113 - Tavistock - Princetown - Ashburton - Newton Abbot - Trago Mills

A bus service operated by Tavistock Community Transport


Tavistock - Princetown - Ashburton - Newton Abbot - Trago Mills

Tavistock, opp Lawsons 09:30
Tavistock Bedford Square (SE-bound) 09:33
Tavistock Bedford Hotel (SW-bound) 09:33
Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 09:35
Tavistock Library (SW-bound) 09:35
Tavistock, opp Harewood House 09:36
Tavistock School (SE-bound) 09:37
Tavistock Grenville Drive (S-bound) 09:38
Tavistock, opp Lidl 09:40
Whitchurch Hazel Road (NW-bound) 09:42
Whitchurch Tiddybrook Meadows (SE-bound) 09:42
Whitchurch Woodtown (SE-bound) 09:43
Grenofen Cross (SE-bound) 09:44
Horrabridge Magpie Park (SE-bound) 09:48
Horrabridge Chapel Lane (SE-bound) 09:50
Horrabridge Chichester Court (S-bound) 09:50
Horrabridge Manor Garage (SE-bound) 09:51
Horrabridge Toll Gate (SE-bound) 09:52
Yelverton, opp Leg O Mutton Inn 09:54
Yelverton Roundabout (SW-bound) 09:55
Dousland Burrator Inn (NE-bound) 09:58
Walkhampton Sharpitor (E-bound) 10:00
Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (NW-bound) 10:03
Princetown, opp Primary School 10:03
Princetown Woodville (E-bound) 10:04
Princetown Primary School (SE-bound) 10:06
Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (SE-bound) 10:06
Princetown, opp Fox Tor Cafe 10:07
Two Bridges, opp Hotel 10:10
Two Bridges Lower Cherrybrook Bridge (E-bound) 10:12
Sherberton Dunna Bridge (SE-bound) 10:13
Dartmeet Hexworthy Cross (E-bound) 10:15
Dartmeet Pixieland (E-bound) 10:16
Dartmeet Badgers Holt (NE-bound) 10:17
Ponsworthy Babeny Farm Stables (SE-bound) 10:20
Poundsgate Methodist Church (W-bound) 10:23
Poundsgate, opp Tavistock Inn 10:25
Holne New Bridge (S-bound) 10:28
Holne AA Box (E-bound) 10:29
Ashburton Holne Bridge (E-bound) 10:31
Ashburton, opp River Dart Country Park 10:35
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop B) 10:42
Ashburton Memorial (NE-bound) 10:42
Ashburton Police Station (NE-bound) 10:42
Ashburton, opp East End Terrace 10:42
Caton Alston Cross (NE-bound) 10:43
Caton Cross (NE-bound) 10:43
Goodstone Cross (SE-bound) 10:43
Bickington Cross (E-bound) 10:44
S Knighton Bone Mill Cross (E-bound) 10:45
Newton Abbot Seale-Hayne (E-bound) 10:46
Mile End Road (E-bound) 10:47
Highweek Ashburton Road (SE-bound) 10:48
Broadlands Barton Drive (SE-bound) 10:49
Broadlands Avenue (opp) 10:49
Broadlands Greenaway Road (E-bound) 10:49
Broadlands Coombeshead School (NE-bound) 10:50
Newton Abbot College (S-bound) 10:50
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop E) 10:52
Newton Abbot, opp Cricketfield Surgery 10:52
Newton Abbot The Avenue (SW-bound) 10:55
Newton Abbot Opposite Rail Station (Stop J) 10:56
Newton Abbot Post Office (W-bound) 10:56
Newton Abbot Queen Street (W-bound) 10:56
Newton Abbot College 6th Form Centre (N-bound) 10:57
Broadlands Wain Lane Beech Park (N-bound) 10:57
Stover Forches Cross (NW-bound) 11:00
Stover School (opp) 11:02
Liverton Filling Station (SW-bound) 11:04
Liverton Trago Mills (S-bound) 11:06

Trago Mills - Newton Abbot - Ashburton - Princetown - Tavistock

Liverton Trago Mills (S-bound) 13:45
Liverton, opp Filling Station 13:46
Stover School (SE-bound) 13:49
Stover Forches Cross (SE-bound) 13:51
Knowles Hill Whitehill Close (SE-bound) 13:52
Broadlands, adj Old Exeter Road 13:52
Newton Abbot College (S-bound) 13:53
Newton Abbot, opp Cricketfield Surgery 13:53
Newton Abbot The Avenue (SW-bound) 13:54
Newton Abbot Rail Station (Stop K) 13:55s
Newton Abbot Post Office (W-bound) 13:57
Newton Abbot Queen Street (W-bound) 13:58
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop L) 14:00
Newton Abbot College 6th Form Centre (N-bound) 14:00
Broadlands, opp Coombeshead School 14:00
Broadlands Greenaway Road (W-bound) 14:01
Broadlands Manor Road (W-bound) 14:01
Broadlands Barton Drive (NW-bound) 14:01
Highweek Ashburton Road (NW-bound) 14:02
Mile End Road (W-bound) 14:02
Newton Abbot Seale-Hayne (W-bound) 14:04s
S Knighton Bone Mill Cross (W-bound) 14:04
Bickington Cross (W-bound) 14:05
Goodstone Cross (W-bound) 14:06
Caton Cross (SW-bound) 14:06
Caton Alston Cross (SW-bound) 14:06
Ashburton, adj East End Terrace 14:07
Ashburton, opp Hospital 14:07
Ashburton, opp Memorial 14:07
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop A) 14:08s
Ashburton River Dart Country Park (NW-bound) 14:17
Ashburton Holne Bridge (W-bound) 14:21
Holne, opp AA Box 14:23
Holne New Bridge (N-bound) 14:25
Poundsgate Tavistock Inn (N-bound) 14:28
Poundsgate Methodist Church (NW-bound) 14:29
Ponsworthy, opp Babeny Farm Stables 14:32
Dartmeet Badgers Holt (SW-bound) 14:36
Dartmeet, opp Pixieland 14:36
Dartmeet Hexworthy Cross (W-bound) 14:37
Sherberton Dunna Bridge (NW-bound) 14:39
Two Bridges Lower Cherrybrook Bridge (W-bound) 14:41
Two Bridges Hotel (NW-bound) 14:44
Princetown Fox Tor Cafe (SW-bound) 14:48
Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (NW-bound) 14:48
Princetown, opp Primary School 14:48
Princetown Woodville (E-bound) 14:51s
Princetown Primary School (SE-bound) 14:51
Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (SE-bound) 14:51
Walkhampton Sharpitor (W-bound) 14:53
Dousland Burrator Inn (SW-bound) 14:55
Yelverton Roundabout (SW-bound) 14:59
Yelverton Leg O Mutton Inn (NW-bound) 14:59
Horrabridge Toll Gate (NW-bound) 15:01
Horrabridge Manor Garage (NW-bound) 15:02
Horrabridge Chapel Lane (NW-bound) 15:03s
Horrabridge Chichester Court (N-bound) 15:03
Horrabridge Bedford Bridge (NW-bound) 15:03
Grenofen Cross (NW-bound) 15:05
Whitchurch Woodtown (NW-bound) 15:06
Whitchurch Hazel Road (NW-bound) 15:07s
Tavistock Lidl (NW-bound) 15:07
Tavistock Grenville Drive (N-bound) 15:10
Tavistock School (NW-bound) 15:11
Tavistock Harewood House (NE-bound) 15:11
Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 15:13
Tavistock Bedford Square (SE-bound) 15:16s
Tavistock Bedford Hotel (SW-bound) 15:16
Tavistock Lawsons (E-bound) 15:19

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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