37B - Purple Line - Norwich - Lakenham - Mulbarton

A bus service operated by First Eastern Counties


Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CR) 18:35
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BP) 18:38
Norwich, adj Langham Close 18:40
Norwich, opp Mill Close 18:41
Norwich, opp Hatton Road 18:42
Norwich, adj Keyes Road 18:43
Norwich Cavell Road (o/s 7) 18:44
Lakenham Long John Hill (S-bound) 18:45
Lakenham, adj Mansfield Lane 18:46
Lakenham, opp Manthorpe Close 18:47
Lakenham, adj Colburn Road 18:47
Tuckswood, opp Robin Hood Road 18:49
Tuckswood, adj Bessemer Road 18:49
Tuckswood Hall Road (opp 520) 18:50
Tuckswood, opp Fountains Road 18:50
South Tuckswood, adj Marsh Harrier Inn 18:51
South Tuckswood Ipswich Road junction (SW-bound) 18:52
Keswick, opp Low Road 18:53
Swardeston, opp Short Lane 18:57
Swardeston, opp Bus Shelter 18:57
Mulbarton, opp Worlds End 19:00
Mulbarton, adj Rectory Lane 19:01
Mulbarton, adj Bluebell Road 19:02
Mulbarton, opp Birchfield Lane 19:03
Mulbarton, opp Lark Rise 19:03
Mulbarton Roundabout (E-Bound) 19:04
Mulbarton, adj Lark Rise 19:05
Mulbarton, adj Birchfield Lane 19:05
Mulbarton, adj Birchfield Gardens 19:06
Mulbarton, adj The Common 19:07
Mulbarton, adj Worlds End 19:08
Swardeston, adj Bus Shelter 19:10
Swardeston, adj Short Lane 19:11
Keswick, adj Low Road 19:14
South Tuckswood, opp Marsh Harrier Inn 19:16
Tuckswood, adj Fountains Road 19:17
Tuckswood, opp Bessemer Road 19:18
Tuckswood, adj Robin Hood Road 19:18
Lakenham, opp Coleburn Road 19:20
Lakenham, adj Manthorpe Close 19:20
Lakenham, opp Mansfield Lane 19:21
Lakenham, adj Coke Road 19:21
Lakenham Long John Hill (N-bound) 19:22
Norwich Cavell Road (o/s 10) 19:23
Norwich, opp Keyes Road 19:24
Norwich, adj Southwell Road 19:25
Norwich, adj Mill Close 19:25
Norwich, opp Langham Close 19:26
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BD) 19:28

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