172 - Tavistock - Princetown - Dartmeet - Newton Abbot

A bus service operated by Country Bus (Newton Abbot)

Tavistock - Princetown - Dartmeet - Newton Abbot

Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 10:55
Tavistock, opp Bedford Hotel 10:55
Tavistock St. Rumons School (NE-bound) 10:55
Tavistock Mount House School (E-bound) 10:57
Tavistock Moorshop (E-bound) 11:00
Tavistock Higher Longford (NE-bound) 11:01
Merrivale Dartmoor Inn (E-bound) 11:07
Rundlestone Cross (E-bound) 11:12
Princetown Dartmoor Prison (SE-bound) 11:15
Princetown Primary School (SE-bound) 11:16
Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (SE-bound) 11:17
Princetown, opp Fox Tor Cafe 11:17
Two Bridges, opp Hotel 11:20
Two Bridges Lower Cherrybrook Bridge (E-bound) 11:23
Sherberton Dunna Bridge (SE-bound) 11:25
Dartmeet Hexworthy Cross (E-bound) 11:28
Dartmeet Pixieland (E-bound) 11:29
Dartmeet Badgers Holt (NE-bound) 11:30
Ponsworthy Babeny Farm Stables (SE-bound) 11:33
Poundsgate, opp Tavistock Inn 11:39
Holne New Bridge (S-bound) 11:42
Holne AA Box (E-bound) 11:44
Ashburton Holne Bridge (E-bound) 11:46
Ashburton, opp River Dart Country Park 11:50
Ashburton West End Terrace (NE-bound) 11:53
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop B) 11:55
Ashburton Memorial (NE-bound) 11:55
Ashburton Miners Close (NE-bound) 11:56
Ashburton, opp East End Terrace 11:56
Caton Alston Cross (NE-bound) 11:58
Caton Cross (NE-bound) 11:59
Goodstone Cross (SE-bound) 12:00
Bickington Cross (E-bound) 12:02
South Knighton Bone Mill Cross (E-bound) 12:03
Newton Abbot Seale-Hayne (E-bound) 12:05
Newton Abbot Hele Park (E-bound) 12:06
Mile End Road (E-bound) 12:07
Highweek Ashburton Road (SE-bound) 12:08
Broadlands Barton Drive (SE-bound) 12:09
Broadlands Avenue (opp) 12:10
Broadlands Greenaway Road (E-bound) 12:10
Broadlands Coombeshead School (NE-bound) 12:11
Newton Abbot College (S-bound) 12:12
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop B) 12:15

Newton Abbot - Dartmeet - Princetown - Tavistock

Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop B) 13:30
Newton Abbot College 6th Form Centre (N-bound) 13:31
Broadlands, opp Coombeshead School 13:32
Broadlands Greenaway Road (W-bound) 13:33
Broadlands Manor Road (W-bound) 13:33
Broadlands Barton Drive (NW-bound) 13:34
Highweek Ashburton Road (NW-bound) 13:35
Mile End Road (W-bound) 13:36
Newton Abbot Hele Park (W-bound) 13:38
Newton Abbot Seale-Hayne (W-bound) 13:39
South Knighton Bone Mill Cross (W-bound) 13:40
Bickington Cross (W-bound) 13:43
Goodstone Cross (W-bound) 13:44
Caton Cross (SW-bound) 13:45
Caton Alston Cross (SW-bound) 13:46
Ashburton, adj East End Terrace 13:49
Ashburton, opp Health and Wellbeing Centre 13:49
Ashburton, opp Memorial 13:50
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop A) 13:51
Ashburton West End Terrace (SW-bound) 13:51
Ashburton River Dart Country Park (NW-bound) 13:55
Ashburton Holne Bridge (W-bound) 13:57
Holne, opp AA Box 14:00
Holne New Bridge (N-bound) 14:01
Poundsgate Tavistock Inn (N-bound) 14:05
Poundsgate Methodist Church (NW-bound) 14:06
Ponsworthy, opp Babeny Farm Stables 14:10
Dartmeet Badgers Holt (SW-bound) 14:14
Dartmeet, opp Pixieland 14:14
Dartmeet Hexworthy Cross (W-bound) 14:15
Sherberton Dunna Bridge (NW-bound) 14:18
Two Bridges Lower Cherrybrook Bridge (W-bound) 14:20
Two Bridges Hotel (NW-bound) 14:24
Princetown Fox Tor Cafe (SW-bound) 14:27
Princetown Dartmoor Visitor Centre (NW-bound) 14:28
Princetown, opp Primary School 14:28
Princetown, opp Dartmoor Prison 14:29
Rundlestone Cross (W-bound) 14:31
Merrivale, opp Dartmoor Inn 14:36
Tavistock Higher Longford (SW-bound) 14:41
Tavistock Moorshop (W-bound) 14:41
Tavistock, opp Mount House School 14:47
Tavistock Bedford Hotel (SW-bound) 14:50
Tavistock Bus Station (Bay 1) 14:51

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