26 - Maidstone - Tovil - Laddingford

A bus service operated by Nu-Venture


Maidstone - Tovil - Laddingford

Maidstone Somerfield Hospital (Stop B) 15:44
Maidstone, opp Queen's Avenue 15:45
Maidstone, opp Court Drive 15:46
Maidstone, opp Shaftesbury Drive 15:47
Maidstone, adj Saxon Mews 15:49
Maidstone, opp Malling Terrace 15:49
Maidstone, adj Bramble Close 15:51
Maidstone, opp Cherry Tree 15:52
Maidstone, opp Western Road 15:53
Maidstone, adj Oakwood Park 15:54
Maidstone, adj The Poplars 15:54
Maidstone, opp St Michael's Church 15:55
Maidstone, opp Bower Lane 15:56
Maidstone Terrace Road (N-bound) 15:56
Maidstone Rocky Hill (Stop U) 15:57
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop T) 15:59
Maidstone King Street (Stop L3) 09:5416:04
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station (Stop J4) 09:5516:06
Maidstone Lower Stone Street (Stop F) 09:5516:06
Maidstone Waterloo Street (just before) 09:5616:08
Maidstone, adj Coombe Road 09:5816:10
Maidstone, adj Brenchley Road 09:5916:11
Tovil, adj Courtenay Road 09:5916:11
Tovil, opp Beaconsfield Road 10:0016:12
Tovil, opp Launder Way 10:0216:14
Tovil Green Court (adj) 10:0216:14
Tovil, adj Recycling Centre 10:0216:15
Tovil, opp Lower Road 10:0316:16
Dean Street, opp Forge Lane 10:0616:19
Dean Street, opp The Horseshoes 10:0716:20
Dean Street Deanview Estate (SW-bound) 10:0816:21
Dean Street Wilkins Corner (SW-bound) 10:0916:22
Hunton West Street (SW-bound) 10:1316:25
Hunton, opp Bensted Close 10:1516:28
Yalding, adj War Memorial 10:2116:34
Yalding, o/s The George 10:2116:34
Yalding, opp Lyngs Close 10:2116:34
Benover, opp Emmett Hill Lane 10:2316:36
Benover, o/s The Woolpack 10:2416:37
Collier Street, opp Jarmons Lane 10:2516:38
Laddingford, adj The Chequers 10:3016:43
Schooldays only

Laddingford - Tovil - Maidstone

Yalding, o/s The George 07:0714:29
Yalding, opp Lyngs Close 07:0714:29
Benover, opp Emmett Hill Lane 07:0914:31
Benover, o/s The Woolpack 07:1014:32
Collier Street, opp Jarmons Lane 07:1214:33
Laddingford, adj The Chequers 07:1814:38
Yalding, adj Post Office 07:2314:42
Yalding, opp War Memorial 07:2514:43
Hunton, adj Bensted Close 07:3314:48
Hunton, opp West Street 07:3614:51
Dean Street Wilkins Corner (NE-bound) 07:3914:54
Dean Street Deanview Estate (NE-bound) 07:3914:54
Dean Street, adj The Horseshoes 07:4014:55
Dean Street, adj Forge Lane 07:4214:57
Tovil, adj Lower Road 07:4414:59
Tovil, opp Recycling Centre 07:4515:00
Tovil Green Court (opp) 07:4615:00
Tovil Burial Ground Lane (N-bound) 07:4615:00
Tovil, adj Launder Way 07:4715:01
Tovil, adj Beaconsfield Road 07:4715:01
Tovil, opp Courtenay Road 07:4815:02
Maidstone, opp Brenchley Road 07:5015:04
Maidstone, opp Coombe Road 07:5115:04
Maidstone Hayle Road (N-bound) 07:5315:05
Maidstone, adj College Avenue 07:5415:06
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station (Stop H1) 07:59
Maidstone Mill Street (Stop C) 15:10
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade (Stop E1) 08:01
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade (Stop M1) 15:11
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop B) 08:01
Maidstone King Street (Stop L3) 15:12
Maidstone West Railway Station (Stop A2) 08:02
Maidstone, adj Bower Place 08:03
Maidstone, adj Bower Lane 08:04
Maidstone, adj St Michael's Church 08:04
Maidstone, opp The Poplars 08:05
Maidstone, adj Clare Park 08:06
Maidstone, opp Oakwood Park 08:06
Maidstone, adj Western Road 08:07
Maidstone, adj Cherry Tree 08:07
Maidstone, opp Bramble Close 08:09
Maidstone, adj Malling Terrace 08:10
Maidstone, opp Saxon Mews 08:11
Maidstone, adj Warden Close 08:12
Maidstone, adj Court Drive 08:13
Maidstone, adj Queen's Avenue 08:14
Maidstone Somerfield Hospital (Stop A) 08:16
Schooldays only

Timetable data from Nu-Venture/Bus Open Data Service, 29 November 2022. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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