10A - Huntly - Inverurie - Aberdeen (Bus Station)

Operated by Stagecoach Bluebird

🧑‍🎓 This may be a "closed-door" school or works service, not open to the public

Huntly - Elgin
Nairn - Elgin
Nairn - Inverness
Huntly - Inverurie - Aberdeen (Bus Station)

Inverness Bus Station Stance 5 (Stance) 18:3020:0021:1523:15
Inverness, opp Marks and Spencer 18:3120:0121:1623:16
Millburn, o/s Morrisons 18:3120:0121:1623:16
Millburn, opp Diriebught Road 18:3220:0221:1723:17
Millburn, opp King Duncans Road 18:3520:0521:2023:20
Inverness Retail Park, at Tesco 18:3920:0921:2423:24
Smithton Stratton A (SE-bound) 18:4220:1221:2723:27
Smithton Stratton B (E-bound) 18:4220:1221:2723:27
Smithton Road (opp) 18:4320:1321:2823:28
Culloden Academy side (at) 18:4520:1521:3023:30
Balloch, opp Wellside 18:4620:1621:3123:31
Tornagrain Layby (NE-bound) 18:5120:2121:3623:36
Tornagrain, at Mid Coul 18:5620:2621:4123:41
Inverness Airport Railway Station (W-bound) 18:5920:2921:4423:44
Inverness Airport, o/s Terminal Building 19:0320:3321:4823:48
Inverness Airport, opp Road End 19:0420:3421:4923:49
Ardersier, at Cameron Drive 19:0920:3921:5423:54
Ardersier, o/s Police Station 19:0920:3921:5423:54
Ardersier, opp Post Office 19:1120:4121:5623:56
Ardersier, o/s Church 19:1220:4221:5723:57
Ardersier, opp Church 19:1220:4221:5723:57
Ardersier, o/s Stuart Street 19:1320:4321:5823:58
Ardersier, at Manse Road 19:1320:4321:5823:58
Ardersier, at Corbet Gardens 19:1320:4321:5823:58
Ardersier, at Nairn Road 19:1420:4421:5923:59
Ardersier, at Cameron Drive 19:1420:4421:5923:59
Nairn, at Wester Delnies Road End 19:2420:5422:0900:09
Tradespark, after A96 Junction 19:2720:5722:1200:12
Tradespark, at Cameron Road 19:2820:5822:1300:13
Tradespark, o/s Spar Shop 19:2820:5822:1300:13
Tradespark, opp Loch Avenue 19:3021:0022:1500:15
Nairn, opp Duncan Drive 19:3121:0122:1600:16
Nairn, opp Fraser Park 19:3221:0222:1700:17
Nairn, at Bus Station 19:3421:0422:1900:19
Nairn, before Lochloy Road 00:2219:3721:0722:22
Nairn, before Railway Bridge 00:2219:3721:0722:22
Nairn, opp Sainsburys 00:2319:3821:0822:23
Auldearn, at Waterloo Road 00:2519:4021:1022:25
Auldearn, opp Covenanters Inn 00:2719:4221:1222:27
Auldearn, o/s School 00:2819:4321:1322:28
Auldearn, at Broombank Cottages 00:2919:4421:1422:29
Auldearn Hardmuir Toll (E-bound) 00:3619:4721:1722:32
Brodie, opp Feddan 00:3919:4821:1822:33
Brodie Castle (at) 00:4119:4921:1922:34
Brodie, at Barleymill Road End 00:4219:5121:2122:36
Forres, at Findhorn Bridge 00:4319:5521:2522:40
Forres, at Old Bridge Court 00:4419:5921:2922:44
Forres, opp Bogton Place 00:4519:5921:2922:44
Forres, at Castle Bridge 00:4519:5921:2922:44
Forres, opp Cumming Street 00:4520:0021:3022:45
Forres, opp Leys Road 00:4520:0021:3022:45
Forres, opp North Road 00:4620:0121:3122:46
Forres, at Findhorn Road 00:4620:0121:3122:46
Forres, at Enterprise Park 00:5120:0621:3622:51
Kinloss, at Scotsburn 00:5220:0721:3722:52
Kinloss, opp Burgie Lodge Road End 00:5320:0821:3822:53
Kinloss, opp Morayscairn Road End 00:5520:1021:4022:55
Alves, at Burghead Road 00:5820:1321:4322:58
Alves Carden Hill (NE-bound) 00:5820:1321:4322:58
Alves, at Ardgye Farm Road End 01:0020:1521:4523:00
Newton House (at) 01:0220:1721:4723:02
Bishopmill, adj Sheriffmill Road 01:0620:2121:5123:06
Elgin, opp Braelossie Place 01:0720:2221:5223:07
Elgin, at Maryhill House 01:0720:2221:5223:07
Elgin, opp West Park Court 01:0720:2221:5223:07
Elgin Bus Station (Stance 2) 01:0820:2321:5323:08
Elgin, at Library 20:25
Elgin, at Cathedral Road 20:26
Elgin, at Pinefield Bus Depot 20:30
Elgin, opp Reiket Lane 20:31
Elgin, opp Barmuckity Farm Road End 20:32
Lhanbryde, at Sherriffston Cottages 20:32
Lhanbryde, opp The Terrace 20:34
Lhanbryde, opp Lady Margaret Drive 20:35
Mosstodloch, at Castlehill Farm Road End 20:39
Mosstodloch, opp Linksfield Road 20:42
Mosstodloch, at Garmouth Road 20:43
Mosstodloch, at Stynie Road 20:44
Fochabers, at Baxters of Speyside 20:45
Fochabers, opp The Square 20:47
Fochabers East Street (SE-bound) 20:47
Aultmore, opp Forgie 20:56
Aultmore, at Buckie Road End 20:59
Keith, opp Regent Court 21:02
Keith, opp Regent Square 21:02
Keith, at Wellington Street 21:02
Keith, at Banff Road 21:03
Keith, at Reidhaven Square 21:04
Keith, opp Broad Lane 21:04
Keith, at Tarnash 21:06
Blackhillock, at Backmuir Cottages 21:08
Keith, opp Whitehillock Farm 21:10
Coachford (at) 21:12
Cairnie, opp Botary Mains 21:13
Cairnie, at Road End 21:15
Cairnie, at Lower Sinsharnie 21:16
Huntly, opp Tesco Road End 21:22
Huntly, at The Cemetery 21:23
Huntly, at Riverside Drive 21:23
Huntly, at Bydand Place 21:23
Huntly, at The Square 21:24
Huntly, opp Nelson Street 21:25
Huntly, opp Market Street 21:26
Huntly, opp Steven Road 21:26
Colpy, at Bainshole 21:37
Colpy, opp St Sairs Cottage 21:43
Pitmachie, at Lawrence Road 21:49
Kirkton of Oyne Logie Woods (E-bound) 21:52
Pitcaple, adj Home Farm 21:53
Inverurie, opp Gordon House 22:01
Inverurie, at Middlemuir Road 22:02
Inverurie West High Street (at 46) 22:02
Inverurie, at Town Hall 22:02
Inverurie, at Nursery Lane 22:03
Inverurie, opp George Square 22:03
Inverurie, at Beverley Road 22:04
Inverurie St James's Place (SW bound) 22:04
Port Elphinstone Prospect Terrace (S bound) 22:04
Port Elphinstone, at Leslie Place 22:05
Port Elphinstone, at Ladeside Road 22:05
Port Elphinstone, adj Crichiebank 22:06
Port Elphinstone, opp Thainstone Agricultural Centre 22:07
Kintore Business Park (at) 22:08
Kintore Broomhill Roundabout (SE-bound) 22:13
Kinellar Glasgoforest (SE-bound) 22:16
Tyrebagger, opp Bishopston Farm 22:20
Kirkhill, adj Chapel of Stoneywood Road 22:23
Craibstone, opp Scotland's Rural College 22:24
Bucksburn, at Gough Burn Crescent 22:25
Bankhead, at Greenburn Drive 22:26
Bucksburn, opp Howes Road 22:27
Scatterburn Haudagain By-Pass (South East Bound) 22:29
Scatterburn Haudagain By-Pass (East Bound) 22:30
Hilton, at Rosehill Drive 22:31
Mastrick, adj Ashgrove Road West 22:32
Westburn Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (SW-bound) 22:33
Westburn Drive (at) 22:36
Ashgrove, opp Mount Street 22:40
Rosemount, at Maberly Street 22:42
Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 4) 22:49

Elgin - Huntly
Elgin - Nairn
Inverness - Nairn
Aberdeen (Bus Station) - Inverurie - Huntly

Aberdeen Union Square Bus Station (Stance 4) 15:0016:00
Aberdeen, adj Spa Street 15:0616:07
Ashgrove, at Mount Street 15:0916:11
Westburn, at Mile End Avenue 15:1316:15
Westburn Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (E-bound) 15:1616:19
Mastrick, opp Ashgrove Road West 15:1716:20
Hilton, at Provost Rust Drive 15:1816:22
Scatterburn Haudagain By-Pass (North West Bound) 15:2016:24
Bucksburn, at Howes Road 15:2316:28
Bankhead, at Cloverfield Gardens 15:2416:29
Bucksburn, at Forrit Brae 15:2516:31
Kirkhill Chapel of Stoneywood Road (W-bound) 15:2916:36
Tyrebagger Bishopton Farm (near) 15:3216:41
Blackburn Glasgoforest (NW-bound) 15:3716:47
Kintore Broomhill Roundabout (NW-bound) 15:4116:51
Kintore Business Park (opp) 15:4817:01
Port Elphinstone, at Thainstone Agricultural Centre 15:4917:02
Port Elphinstone, opp Crichiebank 15:5017:04
Port Elphinstone, opp Ladeside Gardens 15:5117:06
Port Elphinstone, opp Leslie Place 15:5217:06
Port Elphinstone Prospect Terrace (N bound) 15:5217:07
Inverurie St James's Place (NE bound) 15:5317:07
Inverurie, opp Beverley Road 15:5317:08
Inverurie, at George Square 15:5317:08
Inverurie, opp Nursery Lane 15:5417:09
Inverurie Market Place (NW bound) 15:5417:09
Inverurie, opp Middlemuir Road 16:0217:12
Inverurie, at Davah Court 16:0217:12
Inverurie, at Gordon House 16:0217:12
Pitcaple, opp Home Farm 16:1017:20
Pitmachie, opp Lawrence Road 16:1717:27
Colpy, at St Sairs Cottage 16:2317:33
Skares, at Farm 16:2717:37
Colpy, opp Bainshole 16:2917:39
Huntly, at Steven Road 16:4117:51
Huntly, at Market Street 16:4117:51
Huntly, at The Square 16:4217:52
Huntly, before Torry Road 16:4517:55
Huntly, after Torry Road 16:4517:55
Huntly, opp Bydand Place 16:4517:55
Huntly, opp Riverside Drive 16:4517:55
Huntly, opp The Cemetery 16:4517:55
Huntly, at Tesco Road End 16:4617:56
Cairnie, opp Lower Sinsharnie 16:5218:02
Cairnie, at Botary Mains 16:5418:04
Coachford (opp) 16:5618:06
Keith, at Whitehillock Farm 16:5718:07
Keith, at Cairdshill Quarry 17:0018:10
Keith, at Broad Lane 17:0318:13
Keith, at Reidhaven Square 17:0318:13
Keith, opp Banff Road 17:0418:14
Keith, opp Wellington Street 17:0518:15
Keith, at Regent Square 17:0518:15
Aultmore, opp Buckie Road End 17:0918:19
Aultmore, at Forgie 17:1118:21
Aultmore Aulthash (NW-bound) 17:1518:25
Fochabers, at Milnes Primary School 17:2118:31
Fochabers East Street (NW-bound) 17:2218:32
Fochabers, opp The Square 17:2218:32
Fochabers, opp Baxters of Speyside 17:2318:33
Mosstodloch, opp Stynie Road 17:2418:34
Mosstodloch, opp Garmouth Road 17:2518:34
Mosstodloch, adj Balnacoul Road 17:2518:35
Mosstodloch, opp Castlehill Farm Road End 17:2818:38
Lhanbryde, at Lady Margaret Drive 17:3418:43
Lhanbryde, at The Terrace 17:3518:44
Lhanbryde, at Sherriffston Cottages 17:3818:47
Elgin, at Barmuckity Farm Road End 17:3918:47
Elgin, at Reiket Lane 17:4018:47
Elgin, opp Pinefield Bus Depot 17:4118:49
Elgin, opp Cathedral Road 17:4318:51
Elgin, opp Library 17:4618:54
Elgin Bus Station (Stance 3) 17:4618:54
Elgin, at West Park Court 04:2017:5019:01
Elgin, opp Maryhill House 04:2117:5119:01
Elgin, at Braelossie Place 04:2117:5119:02
Bishopmill, adj Sheriffmill Road 04:2217:5219:03
Newton House (adj) 04:2717:5719:07
Alves Carden Hill (SW-bound) 04:3118:0119:12
Alves, opp Burghead Road 04:3218:0219:12
Kinloss, at Morayscairn Road End 04:3518:0519:15
Kinloss, at Burgie Lodge Road End 04:3718:0719:17
Forres, at Enterprise Park 04:3918:0919:19
Forres, opp Findhorn Road 04:4318:1319:23
Forres, at North Road 04:4418:1419:24
Forres, at Cumming Street 04:4518:1519:25
Forres, at Castlehill Road 04:4518:1519:26
Forres, at Bogton Place 04:4618:1619:26
Forres, opp Old Bridge Court 04:4618:1619:27
Forres, adj Ramflat Road 04:4718:1719:27
Bridge of Findhorn, opp Duncarron 04:5018:2019:30
Brodie, opp Barleymill Road End 04:5518:2519:35
Brodie Castle (opp) 04:5618:2619:36
Brodie, adj Feddan 04:5718:2719:38
Auldearn Hardmuir Toll (W-bound) 04:5818:2819:39
Auldearn, opp Broombank Cottages 05:0118:3119:42
Auldearn, opp School 05:0218:3219:42
Auldearn, o/s Covenanters Inn 05:0318:3319:43
Auldearn, opp Waterloo Road 05:0518:3519:45
Nairn, at Sainsburys 05:0718:3719:47
Nairn Lochloy Road (NW-bound) 05:0818:3819:48
Nairn, o/s St Ninian Road 05:0818:3819:49
Nairn, at Bus Station 05:0918:3919:49
Nairn, at Fraser Park 05:1318:4319:53
Nairn, opp Beech Avenue 05:1418:4419:54
Nairn, at Duncan Drive 05:1518:4519:55
Tradespark, at Loch Avenue 05:1618:4619:56
Tradespark, opp Spar Shop 05:1718:4719:57
Tradespark, opp Cameron Road 05:1718:4719:58
Tradespark, before A96 Junction 05:1818:4819:58
Ardersier, o/s Police Station 05:3219:0220:12
Ardersier, opp Post Office 05:3319:0320:13
Ardersier, o/s Church 05:3319:0320:13
Ardersier, opp Church 05:3319:0320:13
Ardersier, o/s Stuart Street 05:3419:0420:14
Ardersier, at Manse Road 05:3519:0520:15
Ardersier, at Corbet Gardens 05:3519:0520:15
Ardersier, at Nairn Road 05:3519:0520:16
Inverness Airport, at Road End 05:4119:1120:22
Inverness Airport, o/s Terminal Building 05:4319:1320:23
Inverness Airport Railway Station (W-bound) 05:4719:1720:27
Tornagrain, at Mid Coul 05:5019:2020:30
Tornagrain Layby (SW-bound) 05:5619:2620:36
Balloch, at Wellside 06:0019:3020:40
Culloden Academy side (opp) 06:0219:3220:43
Culloden, at Blackwell Road 06:0319:3320:43
Smithton Road (at) 06:0619:3620:46
Smithton Stratton C (NW-bound) 06:0719:3720:47
Smithton Stratton D (NW-bound) 06:0719:3720:48
Inverness Retail Park, at Tesco 06:1119:4120:51
Millburn, at King Duncans Road 06:1619:4620:56
Millburn, at Diriebught Road 06:1719:4720:58
Inverness, o/s Marks and Spencer 06:2019:5021:01
Inverness Bus Station Stance 5 (Stance) 06:2119:5121:01

Timetable data from Stagecoach Bluebird, 2 December 2023

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