
New Farm Loch Maxwell Court (opp & after) 18:20
New Farm Loch, opp Huntly Place 18:20
New Farm Loch, before McKellar Place 18:21
Kilmarnock, after Melville Street 18:23
Kilmarnock, before Wilson Avenue 18:24
Kilmarnock, nr Shaw's Monument 18:25
Kilmarnock Bus Station (Stance) 18:26 18:28
Kilmarnock, after Waterside Road 18:29
Kilmarnock, opp Seaford Street 18:30
Kilmarnock, before Aird Avenue 18:31
Kilmarnock, opp Galrigside Road 18:31
Kilmarnock, after Mount Avenue 18:32
Kilmarnock, before Glen Orrin Avenue 18:33
Kilmarnock, before Porter Drive 18:33
Gatehead, opp Moorfield Ind Estate 18:35
Gatehead, opp Old Rome Way 18:37
Gatehead, opp Milton View 18:38
Dundonald, at Bruce Avenue 18:42
Dundonald, opp Kilmarnock Road 18:43
Dundonald, opp Cochrane Drive 18:43
Dundonald, nr Kilnford Drive 18:44
Barassie, at Gailes Burn 18:49
Barassie, before Kilmarnock Road 18:50
Barassie, opp Lang Road 18:51
Barassie, before Calder Avenue 18:52
Barassie, at Spallander Road 18:53
Troon, opp Findhorn Place 18:54
Troon, opp Esk Road 18:55
Troon, at Spey Road 18:57
Troon, nr Annick Place 18:58
Troon, before Lochlea Avenue 18:59
Troon, before Merrick Avenue 18:59
Troon, opp West Crescent 19:01
Troon, nr Wilson Avenue 19:01
Troon, after Ottoline Drive 19:02
Troon, at Harling Drive 19:03
Troon, nr St Meddans Crescent 19:04
Troon, after St Meddans Crescent 19:04
Troon, opp Dukes Road 19:05
Troon, nr Academy Street 19:06
Troon, nr West Portland Street 19:06
Troon, opp Bradan Road 19:06
Troon, opp Bank Street 19:07
Troon, opp Wellbeck Crescent 19:07
Troon, opp Kennedy Road 19:08
Troon, opp Garden Place 19:08
Troon, after Garden Place 19:09

Times marked s – “set down only” – the will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Stagecoach West Scotland, 9 November 2021

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