43, 43A, 43B - Reepham - Aylsham - Norwich

A bus service operated by Sanders Coaches

Reepham - Aylsham - Norwich

Reepham, opp School Road 07:10
Foulsham, adj post office 09:1012:40
Themelthorpe, adj The Street 09:1612:46
Reepham, opp Hackford Hall turn 09:2312:53
Reepham, opp New Road 07:1109:2812:58
Salle, opp Heydon Road 07:1309:3013:00
Cawston Market Place (E-bound) 07:1809:3813:08
Cawston, opp Perrys Lane 07:1909:3913:09
Aylsham, adj Willow Park 07:2609:4613:16
Aylsham, adj Howard Way 07:2709:4713:17
Aylsham, opp Bure Meadows 07:2909:4913:1916:11
Aylsham, adj Forster Way 07:3009:5013:2016:12
Aylsham, opp Tesco 07:3209:5213:2216:14
Aylsham, adj Motel 07:3309:5313:2316:15
Marsham, opp The Green 07:3709:5713:2716:19
Hevingham, adj Town Corner 07:4010:0013:3016:22
Stratton Strawless, adj Stratton Hall 07:4210:0213:3216:24
Hainford, adj Old Church Rd 07:4510:0513:3516:27
Hainford, adj Chapel Road 07:4610:0613:3616:28
Newton St Faith, adj Fairholme Road 07:4910:0913:3916:31
Newton St Faith, adj Post Office 07:5010:1013:4016:32
Newton St Faith, adj Old Garage 07:5110:1113:4116:33
Newton St Faith Manor Road (o/s 138) 07:5210:1213:4216:34
Horsham St Faith, opp Crematorium 07:5310:1313:4316:35
Horsham St Faith, adj Black Swan 07:5310:1313:4316:35
Horsham St Faith, opp Church 07:5410:1413:4416:36
Hellesdon, adj Tesco Express 08:0210:2213:5216:44
Hellesdon, adj Heath Crescent 08:0210:2213:5216:44
Hellesdon, adj Brabazon Road 08:0310:2313:5316:45
Hellesdon, adj Waldemar Avenue 08:0310:2313:5316:45
Mile Cross, opp The Boundary 08:0410:2413:5416:46
Mile Cross Road (opp) 08:0510:2513:5516:47
Norwich, adj Mecca Bingo 08:0610:2613:5616:48
Norwich, opp Half Mile Road 08:0710:2713:5716:49
Norwich, adj Penn Grove 08:0810:2813:5816:50
Norwich, adj Drayton Road 08:0910:2913:5916:51
Norwich, opp Wingfield Road 08:1010:3014:0016:52
Norwich, adj Edward Street 08:1110:3114:0116:53
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand D) 08:1310:3314:0316:55
Norwich Upper King Street (Stop CP) 08:1510:3514:0516:57
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CR) 08:1710:3714:0716:59
Norwich Bus Station (Stand N) 08:2010:4014:1017:02

Norwich - Aylsham - Reepham

Norwich Bus Station (Stand N) 11:0014:5017:12
Norwich St Stephens Street (Stop BC) 11:0214:5217:14
Norwich Castle Meadow (Stop CA) 11:0514:5517:17
Norwich Tombland (Stop CM) 11:0714:5717:19
Norwich Anglia Square (Stand B) 11:0914:5917:21
Norwich, adj Wingfield Road 11:1115:0117:23
Norwich, opp Drayton Road 11:1215:0217:24
Norwich, opp Penn Grove 11:1315:0317:25
Norwich, adj Half Mile Road 11:1415:0417:26
Norwich, opp Mecca Bingo 11:1515:0517:27
Mile Cross Road (adj) 11:1615:0617:28
Mile Cross, adj The Boundary 11:1815:0817:30
Hellesdon, adj Mann Egerton 11:1915:0917:31
Hellesdon, opp Waldemar Avenue 11:1915:0917:31
Hellesdon, opp Brabazon Road 11:2015:1017:32
Hellesdon, opp Heath Crescent 11:2015:1017:32
Hellesdon, opp Tesco Express 11:2015:1017:32
Horsham St Faith, adj Church 11:2715:1717:39
Horsham St Faith, opp Black Swan 11:2715:1717:39
Horsham St Faith, adj Crematorium 11:2815:1817:40
Newton St Faith, opp Old Methodist Church 11:2915:1917:41
Newton St Faith, adj Bus Shelter 11:3015:2017:42
Newton St Faith, opp Post Office 11:3115:2117:43
Newton St Faith, opp Fairholme Road 11:3215:2217:44
Hainford, opp Chapel Road 11:3515:2517:47
Stratton Strawless, opp Stratton Hall 11:3815:2817:50
Hevingham, opp Town Corner 11:4015:3017:52
Marsham, adj The Green 11:4315:3317:55
Aylsham, opp Motel 11:4615:3617:58
Aylsham, adj Tesco 11:4715:3717:59
Aylsham, opp Forster Way 11:4915:3918:01
Aylsham, adj Bure Meadows 11:5015:4018:02
Aylsham, opp Howard Way 11:5115:4118:03
Aylsham, opp Willow Park 11:5415:4418:06
Cawston, adj Perrys Lane 11:5715:4718:09
Cawston Market Place (W-bound) 12:0115:5118:13
Salle, adj Heydon Road 12:0515:5518:17
Reepham, adj New Road 12:0915:5918:21
Reepham, adj Hackford Hall turn 12:1916:0918:31s
Themelthorpe, opp The Street 12:2516:1518:37s
Foulsham, opp post office 12:3116:2118:43

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Sanders Coaches/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 11 April 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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