178 - Okehampton - Moretonhampstead - Newton Abbot

A bus service operated by Country Bus (Newton Abbot)


Okehampton - Moretonhampstead - Newton Abbot

Okehampton Waitrose (Stop F) 12:45
Okehampton McColls (Stop D) 12:50
Okehampton Leaholes Avenue (N-bound) 12:52
Okehampton Hunters Gate (S-bound) 12:54
Okehampton Leaholes Avenue (S-bound) 12:57
Okehampton Limehayes Road (E-bound) 12:57
Okehampton Giblands Park (NW-bound) 13:00
Okehampton Costcutter (E-bound) 13:00
Okehampton Monkey Puzzle Drive (E-bound) 13:01
Okehampton Stockley Hamlet (E-bound) 13:02
Belstone Tongue End Cross (SE-bound) 13:05
Sticklepath, opp School 13:08
Sticklepath Devonshire Inn (E-bound) 13:09
South Zeal Ford Cross (NW-bound) 13:10
South Zeal The Croft (S-bound) 13:12
South Zeal Ford Cross (SE-bound) 13:13
South Tawton Church (W-bound) 13:17
South Zeal, opp Oxenham Arms 13:21
South Zeal Cawsand View (E-bound) 13:21
East Week Firestone Cross (E-bound) 13:25
Whiddon Down Dartmoor View Holiday Park (E-bound) 13:28
Whiddon Down Post Inn (E-bound) 13:30
Chagford, opp Sandypark Inn 13:36
Chagford Easton Cross (S-bound) 13:38
Chagford School (NE-bound) 13:41
Chagford The Square (SE-bound) 13:42
Chagford, opp School 13:43
Chagford Easton Cross (SE-bound) 13:48
Moretonhampstead Court Street Car Park (Stop A) 13:56
Moretonhampstead Square (Stop B) 09:4113:58
Moretonhampstead Bowring Mead (E-bound) 09:4113:58
North Bovey Wray Barton Manor (SE-bound) 09:4514:02
Lustleigh Eastwrey Barton Hotel (SE-bound) 09:4914:06
Lustleigh Turn (SE-bound) 09:5214:09
Lustleigh Bishops Stone (S-bound) 09:5514:12
Lustleigh Turn (SE-bound) 09:5814:15
Wreyland Slade Cross (S-bound) 10:0014:16
Wreyland, opp Hawkmoor Cottages 10:0114:17
Bovey Tracey Riverside Surgery (SE-bound) 10:0714:21
Bovey Tracey De Tracey Park (E-bound) 10:0714:21
Bovey Tracey Bradley Road (NW-bound) 10:0814:22
Bovey Tracey Coombe Cross (NW-bound) 10:0914:23
Bovey Tracey, opp Church 10:1014:23
Bovey Tracey Front House Lodge (W-bound) 10:1014:23
Bovey Tracey Town Hall (W-bound) 10:1014:23
Bovey Tracey Tesco Express (Stop B) 10:1114:24
Bovey Tracey Dolphin Square (S-bound) 10:1214:25
Bovey Tracey St Johns Church (SW-bound) 10:1214:25
Bovey Tracey Brimley (SW-bound) 10:1314:26
Brimley Thorn Cross (S-bound) 10:1314:26
Brimley New Park (SE-bound) 10:1414:27
Coldeast Cummings Cross (S-bound) 10:1814:30
Liverton Star Inn (S-bound) 10:1914:31
Liverton Benedicts Road (S-bound) 10:2014:32
Liverton Exeter Cross (NE-bound) 10:2114:33
Heathfield Drumbridges Roundabout (NE-bound) 10:2214:34
Heathfield Garage (SE-bound) 10:2414:36
Stover Trago Mills Roundabout (S-bound) 10:2714:39
Stover School (SE-bound) 10:2814:40
Stover Forches Cross (SE-bound) 10:3014:42
Broadlands, adj Old Exeter Road 10:3314:45
Newton Abbot College (S-bound) 10:3414:46
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop L) 10:3414:46
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop B) 10:3514:47

Newton Abbot - Moretonhampstead - Okehampton

Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop B) 08:5513:50
Newton Abbot College 6th Form Centre (N-bound) 08:5513:50
Broadlands Wain Lane Beech Park (N-bound) 08:5613:51
Stover Forches Cross (NW-bound) 09:0013:55
Stover School (opp) 09:0213:57
Stover Trago Mills Roundabout (NE-bound) 09:0413:59
Liverton Post Office (SW-bound) 09:0714:02
Liverton Benedicts Road (N-bound) 09:0814:03
Liverton Star Inn (N-bound) 09:0814:03
Coldeast Cummings Cross (N-bound) 09:1014:05
Brimley New Park (NW-bound) 09:1314:08
Brimley Thorn Cross (N-bound) 09:1414:09
Bovey Tracey Brimley (NE-bound) 09:1414:09
Bovey Tracey, opp St Johns Church 09:1514:10
Bovey Tracey Dolphin Square (N-bound) 09:1614:11
Bovey Tracey Lloyds Pharmacy (Stop A) 09:1714:12
Bovey Tracey Pound Place (E-bound) 09:1714:12
Bovey Tracey Church (SE-bound) 09:1714:12
Bovey Tracey Coombe Cross (SE-bound) 09:1714:13
Bovey Tracey The Oaks (W-bound) 09:1814:14
Bovey Tracey Churchfields Road (NW-bound) 09:1914:15
Bovey Tracey Riverside Surgery (NW-bound) 09:1914:15
Wreyland Hawkmoor Cottages (N-bound) 09:2214:21
Wreyland Slade Cross (N-bound) 09:2314:22
Lustleigh Turn (SW-bound) 09:2514:25
Lustleigh Bishops Stone (S-bound) 14:28
Lustleigh, opp Eastwrey Barton Hotel 14:31
North Bovey, opp Wray Barton Manor 09:3114:36
Moretonhampstead, opp Bowring Mead 09:3514:40
Moretonhampstead Square (Stop D) 09:3614:42
Moretonhampstead Court Street Car Park (Stop A) 09:3814:44
Chagford Easton Cross (NW-bound) 09:48
Chagford, opp School 09:52
Chagford The Square (SE-bound) 09:54
Chagford School (NE-bound) 09:55
Chagford Easton Cross (S-bound) 10:00
Chagford Sandypark Inn (NW-bound) 10:02
Whiddon Down, opp Phone Box 10:07
Whiddon Down Post Inn (W-bound) 10:08
Whiddon Down Dartmoor View Holiday Park (W-bound) 10:09
East Week Firestone Cross (W-bound) 10:11
South Zeal, opp Cawsand View 10:14
South Zeal Oxenham Arms (NW-bound) 10:15
South Tawton Church (W-bound) 10:19
South Zeal Ford Cross (SE-bound) 10:22
South Zeal The Croft (S-bound) 10:24
South Zeal Ford Cross (NW-bound) 10:25
Sticklepath, opp Devonshire Inn 10:27
Sticklepath School (N-bound) 10:27
Belstone Tongue End Cross (NW-bound) 10:30
Okehampton Stockley Hamlet (W-bound) 10:33
Okehampton Monkey Puzzle Drive (W-bound) 10:34
Okehampton Costcutter (W-bound) 10:35
Okehampton Giblands Park (NW-bound) 10:36
Okehampton Leaholes Avenue (N-bound) 10:38
Okehampton Hunters Gate (S-bound) 10:42
Okehampton Leaholes Avenue (S-bound) 10:43
Okehampton Limehayes Road (W-bound) 10:44
Okehampton Mill Road (W-bound) 10:45
Okehampton Fore Street Arcade (Stop C) 10:46
Okehampton Market Street (Stop E) 10:50

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