41 - Frecheville - Circular - Sheffield Interchange

A bus service operated by TM Travel

Frecheville, nr Silkstone Road/Dyke Vale Road 07:2014:2015:20
Frecheville, opp Silkstone Road/Wickfield Grove 07:2014:2015:20
Frecheville, opp Silkstone Road/Alport Avenue 07:2114:2115:21
Frecheville, adj Silkstone Road/Silkstone Crescent 07:2214:2215:22
Frecheville, opp Birley Moor Road/Hopefield Avenue 07:2214:2215:22
Frecheville, adj Birley Moor Road/Birley Vale Avenue 07:2314:2315:23
Intake, opp Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road 07:2314:2315:23
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Hollinsend Road 07:2314:2315:23
Intake, nr Mansfield Road/Stanhope Road 07:2414:2415:24
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Sharrard Road 07:2414:2415:24
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Newlands Drive 07:2414:2415:24
Manor Top, adj City Road/Eastern Avenue 07:2614:2615:26
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/City Road 07:2614:2615:26
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Northern Avenue 07:2714:2715:27
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Errington Road 07:2714:2715:27
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Berners Road 07:2914:2915:29
Arbourthorne, opp Eastern Avenue/Eastern Crescent 07:2914:2915:29
Arbourthorne, adj East Bank Road/Daresbury Road 07:3014:3015:30
Arbourthorne, adj East Bank Road/Hallyburton Road 07:3114:3115:31
Norfolk Park, adj East Bank Road/Myrtle Road 07:3114:3115:31
Norfolk Park, adj East Bank Road/Thornborough Road 07:3214:3215:32
Lowfield, nr East Road/Heeley Bank Road 07:3314:3315:33
Lowfield, adj Heeley Bank Road/Olive Grove Road 07:3414:3415:34
Highfield, opp Charlotte Road/Priestley Street 07:3514:3515:35
Highfield, adj Charlotte Road/Shoreham Street 07:3614:3615:36
Highfield, adj Shoreham Street/Clough Road 07:3614:3615:36
Sheffield Centre, at Eyre Street/Cumberland Street 07:3814:3815:38
Sheffield Centre Arundel Gate/AG1 (AG1) 07:4314:4315:43
Sheffield Centre Haymarket/CG21 (CG21) 07:4514:4515:45
Sheffield Centre, at Flat Street/Fitzalan Square 07:4714:4715:47
Sheffield Centre Sheffield Interchange/A3 (A3) 07:4914:4915:49
Sheffield Centre Suffolk Road/Turner Street (SS4) 07:5114:5115:51
Sheffield Centre, adj Queens Road/Farm Road 07:5314:5315:53
Highfield, adj Queens Road/Cream Street 07:5414:5415:54
Highfield, adj Charlotte Road/Queens Road 07:5614:5615:56
Lowfield, opp Heeley Bank Road/Olive Grove Road 07:5614:5615:56
Lowfield, opp Heeley Bank Road/Spurr Street 07:5714:5715:57
Norfolk Park, opp East Bank Road/Thornborough Road 07:5814:5815:58
Norfolk Park, opp East Bank Road/Myrtle Road 07:5814:5815:58
Arbourthorne, opp East Bank Road/Hallyburton Road 07:5914:5915:59
Arbourthorne, adj East Bank Road/Eastern Crescent 07:5914:5915:59
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Eastern Drive 08:0015:0016:00
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Algar Drive 08:0115:0116:01
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Algar Road 08:0215:0216:02
Arbourthorne, opp Eastern Avenue/Dagnam Road 08:0315:0316:03
Arbourthorne, adj Eastern Avenue/Edenhall Road 08:0315:0316:03
Manor Top, opp City Road/Eastern Avenue 08:0415:0416:04
Manor Top, at City Road/Elm Tree 08:0515:0516:05
Manor Top, adj Mansfield Road/Applegarth Drive 08:0515:0516:05
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Woodhouse Road 08:0515:0516:05
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Mansfield Drive 08:0615:0616:06
Intake, opp Mansfield Road/Cadman Road 08:0615:0616:06
Intake, adj Mansfield Road/Wadsworth Road 08:0615:0616:06
Frecheville, adj Birley Moor Road/Wardlow Road 08:0715:0716:07
Frecheville, adj Birley Moor Road/Hopefield Avenue 08:0715:0716:07
Frecheville, adj Silkstone Road/Silkstone Drive 08:0815:0816:08
Frecheville, adj Silkstone Road/Alport Avenue 08:0815:0816:08
Frecheville, adj Silkstone Road/Wickfield Grove 08:0915:0916:09
Frecheville, nr Wickfield Road/Silkstone Road 08:1015:1016:10
Frecheville, adj Wickfield Road/Dyke Vale Road 08:1015:1016:10
Frecheville, opp Dyke Vale Road/Spa Brook Drive 08:1115:1116:11

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