15 - Hayle - St Erth - Penzance

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Road Closures - St Erth
17–28 June 2024

Road closures in St Erth for utilities works

Due to a series of closures in St Erth between the 17th and 28th June access to the village will be restricted during the hours of 0930 and 1530 with buses diverted on the 17th, 18th, 19th 27th and 28th June (subject to change). Please check details of alternative arrangements the bus operator.


Hayle - St Erth - Penzance

Leedstown Bosparva Lane (NE-bound) 08:09
Leedstown, opp Garage 08:10
Hayle West Cornwall Shopping Park (NW-bound) 08:5610:5611:5613:5614:5616:0618:16
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (SW-bound) 08:5810:5811:5813:5814:5816:0818:18
Phillack Penmare Terrace (SW-bound) 08:5810:5811:5813:5814:5816:0818:18
Hayle Phillack Turn (SW-bound) 08:5910:5911:5913:5914:5916:0918:19
Leedstown Rodwill Close (SW-bound) 08:11
Hayle, opp Co-Op 09:0011:0012:0014:0015:0016:1018:20
Hayle Fore Street (W-bound) 07:0809:0111:0112:0114:0115:0116:1118:21
Townshend Institute Row (W-bound) 08:14
Hayle, opp Library and Day Centre 07:0809:0111:0112:0114:0115:0116:1118:21
Hayle War Memorial (SW-bound) 07:0909:0211:0212:0214:0215:0216:1218:22
Fraddam The Square (NW-bound) 08:17
Hayle St Elwyn's Church (W-bound) 07:0909:0211:0212:0214:0215:0216:1218:22
St Erth Praze, opp Smugglers Inn 08:19
Hayle Foundry Square (SW-bound) 07:1109:0411:0412:0414:0415:0416:1418:24
Chenhalls Tolroy Holiday Village (NW-bound) 08:21
Hayle Lloyds Bank (S-bound) 07:1109:0411:0412:0414:0415:0416:1418:24
Hayle John Ellis Court (N-bound) 07:1109:0411:0412:0414:0415:0416:1418:24
Hayle Boriggy Crescent (NE-bound) 07:1209:0511:0512:0514:0515:0516:1518:25
Hayle Bodriggy Crescent Junction (NE-bound) 07:1209:0511:0512:0514:0515:0516:1518:25
Foundry, opp Opposite Bodriggy Health Centre 07:1309:0611:0612:0614:0615:0616:1618:26
Hayle, opp Bodriggy Junior and Infant School 07:1409:0711:0712:0714:0715:0716:1718:27
Hayle Trevithick Crescent (SW-bound) 07:1509:0811:0812:0814:0815:0816:1818:28
Hayle Community School (opp) 07:1609:0911:0912:0914:0915:0916:1918:29
Hayle Penpol School (W-bound) 07:1709:1011:1012:1014:1016:2018:30
Hayle, opp St Michaels Hospital 07:1909:1211:1212:1214:1216:2218:32
Chenhalls, opp Ash Drive 07:2008:2109:1311:1312:1314:1316:2318:33
Hayle, opp Trelissick Road 07:2108:2209:1411:1412:1414:1416:2418:34
St Erth, opp Bus Shelter 07:2508:2509:1811:1812:1814:1816:2818:38
St Erth, opp Trehayes Meadow 07:2508:2509:1811:1812:1814:1816:2818:38
St Erth, opp Treloweth Close 07:2608:2609:1911:1912:1914:1916:2918:39
St Erth Interchange (SW-bound) 07:2908:2809:2211:2212:2214:2216:3218:42
Hayle Lloyds Bank (S-bound) 08:33
Hayle Penpol School (E-bound) 08:33
St Erth Treloweth Close (SE-bound) 09:2312:2316:33
Hayle Community School (NE-bound) 08:35
Gwallon Orillia (SW-bound) 09:3112:3116:41
Gwallon, opp Wheal Rodney Caravan Park 09:3212:3216:42
Marazion Surgery (S-bound) 09:3312:3316:43
Marazion The Old Manse (E-bound) 09:3312:3316:43
Marazion Trevenner Lane (E-bound) 09:3412:3416:44
Marazion Henfor Close (S-bound) 09:3512:3516:45
Marazion Chymorvah (NW-bound) 09:3612:3616:46
Marazion Silverhouse (W-bound) 09:3612:3616:46
Marazion, opp Church 09:3812:3816:48
Marazion The Square (NW-bound) 09:3912:3916:49
Marazion Playground (NW-bound) 09:3912:3916:49
Marazion, opp Godolphin Drive 09:4012:4016:50
Long Rock Station House (NW-bound) 09:4212:4216:52
Long Rock, o/s The Kite Loft 09:4212:4216:52
Long Rock, opp Mexico Inn 09:4412:4416:54
Long Rock Morrisons (W-bound) 09:4812:4816:58
Penzance Halfords (W-bound) 09:4912:4916:59
Penzance Sainsburys (SW-bound) 09:4912:4916:59
Penzance Sainsburys Entrance (SW-bound) 09:5012:5017:00
Penzance, opp Gwel Lewern 09:5112:5117:01
Penzance Chyandour (W-bound) 09:5212:5217:02
Penzance Bus Station (Stand A) 09:5512:5517:05

Penzance - St Erth - Hayle

Penzance Bus Station (Stand A) 10:0013:0017:20
Penzance Chyandour (E-bound) 10:0213:0217:22
Hayle Community School (NE-bound) 15:15
Penzance Gwel Lewern (E-bound) 10:0313:0317:23
Penzance Sainsburys Entrance (NE-bound) 10:0313:0317:23
Ventonleague Col-Moor Close (N-bound) 15:16
Ventonleague, opp Golden Sands Park 15:16
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (NE-bound) 15:16
Penzance Sainsburys (NE-bound) 10:0413:0417:24
Phillack Penmare Terrace (SW-bound) 15:17
Penzance, opp Halfords 10:0513:0517:25
Hayle Phillack Turn (SW-bound) 15:18
Long Rock, opp Morrisons 10:0613:0617:26
Long Rock Mexico Inn (E-bound) 10:0813:0817:28
Long Rock, opp The Kite Loft 10:0913:0917:29
Long Rock, opp Station House 10:0913:0917:29
Marazion Godolphin Drive (SE-bound) 10:1113:1117:31
Marazion, opp Playground 10:1213:1217:32
Marazion The Square (E-bound) 10:1313:1317:33
Marazion Church (E-bound) 10:1313:1317:33
Marazion Silverhouse (E-bound) 10:1413:1417:34
Marazion, opp Chymorvah 10:1513:1517:35
Marazion, opp Henfor Close 10:1613:1617:36
Marazion Trevenner Lane (W-bound) 10:1713:1717:37
Marazion, opp The Old Manse 10:1813:1817:38
Marazion, opp Surgery 10:1913:1917:39
Gwallon Wheal Rodney Carvan Park (N-bound) 10:1913:1917:39
Hayle, opp Library and Day Centre 15:18
Gwallon, opp Orillia 10:2013:2017:40
St Erth, opp Treloweth Close 10:2813:2817:48
Hayle War Memorial (SW-bound) 15:19
Hayle St Elwyn's Church (W-bound) 15:19
Hayle Foundry Square (SW-bound) 15:20
St Erth Interchange (SW-bound) 07:3010:3011:3013:3014:3015:2417:50
St Erth Treloweth Close (SE-bound) 07:3110:3111:3113:3114:3115:2517:51
St Erth Trehayes Meadow (SE-bound) 07:3210:3211:3213:3214:3215:2617:52
St Erth Bus Shelter (N-bound) 07:3310:3311:3313:3314:3315:2717:53
Hayle Trelissick Road (SE-bound) 07:3610:3611:3613:3614:3615:2917:56
Chenhalls Ash Drive (NE-bound) 07:3610:3611:3613:3614:3615:3017:56
Hayle St Michaels Hospital (N-bound) 07:3810:3811:3813:3814:3817:58
Chenhalls Tolroy Holiday Village (SE-bound) 15:30
Hayle Foundry Hill (N-bound) 07:3810:3811:3813:3814:3817:58
St Erth Praze Smugglers Inn (E-bound) 15:32
Hayle John Ellis Court (N-bound) 07:3910:3911:3913:3914:3917:59
Fraddam The Square (SE-bound) 15:35
Hayle Boriggy Crescent (NE-bound) 07:4010:4011:4013:4014:4018:00
Leedstown Duke of Leeds (SE-bound) 15:37
Leedstown Garage (NE-bound) 15:37
Leedstown Bosparva Lane (NE-bound) 15:39
Leedstown, opp Garage 15:40
Hayle Bodriggy Crescent Junction (NE-bound) 07:4010:4011:4013:4014:4018:00
Foundry, opp Opposite Bodriggy Health Centre 07:4110:4111:4113:4114:4118:01
Hayle, opp Bodriggy Junior and Infant School 07:4210:4211:4213:4214:4218:02
Hayle Trevithick Crescent (SW-bound) 07:4310:4311:4313:4314:4318:03
Hayle Community School (opp) 07:4408:4410:4411:4413:4414:4418:04
Hayle Penpol School (W-bound) 07:4508:4510:4511:4513:4514:4518:05
Hayle Barclays Bank (NW-bound) 07:4508:4510:4511:4513:4514:4518:05
Hayle Viaduct (N-bound) 07:4608:4610:4611:4613:4614:4618:06
Leedstown Rodwill Close (SW-bound) 15:40
Hayle, opp St Elwyn's Church 07:4708:4710:4711:4713:4714:4718:07
Townshend Institute Row (W-bound) 15:45
Hayle, opp War Memorial 07:4708:4710:4711:4713:4714:4718:07
Hayle Library and Day Centre (E-bound) 07:4808:4810:4811:4813:4814:4818:08
Hayle Fore Street (E-bound) 07:4908:4910:4911:4913:4914:4918:09
Hayle Copperhouse Co-Op (NE-bound) 07:4908:4910:4911:4913:4914:4918:09
Hayle Phillack Turn (NE-bound) 07:5008:5010:5011:5013:5014:5018:10
Phillack Penmare Terrace (NE-bound) 07:5108:5110:5111:5113:5114:5118:11
Hayle Lidl Carwin Rise (NE-bound) 07:5208:5210:5211:5213:5214:5218:12
Hayle West Cornwall Shopping Park (NW-bound) 07:5408:5410:5411:5413:5414:5418:14

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 21 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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