1E - Balloch - Glasgow Express

A bus service operated by First Greater Glasgow


Balloch - Glasgow Express

Balloch Bus Terminus (at Stop 1) 06:1906:5207:19
Balloch, after Lawrence Drive 06:1906:5207:19
Balloch, at Mollanbowie Road 06:2006:5307:20
Haldane, after Shandon Brae 06:2006:5307:20
Haldane, opp McGregor Avenue 06:2206:5507:22
Haldane, opp Brown Street 06:2206:5507:22
Haldane, before Main Street 06:2306:5607:23
Jamestown, at Miller Road 06:2306:5607:23
Jamestown, opp Levenbank Gardens 06:2406:5707:24
Jamestown, at Milton Cottages 06:2406:5707:24
Jamestown, at Auchincarroch Road 06:2506:5807:25
Napierston, opp Northfield Road 06:2606:5907:26
Napierston, before Elmbank Drive 06:2606:5907:26
Napierston, opp Northfield Drive 06:2707:0007:27
Napierston, after Dalmonach Road 06:2807:0107:28
Napierston, before Stirling Road 06:2907:0207:29
Bonhill, at Burn Street 06:2907:0207:29
Bonhill Quarry (at) 06:3007:0307:30
Bonhill Library (opp) 06:3007:0307:30
Bonhill, after Braehead 06:3107:0407:31
Bonhill Redburn (opp 185 to 191) 06:3207:0507:32
Bonhill, opp Nobleston 06:3307:0607:33
Bonhill, after Nobleston 06:3407:0707:34
Bellsmyre, opp Vale of Leven Industrial Estate 06:3607:0907:36
Bellsmyre Valeview Terrace (near) 06:3707:1007:37
Bellsmyre, opp Lomond Drive 06:3907:1207:39
Bellsmyre, at Valeview Terrace 06:4007:1307:40
Bellsmyre, opp Langlands Terrace 06:4007:1307:40
Bellsmyre, after Tay Place 06:4107:1407:41
Bellsmyre, after Muir Road 06:4107:1407:41
Bellsmyre, before Whiteford Crescent 06:4107:1507:42
Bellsmyre, opp Stonyflatt Road 06:4207:1507:42
Bellsmyre, before Garshake Road 06:4207:1607:43
Dumbarton, opp Whiteford Avenue 06:4307:1607:43
Dumbarton, opp Overwood Drive 06:4307:1607:43
Silverton, at Argyll Avenue 06:4407:1707:44
Dumbarton, at Barnhill Road 06:4407:1807:45
Silverton, opp Second Avenue 06:4407:1807:45
Milton, at Cranning Court 06:4607:2007:47
Milton, at Whyte Corner 06:4707:2007:47
Bowling, after Dunglass roundabout 06:4807:2207:49
Bowling Railway Station (opp) 06:4907:2307:50
Bowling, at Scott Avenue 06:4907:2307:50
Bowling, at Manse Road 06:5007:2407:51
Bowling, opp Glenarbuck Cottage 06:5007:2407:51
Old Kilpatrick, at Glenarbuck Lodge 06:5107:2607:53
Old Kilpatrick, opp Roman Crescent 06:5207:2607:53
Old Kilpatrick, at Kirk Crescent 06:5307:2807:55
Old Kilpatrick Church (at) 06:5307:2907:56
Old Kilpatrick, opp Erskine View 06:5407:3007:57
Old Kilpatrick, at St Patricks Church 06:5407:3007:57
Old Kilpatrick, at Stuart Street 06:5507:3107:58
Old Kilpatrick, at Freelands Crescent 06:5707:3308:00
Old Kilpatrick, at Freelands Place 06:5707:3308:00
Dalmuir, before Brisbane Street 06:5807:3408:01
Dalmuir, opp Auckland Place 06:5807:3408:01
Dalmuir, before Dumbarton Road 06:5907:3508:02
Dalmuir, before Scott Street 07:0007:3608:03
Dalmuir, opp French Street 07:0007:3608:03
Dalmuir, opp Caledonia Street 07:0107:3708:04
Dalmuir, after Nairn Street 07:0207:3808:05
Clydebank, after Boquhanran Road 07:0307:3908:06
Clydebank, opp West Dumbarton Council Depot 07:0307:3908:06
Clydebank, opp Cable Depot Road 07:0407:4008:07
Clydebank Library (opp) 07:0507:4108:08
Clydebank Railway Station (opp) 07:0707:4308:10
Clydebank, at Stanford Street 07:0807:4508:12
Whitecrook, at Andrew Drive 07:0907:4608:13
Whitecrook, before MacDonald Crescent 07:1007:4708:14
Whitecrook, at McDonald Crescent 07:1107:4808:15
Whitecrook, at Edward Street 07:1107:4808:15
Yoker, at Mill Road 07:1207:4908:16
Yoker, opp Cooperage Court 07:1307:5008:17
Yoker Ferry Road (opp) 07:1407:5108:18
Yoker Sports Centre (At) 07:1407:5108:18
Yoker, opp Esk Street 07:1507:5208:19
Scotstoun, after Blawarthill Street 07:1507:5208:19
Scotstoun, at Plean Street 07:1607:5308:20
Scotstoun, at Kingsway Flats 07:1707:5408:21
Scotstoun, at Stronvar Lane 07:1707:5408:21
Scotstoun, after Raploch Avenue 07:1807:5508:22
Scotstoun, opp Earl Place 07:1907:5608:23
Scotstoun, before Duncan Avenue 07:1907:5608:23
Whiteinch, at Fossil House 07:2007:5708:24
Glasgow, outside Marriott Hotel 07:2708:0408:31
Glasgow, opp James Watt Street 07:2808:0508:32
Glasgow, at Hielenman's Umbrella 07:2908:0608:33
Glasgow, before Buchanan Street 07:3008:0708:34
Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (near) 07:3208:1008:37
Glasgow, after Garth Street 07:3408:1208:39
Glasgow, after Trongate 07:3508:1308:40
Glasgow Osborne Street (stop 2) 07:3908:1808:45

Glasgow Express - Balloch

Glasgow Osborne Street (stop 2) 16:4817:17
Glasgow St Enoch shopping centre (westbound) 16:5017:19
Glasgow, opp St Enoch subway 16:5217:21
Glasgow, before Argyle Street 16:5617:25
Glasgow, before James Watt Street 16:5617:25
Glasgow, opp Marriott Hotel 16:5717:26
Glasgow, opp Hydepark Street 16:5817:27
Whiteinch, at Lime Street 17:0717:36
Scotstoun, before Harland Street 17:0817:37
Scotstoun, after Earl Place 17:0917:38
Scotstoun, at Duchall Street 17:0917:38
Scotstoun, opp Larchfield Place 17:0917:38
Scotstoun, opp Kingsway Flats 17:1017:39
Scotstoun, opp Plean Street 17:1017:39
Scotstoun, opp Blawarthill Street 17:1117:40
Yoker, after Esk Street 17:1217:41
Yoker Sports Centre (Opp) 17:1317:42
Yoker Ferry Road (After) 17:1317:42
Yoker, at Bouverie Street 17:1417:43
Yoker, after Cooperage Court 17:1517:44
Whitecrook, at Clydeholm Terrace 17:1517:44
Whitecrook, opp St Margarets Hospice 17:1717:46
Whitecrook, opp McDonald Crescent 17:1717:46
Whitecrook, after North Elgin Street 17:1917:48
Whitecrook, opp Andrew Drive 17:1917:48
Whitecrook, at Taylor Street 17:2017:49
Clydebank Railway Station (at) 17:2417:53
Clydebank, at Hall Street 17:2517:54
Clydebank, before Cable Depot Road 17:2517:54
Clydebank, at West Dumbarton Council Depot 17:2617:55
Clydebank, before Agamemnon Street 17:2717:56
Dalmuir, after Shaftesbury Street 17:2717:56
Dalmuir, at Caledonia Street 17:2817:57
Dalmuir, opp Swindon Street 17:2817:57
Dalmuir, opp Burns Street 17:2917:58
Dalmuir, at Ottawa Crescent 17:3017:59
Dalmuir, at Auckland Place 17:3017:59
Dalmuir, opp Brisbane Street 17:3118:00
Old Kilpatrick, opp Freelands Road 17:3118:00
Old Kilpatrick, opp Freelands Crescent 17:3218:01
Old Kilpatrick, opp Woodlands Court 17:3318:02
Old Kilpatrick, at Erskine Ferry Road 17:3318:02
Old Kilpatrick, at Ashtree Court 17:3418:03
Old Kilpatrick, after Erskine View 17:3518:04
Old Kilpatrick, at Gavinburn Street 17:3518:04
Old Kilpatrick, at Gavinburn Gardens 17:3618:05
Old Kilpatrick, before Roman Crescent 17:3618:05
Bowling, opp Glenarbuck Lodge 17:3718:06
Bowling Glenarbuck Cottage (near) 17:3818:07
Bowling, opp Manse Road 17:3818:07
Bowling, opp Scott Avenue 17:3918:08
Bowling Railway Station (at) 17:4018:09
Bowling, before Dunglass roundabout 17:4018:09
Milton, opp Colquhoun Road 17:4118:10
Silverton, at Second Avenue 17:4318:12
Silverton, opp Strowan's Well Road 17:4418:13
Silverton, at White Avenue 17:4518:14
Dumbarton, before Whiteford Avenue 17:4718:16
Bellsmyre Whiteford Avenue (at 9) 17:4718:16
Bellsmyre, opp Whiteford Crescent 17:4818:17
Bellsmyre, at Stonyflatt Road 17:4818:17
Bellsmyre, opp Loaninghead Drive 17:4918:18
Bellsmyre, opp Valeview Terrace 17:5018:19
Bellsmyre, at Lomond Drive 17:5018:19
Bellsmyre, opp Valeview Terrace 17:5218:21
Bellsmyre, at Vale of Leven Industrial Estate 17:5418:23
Bonhill, before Strathleven Drive 17:5618:25
Bonhill, at Strathleven Drive 17:5618:25
Bonhill, at Nobleston 17:5718:26
Bonhill Redburn (after 185 to 191) 17:5818:27
Bonhill, opp Braehead 17:5918:28
Bonhill Library (at) 18:0018:29
Bonhill, at Ladyton 18:0118:30
Napierston, before Hall Street 18:0118:30
Napierston, at First Avenue 18:0218:31
Napierston, at Northfield Drive 18:0318:32
Napierston, after Elmbank Drive 18:0418:33
Napierston, at Northfield Road 18:0518:34
Jamestown, opp Auchincarroch Road 18:0518:34
Jamestown, opp Milton Cottages 18:0618:35
Jamestown, before Levenbank Gardens 18:0618:35
Jamestown, opp Arthurston Road 18:0618:35
Haldane Primary School (opp) 18:0718:36
Haldane, after Miller Road 18:0718:36
Haldane, opp Martin Avenue 18:0818:37
Haldane, opp Buchanan Avenue 18:0918:38
Haldane, at Manse Drive 18:0918:38
Balloch, opp Mollanbowie Road 18:1018:39
Balloch, at Gallacher Crescent 18:1118:40
Balloch Bus Terminus (at Stop 1) 18:1218:41

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