132 - Buckingham or Maids Moreton - Banbury

A bus service operated by Redline

Buckingham - Banbury

Buckingham High Street (southbound) 09:4512:2515:0017:25
Buckingham, opp Chandos Road 09:4712:2617:27
Buckingham Market Hill (Northbound) 15:00
Buckingham Western Avenue (southbound) 15:04
Buckingham Overn Avenue (northbound) 15:06
Buckingham, opp Upper School 09:4712:2717:27
Buckingham, opp Western Avenue 15:06
Buckingham Market Hill (Southbound) 15:08
Buckingham High Street (southbound) 15:09
Buckingham Stratford Road (Eastbound) 13:2115:11
Buckingham Linden Village (Southbound) 13:2415:14
Buckingham Badgers Way (Westbound) 13:2715:15
Buckingham Bourton Road (Westbound) 13:2915:15
Buckingham Bourtonville (westbound) 13:3015:16
Buckingham London Road (Southbound) 09:4912:2813:3115:1717:29
Buckingham Tesco (Stop B) 09:5012:2913:3315:1817:30
Mount Pleasant Embleton Way (o/s 108) 09:5317:35
Mount Pleasant, opp Primrose Way 09:5317:35
Gawcott, adj Village Hall 09:5612:3213:3615:2117:39
Gawcott, opp Post Office 09:5712:3313:3715:2217:40
Tingewick, opp Church Lane 10:0212:3813:4215:2717:44
Tingewick, adj Village Hall 10:0312:3913:4315:2817:45
Tingewick, adj Strangers Lane 10:0312:3913:4315:2817:45
Tingewick, o/s Cemetery 13:43
Little Tingewick, opp The Red Lion PH 10:0512:4115:3017:47
Water Stratford, adj Town Farm 13:47
Finmere, adj Chinalls Close 10:07
Westbury Fulwell Road (Westbound) 10:1413:54
Westbury, opp Village Club 10:1413:54
Turweston, adj Main Street 10:20
Brackley, adj Top Station Road 10:22
Brackley, adj Church Road 10:23
Brackley, adj Market Place 10:2514:01

Banbury - Buckingham

Brackley, adj Market Place 10:3014:05
Brackley, opp Church Road 10:3014:06
Brackley, opp Top Station Road 10:3114:07
Turweston, opp Main Street 14:10
Westbury, o/s Village Club 10:3614:15
Westbury Fulwell Road (Eastbound) 10:3714:16
Water Stratford, opp Town Farm 10:46
Tingewick, opp Cemetery 10:4914:21
Finmere, adj Chinalls Close 14:23
Little Tingewick, adj The Red Lion PH 07:1314:26
Little Tingewick, opp The Red Lion PH 12:4115:30
Tingewick, opp Strangers Lane 07:1410:5014:28
Tingewick, opp Village Hall 07:1510:5114:29
Tingewick, adj Church Lane 07:1510:5114:29
Gawcott, adj Post Office 07:2010:5614:34
Gawcott, opp Village Hall 07:2010:5614:34
Buckingham Badgers Way (Westbound) 10:5814:36
Buckingham Bourton Road (Westbound) 10:5914:37
Mount Pleasant, adj Primrose Way 07:2514:38
Mount Pleasant Embleton Way (opp 110) 07:2714:39
Buckingham Tesco (Stop B) 07:3011:0011:3312:5114:4415:4017:00
Buckingham London Road (Northbound) 07:3111:0011:3312:5114:4415:4017:00s
Buckingham, o/s Upper School 07:3311:0011:3412:5214:4515:4217:01
Buckingham, adj Chandos Road 07:3411:0011:3515:42
Buckingham Bourtonville (eastbound) 12:5314:4617:02s
Buckingham Bourton Road (Eastbound) 11:0112:5314:4617:02s
Buckingham Badgers Way (Eastbound) 11:0212:5514:4817:04s
Buckingham, adj Bourton Meadow School 11:0212:5714:5017:05s
Buckingham Linden Village (Northbound) 12:5914:5217:07s
Buckingham Stratford Road (Westbound) 13:0014:5317:10
Buckingham High Street (southbound) 07:3811:0511:3713:0214:5515:45
Buckingham Market Hill (Northbound) 11:1113:0616:51s17:13s
Buckingham Western Avenue (southbound) 11:1413:0916:54s17:16s
Buckingham Overn Avenue (northbound) 11:1613:1116:55s17:17
Buckingham, opp Western Avenue 11:1613:11
Buckingham Market Hill (Southbound) 11:1813:13
Buckingham Hilltop Avenue (Eastbound) 11:2116:56s
Buckingham High Street (southbound) 13:15
Buckingham Linden Village (Southbound) 11:2416:58s
Buckingham Badgers Way (Westbound) 11:2716:58s
Buckingham Bourton Road (Westbound) 11:2916:58s
Buckingham Bourtonville (westbound) 11:3016:58s
Buckingham, opp Chandos Road 11:30
Buckingham, opp Upper School 11:31
Buckingham London Road (Southbound) 11:3216:59s
Buckingham Tesco (Stop B) 11:3317:00

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Redline Buses, 22 November 2023

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