43 - Oxford City Centre, Railway Station - Wantage, Market Place

A bus service operated by Oxford Bus Company

Oxford City Centre, Railway Station to Wantage, Market Place

Oxford Railway Station (Stop R3) 06:2007:12
Oxford Park End Street (Stop D1) 06:2107:14
Oxford New Road (Stop D4) 06:2107:14
Oxford St Aldates (Stop H3) 06:2507:20
Oxford Police Station (Stop P1) 06:2707:23
Oxford, opp Whitehouse Road 06:2907:25
Oxford, opp Newton Road 06:3007:26
New Hinksey, opp Lake Street 06:3107:27
New Hinksey, opp Lincoln Road 06:3207:28
New Hinksey, adj Chatham Road 06:3307:29
New Hinksey, o/s Canning Crescent 06:3407:30
Oxford Redbridge Park and Ride (inside) 06:3607:32
Abingdon Lodge Hill (S-bound) 06:4207:38
Abingdon Peachcroft Roundabout (S-bound) 06:4407:40
Abingdon, opp South Avenue 06:4507:43
Abingdon, o/s Boundary House 06:4607:46
Abingdon, o/s Oxford Road Shops 06:4807:51
Our Ladys Abingdon (SW-bound) 06:4907:53
Abingdon Vineyard (Stop A10) 06:5007:55
Abingdon High Street (Stop A7) 06:5208:00
Abingdon, opp Conduit Road 06:5508:03
Abingdon, opp Victoria Road 06:5608:05
Caldecott, adj Ladygrove Paddock 06:5708:06
Caldecott, adj Saxton Road 06:5908:09
Caldecott, adj Morland Gardens 07:0008:10
Drayton Abingdon Road (S-bound) 07:0208:12
Drayton, o/s The Green 07:0408:14
Drayton, adj East Way 07:0408:14
Drayton, adj Haywards Road 07:0508:15
Drayton Steventon Road Bridge (S-bound) 07:0608:16
Steventon, opp Field Gardens 07:0708:17
Steventon, nr The Green 07:0808:18
Steventon, o/s The Cherry Tree 07:0808:18
Milton Hill, opp The Pack Horse 07:1108:22
Rowstock Corner (S-bound) 07:1208:23
Harwell Campus, opp Curie Entrance 07:1508:27
Harwell Campus Curie Avenue (W-bound) 07:1608:28
Harwell Campus Eighth Street North (S-bound) 07:1808:29
Harwell Campus Eighth Street South (SE-bound) 07:1808:30
Harwell Campus, adj Diamond Light Source 07:1908:31
Harwell Campus Becquerel Avenue Terminus (inside) 07:2108:33
Harwell Campus, opp Diamond Light Source 07:2208:34
Harwell Campus, adj Fermi Avenue East 07:2208:34
Chilton, opp Garden Centre 07:2408:36
Chilton, nr Latton Close 07:2608:38
Chilton, opp Main Street 07:2708:39
Chilton, adj Garden Centre 07:2908:41
Harwell Campus, o/s Thompson Entrance 07:3008:42
Harwell Campus, adj Curie Entrance 07:3008:42
Rowstock Corner (W-bound) 07:3208:44
Rowstock, adj Acorn Close 07:3308:45
East Hendred, opp Portway Close 07:3508:47
West Hendred, opp The Hare 07:3608:48
Ardington Turn (adj) 07:3908:51
Charlton Crab Hill A417 (SW-bound) 07:4208:54
Charlton, adj Fyfield Close 07:4308:55
Charlton Park (opp) 07:4308:55
Charlton, opp Community Hospital 07:4408:56
Wantage Market Place (Stop C) 07:4508:57

Wantage, Market Place to Oxford City Centre, Railway Station

Wantage Market Place (Stop A) 16:3817:38
Charlton, o/s Community Hospital 16:3817:38
Charlton Park (adj) 16:3917:39
Charlton, opp Fyfield Close 16:3917:39
Charlton Crab Hill A417 (NE-bound) 16:4017:40
Ardington Turn (opp) 16:4317:43
West Hendred, o/s The Hare 16:4517:45
East Hendred, adj Portway Close 16:4717:47
Rowstock, opp Acorn Close 16:4917:49
Rowstock Corner (E-bound) 16:4917:49
Harwell Campus, opp Curie Entrance 16:5217:52
Harwell Campus, opp Thompson Entrance 16:5317:53
Chilton, opp Garden Centre 16:5517:55
Chilton, nr Latton Close 16:5617:56
Chilton, opp Main Street 16:5717:57
Chilton, adj Garden Centre 17:0018:00
Harwell Campus, opp Fermi Avenue East 17:0218:02
Harwell Campus, adj Diamond Light Source 17:0318:03
Harwell Campus Becquerel Avenue Terminus (inside) 17:0518:05
Harwell Campus, opp Diamond Light Source 17:0618:06
Harwell Campus Eighth Street South (NW-bound) 17:0718:07
Harwell Campus Eighth Street North (N-bound) 17:0718:07
Harwell Campus Curie Avenue (E-bound) 17:0918:09
Harwell Campus, adj Curie Entrance 17:1018:10
Rowstock Corner (N-bound) 17:1318:13
Milton Hill, o/s The Pack Horse 17:1518:15
Steventon, opp The Cherry Tree 17:1818:18
Steventon, o/s The Green 17:1918:19
Steventon, adj Field Gardens 17:1918:19
Drayton Steventon Road Bridge (N-bound) 17:2118:21
Drayton, opp Haywards Road 17:2218:22
Drayton, opp East Way 17:2318:23
Drayton, opp The Green 17:2418:24
Drayton Abingdon Road (N-bound) 17:2518:25
Caldecott, opp Morland Gardens 17:2718:27
Caldecott, opp Saxton Road 17:2918:29
Caldecott, opp Ladygrove Paddock 17:3118:31
Abingdon, adj Victoria Road 17:3318:33
Abingdon, adj Conduit Road 17:3418:34
Abingdon, o/s Coxeters 17:3518:35
Abingdon Stratton Way (Stop A2) 17:3618:36
Abingdon Vineyard (Stop A11) 17:4118:41
Our Ladys Abingdon (NE-bound) 17:4218:42
Abingdon, opp Oxford Road Shops 17:4318:43
Abingdon, opp Boundary House 17:4418:44
Abingdon, adj South Avenue 17:4518:45
Abingdon Peachcroft Roundabout (N-bound) 17:4718:47
Abingdon Lodge Hill (N-bound) 17:4818:48
Oxford Redbridge Park and Ride (inside) 17:5618:56
New Hinksey, opp Canning Crescent 17:5718:57
New Hinksey, opp Chatham Road 17:5718:57
New Hinksey, adj Lincoln Road 17:5818:58
New Hinksey, adj Lake Street 18:0019:00
Oxford, adj Newton Road 18:0019:00
Oxford, adj Whitehouse Road 18:0119:01
Oxford Police Station (Stop P2) 18:0319:03
Oxford Speedwell Street (Stop S1) 18:0319:03
Oxford Westgate (Stop E4) 18:0719:07
Oxford Park End Street (Stop D5) 18:0919:09
Oxford Railway Station (Stop R3) 18:1219:12

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