172 - Crafthole - Seaton - Looe - Polperro - Callywith College

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Monday to Friday, Callywith College days (not bank holidays) until Friday 19 July 2024

Crafthole - Callywith College

Torpoint, opp Bus Depot 07:07
Torpoint School (W-bound) 07:07
Torpoint Sycamore Drive (W-bound) 07:07
Torpoint Hawthorn Avenue (SW-bound) 07:08
Torpoint Pencair Avenue (W-bound) 07:08
Torpoint HMS Raleigh (W-bound) 07:09
Torpoint, opp Trevol Business Park 07:09
Antony Trevol Road Hay Farm (W-bound) 07:10
Antony St John Turning (W-bound) 07:11
Antony Pedigree Farm (W-bound) 07:12
Antony Village Shop (W-bound) 07:12
Opposite Sheviock Church (NW-bound) 07:17
Crafthole Cross Park (S-bound) 07:20
Crafthole Opposite the Finnygook Inn (NW-bound) 07:21
Portwrinkle, adj Donkey Lane 07:22
Downderry, adj Tregunnus Lane 07:28
Downderry, opp Church 07:32
Downderry, opp Broads Yard 07:33
Seaton Sea Front (NW-bound) 07:37
Seaton, opp The Car Park 07:37
Seaton Outside Jazmin (N-bound) 07:37
Hessenford West End Cottages (N-bound) 07:43
Hessenford Opposite the Old Mill (W-bound) 07:43
Widegates Shortacross Farm (NW-bound) 07:46
No Mans Land Opposite Bindown Court (SW-bound) 07:47
Looe Tregoad Park (SW-bound) 07:48
Looe Bay Holiday Park (SW-bound) 07:50
St Martin Barbican Road Junction (SW-bound) 07:52
Looe, opp Railway Station 07:55
Looe Bridge (S-bound) 07:56
West Looe The Square (S-bound) 07:59
West Looe Fire Station (E-bound) 08:00
West Looe Downs Road (W-bound) 08:01
West Looe Junction Goonwartha Road (W-bound) 08:02
Tencreek Waylands (NW-bound) 08:04
Tencreek Waylands Farm Holiday Cottages (NW-bound) 08:05
Tencreek Looe Valley Touring Park (NW-bound) 08:06
Barcelona West Wayland Holiday Park (W-bound) 08:06
Polperro Seaview Holiday Village (S-bound) 08:09
Polperro Killigarth Turn (S-bound) 08:09
Polperro Crumplehorn (W-bound) 08:12
Polperro Killigarth Turn (N-bound) 08:13
Polperro, opp Sea View Holiday Village 08:14
West Watergate Barcelona Cross (NW-bound) 08:15
Barcelona, opp Trelawne 08:16
Pelynt The Garage (NW-bound) 08:20
Pelynt Church (N-bound) 08:21
Pelynt Village Hall (N-bound) 08:21
Pelynt Summer Lane (N-bound) 08:21
Lanreath Woodsaws Cross (NW-bound) 08:24
Herodsfoot West Park (N-bound) 08:28
East Taphouse Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 08:35
Treburgie, opp Trevelmond Lane End 08:38
Treburgie A390 Junction (NE-bound) 08:39
Doublebois Cross Roads (W-bound) 08:44
Turfdown Roundabout (NW-bound) 08:51
Cooksland, opp Newtons Margate 08:56
Bodmin Cooksland Industrial Estate (N-bound) 08:56
Bodmin Business Park (opp) 08:58
Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 09:01

Callywith College - Crafthole

Bodmin Callywith College Car Park (SW-bound) 16:40
Bodmin Business Park (o/s) 16:43
Bodmin, opp Cooksland Industrial Estate 16:44
Turfdown, opp Roundabout 16:49
Drawbridge Halfway House (E-bound) 16:56
Doublebois Cross Roads (E-bound) 17:00
Treburgie, opp A390 Junction 17:02
Treburgie Trevelmond Lane End (W-bound) 17:03
East Taphouse Red Post (W-bound) 17:04
East Taphouse, opp Post Box 17:05
East Taphouse Jubilee Cottage (SW-bound) 17:06
Herodsfoot West Park (S-bound) 17:11
Lanreath Woodsaws Cross (SE-bound) 17:16
Pelynt Summer Lane (S-bound) 17:19
Pelynt, opp Village Hall 17:19
Pelynt, opp Church 17:20
Pelynt The Garage (SE-bound) 17:20
Barcelona Trelawne (E-bound) 17:24
Polperro Seaview Holiday Village (S-bound) 17:27
Polperro Killigarth Turn (S-bound) 17:28
Polperro Crumplehorn (W-bound) 17:30
Polperro Killigarth Turn (N-bound) 17:32
Polperro, opp Sea View Holiday Village 17:32
West Watergate Barcelona Cross (NW-bound) 17:34
Barcelona, opp West Wayland Holiday Park 17:35
Tencreek Looe Valley Touring Park (SE-bound) 17:35
Tencreek, opp Waylands Farm Holiday Cottages 17:36
Tencreek Waylands (E-bound) 17:37
West Looe Tregarrick Court (SW-bound) 17:39
West Looe Downs Road (E-bound) 17:40
West Looe The Square (S-bound) 17:42
Looe Bridge (N-bound) 17:45
Looe Railway Station (NW-bound) 17:48
St Martin, opp Barbican Road Junction 17:51
Looe Bay Holiday Park (opp) 17:51
Looe Tregoad Park Site (inside) 17:53
No Mans Land Bindown Court (NE-bound) 17:56
Widegates Shortacross Farm (SE-bound) 17:59
Hessenford The Old Mill (E-bound) 18:01
Hessenford Opposite West End Cottages (S-bound) 18:02
Seaton The Car Park (E-bound) 18:07
Seaton, opp Sea Front 18:08
Downderry Broads Yard (E-bound) 18:11
Downderry, opp Tregunnus Lane 18:16
Portwrinkle, opp Donkey Lane 18:22
Crafthole The Finnygook Inn (SE-bound) 18:25
Crafthole, opp Cross Park 18:26
Sheviock Church (SE-bound) 18:28
Antony, opp Village Shop 18:33
Antony St John Turning (NE-bound) 18:34
Antony St John Turning (E-bound) 18:35
Torpoint Trevol Business Park (E-bound) 18:36
Torpoint, opp HMS Raleigh 18:36
Torpoint, opp Pencair Avenue 18:37
Torpoint Goad Avenue (NE-bound) 18:37
Torpoint Woodland Way (E-bound) 18:38
Torpoint School (E-bound) 18:38
Torpoint Bus Depot (NE-bound) 18:39

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