29 - Sheffield - Holmfirth

A bus service operated by South Pennine Community Transport

Sheffield - Chapeltown & Penistone - Holmfirth
Sheffield - Holmfirth

Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/B3 (B3) 08:2517:3017:30
Sheffield Centre Exchange Place/CG14 (27596) 17:31
Sheffield Centre Wicker/Derek Dooley Way (WK1) 08:2717:32
Sheffield Centre Wicker/Walker Street (WK4) 17:33
Burngreave, adj Spital Hill/Hallcar Street 08:2817:3517:37
Burngreave Road/Brunswick Road (nr) 08:3217:3617:38
Burngreave Road/Cranworth Road (adj) 08:3317:3717:39
Pitsmoor, adj Burngreave Road/Minna Road 08:3417:3817:40
Burngreave Road/Pitsmoor Road (nr) 08:3417:3917:40
Firshill, adj Barnsley Road/Orphanage Road 08:3517:4017:41
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Norwood Road 08:3617:4117:42
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Crabtree Close 08:3717:4217:43
Fir Vale, nr Barnsley Road/Coningsby Road 08:3717:4317:44
Fir Vale, o/s Barnsley Road/Horndean Road 08:3817:4517:45
Fir Vale, opp Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road 08:3917:4517:46
Firth Park, opp Barnsley Road/Horninglow Road 08:4017:4617:47
Firth Park, at Barnsley Road/Longley Lane 08:4017:4717:47
Sheffield Lane Top, adj Barnsley Road/Hereward Road 08:4117:4717:48
Sheffield Lane Top, opp Barnsley Road/Homestead Road 08:4117:4817:48
Sheffield Lane Top, opp Barnsley Road/Kinnaird Avenue 08:4217:4817:49
Shiregreen, adj Barnsley Road/Deerlands Avenue 08:4317:4917:50
Ecclesfield, adj Highgreave/Tunwell Avenue 08:4417:5017:50
Ecclesfield, adj Highgreave/High Greave Avenue 08:4417:5017:51
Ecclesfield, adj Cross Hill/St Michaels Road 08:4517:5117:51
Ecclesfield, opp Cross Hill/High Street 08:4517:5117:51
Ecclesfield, nr The Common/Minster Road 08:4617:5217:52
Ecclesfield, opp The Common/Station Road 08:4717:5317:53
Ecclesfield, opp The Common/Washington Road 08:4717:5317:53
Ecclesfield, adj The Common/Mill Road 08:4717:5317:53
Ecclesfield, nr Chapeltown Road/Whitley Lane 08:4817:5417:54
Ecclesfield, nr Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 08:4917:5417:55
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (adj) 08:5017:5517:56
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 08:5017:5617:56
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 08:5017:5617:56
Chapeltown, adj Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 08:5117:5717:57
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Burncross Road 08:5111:2514:2514:2517:5817:5719:0021:30
Chapeltown, opp Lound Side/Belmont Avenue 08:5211:2514:2514:2514:2514:2517:5817:5819:0019:0021:3021:30
Chapeltown, opp Lane End/Mount Pleasant Drive 08:5311:2614:2614:2614:2614:2617:5917:5919:0019:0021:3021:30
Chapeltown, opp Lane End/Bridge Inn Road 08:5311:2614:2614:2614:2614:2617:5917:5919:0119:0121:3121:31
Chapeltown, at Lane End/Worrall Road 08:5411:2714:2714:2714:2714:2718:0018:0019:0119:0121:3121:31
Chapeltown, opp Mortomley Lane/Thorncliffe Lane 08:5411:2714:2714:2714:2714:2718:0018:0019:0219:0221:3221:32
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Greengate Lane 08:5511:2814:2814:2814:2814:2818:0118:0119:0219:0221:3221:32
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Jeffcock Road 08:5511:2814:2814:2814:2814:2818:0118:0119:0319:0321:3321:33
High Green, nr Wortley Road/Chapel Road 08:5611:2914:2914:2914:2914:2918:0218:0219:0319:0321:3321:33
High Green, at Wortley Road/Thompson Hill 08:5711:3014:3014:3014:3014:3018:0318:0319:0419:0421:3421:34
High Green, at Wortley Road/Westwood New Road 08:5811:3114:3114:3114:3114:3118:0418:0419:0519:0521:3521:35
Howbrook, adj Hollinberry Lane/Berry Lane 09:0011:3214:3214:3314:3214:3318:0518:0619:0719:0621:3621:37
Howbrook Lane/Berry Lane (adj) 09:0111:3414:3414:3414:3414:3418:0718:0719:0819:0821:3821:38
Wortley, opp Halifax Road/Park Avenue 09:0611:3914:3914:3914:3914:3918:1218:1219:1319:1321:4321:43
Wortley, opp Halifax Road/Hermit Hill Lane 09:0811:3914:3914:4114:3914:4118:1218:1419:1519:1321:4321:45
Thurgoland, opp Halifax Road/Crane Moor Road 09:1011:4214:4214:4314:4214:4318:1518:1619:1719:1621:4621:47
Thurgoland, adj Halifax Road/Churchfields 09:1111:4414:4414:4414:4414:4418:1718:1719:1819:1821:4821:48
Thurgoland, at Halifax Road/Roper House Lane 09:1311:4414:4414:4514:4414:4518:1718:1819:1919:1821:4821:49
Thurgoland Bank/Spring Wood (at) 09:1411:4614:4614:4614:4614:4618:1818:1819:1919:1921:4921:49
Thurgoland Bank/Sheffield Road (adj) 09:1711:4814:4814:4914:4814:4918:1918:2019:2119:2021:5021:51
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/Bower Hill 09:1811:5014:5014:5014:5014:5018:2018:2119:2219:2121:5121:52
Oxspring, nr Sheffield Road/Roughbirchworth Lane 09:1911:5114:5114:5114:5114:5118:2118:2119:2219:2221:5221:52
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/Willow Lane 09:2011:5114:5114:5114:5114:5118:2118:2219:2319:2221:5221:53
Oxspring, adj Sheffield Road/East Road 09:2111:5214:5214:5214:5214:5218:2218:2219:2319:2321:5321:53
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Longley Ings 09:2211:5414:5414:5314:5414:5318:2318:2319:2419:2421:5421:54
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Don Street 09:2311:5514:5514:5414:5514:5418:2318:2319:2419:2421:5421:54
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Green Road 09:2411:5614:5614:5514:5614:5518:2418:2419:2519:2521:5521:55
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Queen Street 09:2611:5714:5714:5714:5714:5718:2418:2519:2619:2521:5521:56
Penistone, nr Sheffield Road/Church View Road 09:2811:5914:5914:5814:5914:5818:2518:2619:2719:2621:5621:57
Penistone, at Market Place/St Mary's Street 09:3012:0015:0015:0015:0015:0018:2618:2619:2719:2721:5721:57
Penistone, adj Thurlstone Road/Talbot Road 09:3112:0115:0115:0115:0115:01
Thurlstone Road/Sanderson Road (adj) 09:3212:0215:0215:0215:0215:02
Thurlstone Road/Stottercliffe Road (adj) 09:3312:0215:0215:0315:0215:03
Thurlstone, opp Manchester Road/High Bank 09:3312:0315:0315:0415:0315:03
Thurlstone, adj Manchester Road/Mill Lane 09:3412:0415:0415:0415:0415:04
Thurlstone, adj Manchester Road/Plumpton Way 09:3512:0415:0415:0515:0415:05
Millhouse Green, opp Manchester Road/Croft Drive 09:3612:0515:0515:0615:0515:06
Millhouse Green, adj Manchester Road/Birks Lane 09:3612:0615:0615:0615:0615:06
Millhouse Green, opp Manchester Road/West End Avenue 09:3712:0615:0615:0815:0615:07
Millhouse Green, on Lee Lane/Catshaw Lane 09:3912:0915:0915:1015:0915:09
Millhouse Green, opp Lee Lane/Hollin Lane 09:4212:1115:1115:1215:1115:12
Hazlehead, adj Whams Road/Bents Road 09:4312:1315:1315:1415:1315:13
Crow Edge, adj Whams Road/Middlecliffe Drive 09:4512:1515:1515:1515:1515:15
Crow Edge, adj Whams Road/Sledbrook Crescent 09:4515:16
Crow Edge, adj Whams Road/Sledbrook Crescent 09:4612:1615:1615:16
Victoria, adj Whams Road/Bedding Edge Road 09:4712:1715:1715:17
Victoria, opp Sheffield Road/Wood Royd Hill Lane 09:4712:1715:1715:17
Victoria, opp Bedding Edge Road/Sheffield Road 09:4812:1715:1715:17
Law, adj Bedding Edge Road/Upper Nab 12:1815:18
Law Bedding Edge Road/Penistone Road 09:4812:1815:1815:18
Law, adj Flint Lane/Bedding Edge Road 09:4912:1915:1915:18
Law, on Flint Lane/None 09:5012:1915:1915:19
Carlecotes, nr Brook Hill Lane/Flint Lane 09:5112:2115:2115:20
Carlecotes, adj Brook Hill Lane/None 09:5112:2115:2115:21
Carlecotes, adj Brook Hill Lane/Cliff Lane 09:5212:2215:2215:22
Brook Hill Lane/Townhead (at) 09:5312:2315:2315:23
Dunford Bridge, nr Windle Edge/Bridge Hill Road 09:5412:2415:2415:24
Dunford Bridge Car Park/Windle Edge (adj) 09:5512:2515:2515:25
Dunford Road/Harden (adj) 09:5912:2815:2815:29
Harden, opp Dunford Road/Bare Bones Road 09:5912:2915:2915:29
Hade Edge Dunford Road Round Close Rd 10:0112:3015:3015:31
Hade Edge Dunford Road Greave Rd (stop) 10:0312:3215:3215:33
Hade Edge Dunford Road Bay Horse PH (stop) 10:0312:3215:3215:33
Hade Edge Dunford Road Longley Farm (stop) 10:0412:3315:3315:34
Hade Edge Dunford Road Rich Gate 10:0512:3515:3515:35
Holmfirth Dunford Road Underbank Old Rd 10:0612:3615:3615:36
Holmfirth Dunford Road Well Hill Rd 10:0615:36
Holmfirth, at Dunford Road Phoenix Centre 10:08s12:3715:3715:38s
Holmfirth Bus Station stans B (Stand B) 10:0812:3815:3815:38
School Holidays Only Runs Schooldays only School Days Only Runs School Holidays only

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Holmfirth - Chapeltown & Penistone - Sheffield
Holmfirth - Sheffield

Holmfirth Bus Station stans B (Stand B) 10:1210:1213:1213:1216:1216:12
Holmfirth, opp Dunford Road Phoenix Centre 10:1210:1313:1213:1316:1216:13
Holmfirth, adj Dunford Road Well Hill Rd 10:1310:1313:1313:1316:1316:13
Holmfirth, adj Dunford Road Underbank Old Rd 10:1310:1313:1313:1316:1316:13
Hade Edge Cross Gate Road Dunford Rd 10:1413:1416:14
Hade Edge Dunford Road Cross Gate Rd 10:1410:1413:1413:1416:1416:14
Hade Edge Dunford Road Longley Farm 10:1510:1413:1513:1416:1516:14
Hade Edge Dunford Road Bay Horse PH 10:1610:1513:1613:1516:1616:15
Hade Edge Dunford Road Greave Rd 10:1710:1613:1713:1616:1716:16
Hade Edge Dunford Road Round Close Rd (stop) 10:1810:1813:1813:1816:1816:18
Harden, adj Dunford Road/Flight Hill 10:2010:1913:2013:1916:2016:19
Dunford Road/Harden (opp) 10:2110:2113:2113:2116:2116:21
Dunford Bridge, nr Windle Edge/Bridge Hill Road 10:2310:2313:2313:2316:2316:23
Dunford Bridge Car Park/Windle Edge (adj) 10:2410:2413:2413:2416:2416:24
Brook Hill Lane/Townhead (on) 10:2510:2513:2513:2516:2516:25
Carlecotes, opp Brook Hill Lane/Cliff Lane 10:2610:2613:2613:2616:2616:26
Carlecotes, opp Brook Hill Lane/Brook Hill Lane 10:2710:2713:2713:2716:2716:27
Carlecotes, adj Brook Hill Lane/Flint Lane 10:2710:2813:2713:2816:2716:28
Law, at Flint Lane/None 10:2910:2913:2913:2916:2916:29
Law, nr Flint Lane/Bedding Edge Road 10:2910:2913:2913:2916:2916:29
Law, adj Bedding Edge Road/Penistone Road 10:3010:3013:3013:3016:3016:30
Law, on Bedding Edge Road/None 10:3013:3016:30
Victoria, adj Bedding Edge Road/Sheffield Road 10:3013:3016:30
Victoria, adj Sheffield Road/Wood Royd Hill Lane 10:3110:3113:3113:3116:3116:31
Victoria, nr Whams Road/Bedding Edge Road 10:3110:3213:3113:3216:3116:32
Crow Edge, opp Whams Road/A616 10:3210:3213:3213:3216:3216:32
Crow Edge, on Whams Road/Pennine Edge 10:3310:3313:3313:3316:3316:33
Crow Edge, opp Whams Road/Middlecliffe Drive 10:3410:3413:3413:3416:3416:34
Hazlehead, opp Whams Road/Bents Road 10:3610:3713:3613:3716:3516:36
Millhouse Green, adj Lee Lane/Hollin Lane 10:3910:4013:3913:4016:3716:38
Millhouse Green, at Lee Lane/Catshaw Lane 10:4210:4213:4213:4216:3916:40
Millhouse Green, opp Lee Lane/Bullhouse Mill 10:4313:4316:41
Millhouse Green, at Lee Lane/Manchester Road 10:4410:4413:4413:4416:4116:42
Millhouse Green, adj Manchester Road/West End Avenue 10:4510:4513:4513:4516:4216:42
Millhouse Green, adj Manchester Road/Royd Lane 10:4510:4613:4513:4616:4216:43
Millhouse Green, adj Manchester Road/Croft Drive 10:4610:4713:4613:4716:4316:43
Thurlstone, opp Manchester Road/Plumpton Way 10:4710:4813:4713:4816:4316:44
Thurlstone, opp Manchester Road/Mill Lane 10:4810:4913:4813:4916:4416:45
Thurlstone, adj Manchester Road/Towngate 10:4910:4913:4913:4916:4516:45
Thurlstone Road/Stottercliffe Road (opp) 10:5010:5013:5013:5016:4616:46
Thurlstone Road/Sanderson Road (opp) 10:5110:5213:5113:5216:4616:47
Penistone, opp Thurlstone Road/Talbot Road 10:5310:5313:5313:5316:4716:48
Penistone, adj Bridge Street/Wentworth Road 10:5310:5413:5313:5416:4816:48
Shrewsbury Road/Penistone Church (at) 07:1010:5513:5516:4918:3520:3723:07
Penistone, at Market Place/St Mary's Street 07:1010:5513:5516:4918:3520:3723:07
Penistone, opp Sheffield Road/Station Approach 07:1007:1110:5510:5613:5513:5618:3518:3620:3720:3823:0723:08
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Queen Street 07:1107:1110:5610:5613:5613:5618:3618:3620:3820:3823:0823:08
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Green Road 07:1107:1210:5610:5713:5613:5718:3618:3620:3820:3823:0823:08
Spring Vale, adj Sheffield Road/Knowles Street 07:1207:1210:5710:5713:5713:5718:3618:3620:3820:3823:0823:08
Spring Vale, opp Sheffield Road/Longley Ings 07:1207:1310:5710:5813:5713:5818:3618:3720:3820:3923:0823:09
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/East Road 07:1307:1310:5810:5813:5813:5818:3718:3720:3920:3923:0923:09
Oxspring, adj Sheffield Road/Willow Lane 07:1407:1410:5910:5913:5913:5918:3718:3820:3920:4023:0923:10
Oxspring, opp Sheffield Road/Roughbirchworth Lane 07:1407:1410:5910:5913:5913:5918:3818:3820:4020:4023:1023:10
Oxspring, nr Sheffield Road/Bower Hill 07:1507:1511:0011:0014:0014:0018:3818:3820:4020:4023:1023:10
Thurgoland Bank/Thurgoland Bridge (adj) 07:1607:1611:0111:0114:0114:0118:3918:3920:4120:4123:1123:11
Thurgoland Bank/Spring Wood (opp) 07:1707:1711:0211:0214:0214:0218:4018:4020:4220:4223:1223:12
Thurgoland, nr Halifax Road/Roper House Lane 07:1807:1811:0311:0314:0314:0318:4018:4020:4220:4223:1223:12
Thurgoland, opp Halifax Road/Trinity Meadows 07:1907:1911:0411:0414:0414:0418:4118:4120:4320:4323:1323:13
Thurgoland, adj Halifax Road/Crane Moor Road 07:2007:2011:0511:0514:0514:0518:4218:4220:4420:4423:1423:14
Wortley, adj Penistone Road/Hermit Hill Lane 07:2207:2111:0711:0614:0714:0618:4318:4320:4520:4523:1523:15
Wortley, adj Halifax Road/Park Avenue 07:2307:2311:0811:0814:0814:0818:4418:4420:4620:4623:1623:16
Howbrook Lane/Carr Head Road (adj) 07:2707:2711:1211:1214:1214:1218:4818:4820:5020:5023:2023:20
Howbrook, at Hollinberry Lane/Westwood New Road 07:2807:2911:1311:1414:1314:1418:4918:5020:5120:5223:2123:22
High Green, adj Wortley Road/Westwood New Road 07:3007:3011:1511:1514:1514:1518:5118:5120:5320:5323:2323:23
High Green, adj Wortley Road/Westwood Road 07:3007:3111:1511:1614:1514:1618:5118:5220:5320:5423:2323:24
High Green, nr Wortley Road/New Street 07:3107:3111:1611:1614:1614:1618:5218:5220:5420:5423:2423:24
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Pack Horse Lane 07:3207:3211:1711:1714:1714:1718:5218:5320:5420:5523:2423:25
High Green, adj Mortomley Lane/Mortomley Close 07:3207:3311:1711:1814:1714:1818:5318:5320:5520:5523:2523:25
Chapeltown, adj Lane End/Thorncliffe Lane 07:3307:3311:1811:1814:1814:1818:5318:5420:5520:5623:2523:26
Chapeltown, nr Lane End/Worrall Road 07:3307:3411:1811:1914:1814:1918:5418:5420:5620:5623:2623:26
Chapeltown, adj Lane End/Bridge Inn Road 07:3407:3411:1911:2014:1914:2018:5418:5520:5620:5723:2623:27
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Mafeking Place 07:3407:3511:1911:2014:1914:2018:5518:5520:5720:5723:2723:27
Chapeltown, adj Lound Side/Sussex Road 07:3507:3511:2011:2114:2014:2118:5518:5620:5720:5823:2723:28
Chapeltown, at Lound Side/Market Place 07:3611:2114:2118:5620:5823:28
Chapeltown, at Market Place/Lound Side 07:3607:3611:2111:2114:2114:2118:5618:5620:5820:5823:2823:28
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park View Road 07:3607:37
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Park Avenue 07:3707:38
Chapeltown, opp Ecclesfield Road/Cowley View Road 07:3807:38
Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road (opp) 07:3907:39
Ecclesfield, opp Chapeltown Road/Crakehall Road 07:4007:41
Ecclesfield, nr The Common/Whitley View 07:4107:42
Ecclesfield, adj The Common/Washington Road 07:4207:42
Ecclesfield, adj The Common/Station Road 07:4307:43
Ecclesfield, adj The Common/Green Lane 07:4307:44
Ecclesfield, nr The Common/Cross Hill 07:4407:44
Ecclesfield, opp Cross Hill/St Michaels Road 07:4507:45
Ecclesfield, opp Highgreave/High Greave Avenue 07:4507:45
Ecclesfield, opp Highgreave/Tunwell Avenue 07:4607:46
Shiregreen, nr Barnsley Road/Hartley Brook Road 07:4707:47
Sheffield Lane Top, adj Barnsley Road/Kinnaird Avenue 07:4807:48
Sheffield Lane Top, at Barnsley Road/Hatfield House Lane 07:4807:49
Sheffield Lane Top, opp Barnsley Road/Hereward Road 07:4907:50
Firth Park, opp Barnsley Road/Horninglow Road 07:4907:50
Firth Park, adj Barnsley Road/Horninglow Road 07:5007:52
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Mortlake Road 07:5107:52
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Idsworth Road 07:5207:53
Fir Vale, o/s Barnsley Road/Horndean Road 07:5307:53
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Osgathorpe Road 07:5607:55
Fir Vale, adj Barnsley Road/Devon Road 07:5707:56
Barnsley Road/Firshill Close (adj) 07:5907:58
Pitsmoor, adj Burngreave Road/Toll Bar 08:0108:00
Burngreave Road/Melrose Road (adj) 08:0308:02
Burngreave Road/Burngreave Street (adj) 08:0408:03
Burngreave Road/Gower Street (nr) 08:0708:06
Burngreave, opp Spital Hill/Spital Street 08:0808:09
Sheffield Centre Wicker/Blonk Street (WK2) 08:1108:11
Sheffield Centre, at Sheffield Interchange 08:16
Sheffield Centre, at Exchange Street/Wharf Street 08:12s
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/B3 (B3) 08:16

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

South Pennine Community Transport


Contactless payment accepted

Get around for £2 – single fares are capped at £2 on this service