18 - Edinburgh - Bathgate

A bus service operated by McGill’s Scotland East



Edinburgh - Bathgate

Edinburgh, at St Andrew's House 07:55
Edinburgh Waterloo Place (Stop ZG) 07:55
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PQ) 07:56
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PX) 07:58
West End Shandwick Place (Stop SD) 08:00
Haymarket Station (Stop HH) 08:03
Coates, opp Magdala Crescent 08:03
Wester Coates (W-bound) 08:04
Coates, at Kew Terrace 08:04
Roseburn Gardens (after) 08:05
Roseburn, opp Ormidale Terrace 08:06
Murrayfield Road (opp) 08:06
Murrayfield Western Corner (W-bound) 08:08
Corstorphine Balgreen Road (near) 08:09
Corstorphine, before Pinkhill 08:09
Corstorphine, opp Edinburgh Zoo 08:10
Corstorphine, at Silvan House 08:10
Corstorphine, opp Belgrave Road 08:11
Corstorphine, after St John's Terrace 08:11
Corstorphine, o/s Kirk Loan 08:12
Corstorphine, opp St Ninians Road 08:13
Corstorphine, opp Drum Brae South 08:14
Maybury, opp Craigs Avenue 08:14
Maybury, opp Craigs Gardens 08:14
Maybury, opp North Gyle Road 08:15
Maybury, opp Dechmont Road 08:15
Maybury Road (opp) 08:15
Gogarburn A8 (W-bound) 08:18
Gogarstone Road (after) 08:19
Ingliston Airport Junction (W-bound) 08:19
Ingliston Road (opp) 08:20
Ingliston Showground (opp) 08:20
Ratho Station, before Station Road 08:22
Ratho Station, opp Lochend Road 08:22
Newbridge, before Old Liston Road 08:23
Broxburn, opp Glenmorangie 08:25
Broxburn, opp Dunnet Way 08:27
Broxburn, opp Thistle Business Park 08:27
Broxburn, opp Aitken Orr Drive 08:27
Broxburn, adj Aitken Orr Drive 08:28
Broxburn, opp Church Street 08:28
Broxburn, opp Post Office 08:29
Broxburn, at New Holygate 08:29
Broxburn, opp Kirkhill Road 08:30
Broxburn, opp Cardross Road 08:31
Broxburn, adj Cardross Road 08:31
Broxburn, opp Freeland Avenue 08:32
Uphall, opp Cemetery 08:32
Uphall, before Alexander Street 08:33
Uphall, before Oatridge Hotel 08:34
Uphall, opp St Andrews Drive 08:34
Uphall, before Houstoun House Hotel 08:35
Uphall, opp Golf Club 08:35
Uphall, opp Riding School 08:36
Dechmont, after Badger Wood 08:38
Dechmont, after Knightsridge Road 08:38
Dechmont, at Primary School 08:39
Dechmont, opp Bangour Hospital Main Gate 08:40
Dechmont, opp Bangour Farm Road End 08:41
Dechmont, opp Bents Cottages 08:41
Deans, opp Royston Hall 08:43
Deans, opp Mossbank Cottages 08:44
Deans, opp Tesco Distribution Depot 08:44
Bathgate, at Fire Station 08:46
Bathgate, before Hunter Grove 08:46
Bathgate, after Inch Crescent 08:47
Bathgate, at Kaim Park Hotel 08:48
Bathgate, before Carn Lea 08:48
Bathgate, opp Roseberry Crescent 08:49
Bathgate, opp Gordon Avenue 08:49
Bathgate, opp Union Road 08:50
Bathgate, at Council Offices 08:51

Bathgate - Edinburgh

Fauldhouse, at Railway Station 06:25
Fauldhouse, before Caledonian Road 06:25
Fauldhouse, opp Cemetery Road 06:25
Fauldhouse, opp Eldrick Avenue 06:26
Fauldhouse, outside Bridge Street 06:26
Fauldhouse, after School 06:26
Fauldhouse Victoria Road (opp and after) 06:27
Fauldhouse, adj Eastwood Park 06:27
Longridge, after Rashierigg Place 06:29
Longridge, after Fauldhouse Road 06:29
Whitburn, opp Cairnie Place 06:31
Whitburn, at Lidl 06:31
Whitburn, after The Avenue 06:32
Whitburn, before Union Drive 06:32
Whitburn, before Bowling Green Road 06:33
Whitburn Stewart Drive (opp and after) 06:33
Whitburn, before Ireland Avenue 06:33
Whitburn, before Polkemmet Road 06:34
Whitburn, after Polkemmet Road 06:35
Whitburn, opp Ireland Avenue 06:35
Whitburn, after Stewart Drive 06:36
Whitburn, outside Bowling Green Road 06:37
Whitburn Union Drive (opp and after) 06:38
Whitburn, after Cross 06:39
Whitburn Academy (opp) 06:39
Whitburn, adj Cleland Street 06:40
Whitburn, at Tippethill House 06:41
Bathville, opp Morgan Way 06:44
Bathville, opp Cappers Court 06:44
Bathville Cross (after) 06:45
Armadale, opp Wotherspoon Crescent 06:46
Armadale, after Hunting Lodge 06:46
Armadale, opp Barbauchlaw Avenue 06:47
Armadale, at The Cavalier 06:47
Armadale St Pauls Drive (opp and after) 06:48
Armadale, opp Dog Track 06:49
Bathgate, before Hope Park Gardens 06:52
Bathgate, opp Bridgend Park 06:53
Bathgate, after Millburn Road 06:53
Bathgate, at St David's House 06:55
Bathgate, after Union Road 06:55
Bathgate, at Fairway Hotel 06:55
Bathgate, after Gordon Avenue 06:56
Bathgate, after Roseberry Crescent 06:56
Bathgate, opp Castle Place 06:57
Bathgate, opp Kaim Park Hotel 06:57
Bathgate, opp Inch Crescent 06:58
Bathgate, opp Hunter Grove 06:59
Bathgate, opp Starlaw Crescent 06:59
Bathgate, opp Fire Station 07:00
Deans, at Tesco Distribution Depot 07:01
Deans, at Mossbank Cottages 07:02
Deans, at Royston Hall 07:02
Dechmont, at Bents Cottages 07:04
Dechmont, at Bangour Farm Road End 07:04
Dechmont, at Bangour Hospital Main Gate 07:05
Dechmont, opp Primary School 07:06
Dechmont, opp Knightsridge Road 07:07
Dechmont, opp Badger Wood 07:08
Uphall, at Riding School 07:09
Uphall, at Golf Club 07:11
Uphall, before St Andrews Drive 07:12
Uphall, opp Oatridge Hotel 07:13
Uphall, outside Scotmid 07:13
Uphall, at Cemetery 07:14
Broxburn, after Freeland Avenue 07:15
Broxburn, after Cardross Road 07:16
Broxburn, before Kirkhill Road 07:17
Broxburn, opp New Holygate 07:18
Broxburn, at Post Office 07:19
Broxburn, before Church Street 07:19
Broxburn, before Aitken Orr Drive 07:20
Broxburn, at Thistle Business Park 07:21
Broxburn, after Dunnet Way 07:22
Broxburn, at Glenmorangie 07:23
Newbridge, after Old Liston Road 07:26
Ratho Station, after Lochend Road 07:27
Ratho Station, opp Station Road 07:28
Ingliston Showground (at) 07:28
Ingliston Road (before) 07:29
Ingliston Airport Junction (E-bound) 07:29
Gogarstone Road (opp) 07:30
Gogarburn A8 (NE-bound) 07:31
Maybury Road (after) 07:32
Maybury, after Dechmont Road 07:32
Maybury, after North Gyle Road 07:33
Maybury, before Craigs Avenue 07:33
Corstorphine, after Drum Brae South 07:34
Corstorphine, before St Ninians Road 07:34
Corstorphine, opp Glebe Road 07:34
Corstorphine, opp Station Road 07:35
Corstorphine, after Belgrave Road 07:35
Corstorphine Edinburgh Zoo (Stop 1) 07:36
Corstorphine, opp Pinkhill 07:36
Corstorphine, opp Balgreen Road 07:37
Corstorphine, before Belmont Crescent 07:37
Murrayfield Western Corner (E-bound) 07:37
Murrayfield Road (before) 07:38
Roseburn, after Ormidale Terrace 07:38
Roseburn Gardens (opp) 07:39
Wester Coates (E-bound) 07:40
Coates, after Magdala Crescent 07:40
Haymarket Station (Stop HB) 07:41
West End Shandwick Place (Stop SC) 07:43
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PF) 07:45
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PM) 07:47
Edinburgh Waterloo Place (Stop ZK) 07:48
Edinburgh, opp St Andrew's House 07:49

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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