Bus Times

Upper Town Fox and Goose (NE-bound)

Buses travel north-east from here

Next departures

A4 Bath City Centre 20:04
A4 Bath City Centre 20:09⚡
A2 Bristol City Centre 20:15⚡
A2 Broadmead 20:15
FALCON Cabot Circus 20:19
FLCN Bristol via Bristol 20:46⚡
A2 Bristol City Centre 20:45⚡
A2 Broadmead 20:45
A4 Bath City Centre 21:04
A2 Broadmead 21:14
A2 Broadmead 21:44
FALCON Cabot Circus 21:49
FLCN Bristol via Bristol 21:57⚡
A4 Bath City Centre 22:04
A2 Broadmead 22:14

⚡ denotes ‘live’ times based on actual locations of buses