551 - Washingborough - Cherry Willingham

A bus service operated by PC Coaches


Washingborough - Cherry Willingham

Washingborough, o/s Park Lane Shops 07:18
Washingborough Canwick Road (S-bound) 07:19
Heighington, adj Lee Avenue 07:21
Heighington, o/s 24 Washingborough Road 07:21
Heighington, opp Flag Pole 07:22
Heighington, opp Telephone Box 07:25
Heighington, opp Clarke Avenue 07:25
Heighington, adj Recreation Ground 07:27
Heighington Railway Bridge (W-bound) 07:28
Heighington, opp Rempstone 07:28
Branston, opp Hillside Estate 07:30
Branston, adj Fairleas 07:31
Branston, adj Curtois Close 07:31
Branston, opp Station Road 07:32
Branston Hall (o/s) 07:33
Branston, adj Park View Avenue 07:33
Branston, adj Woodview Nursing Home 07:34
Branston, opp Ashfield Cottage Farm 07:34
Bracebridge Heath, adj Caistor Drive 07:42
Bracebridge Heath, opp Canwick Avenue 07:43
Bracebridge Heath, adj Coningsby Crescent 07:48
St Catherine’s, in Priory School Bus Park 07:56
Lincoln, adj Tealby Street 07:59
Lincoln, adj Robey Street 08:00
Lincoln, opp Sewell's Walk 08:01
Lincoln, opp St Peter At Gowt's Church 08:02
Lincoln, opp Magistrates Court 08:04
Lincoln East West Link Road (E-bound) 08:05
Lincoln, opp St Swithins's Church 08:08
Lincoln, adj College Of Art 08:10
Lincoln, adj Cheviot Street 08:11
Lincoln, adj Arboretum 08:13
Lincoln, adj Clarina Street 08:14
Lincoln, adj Laceby Street 08:14
Lincoln, opp Hartley Street 08:15
Lincoln, adj Jellicoe Avenue 08:17
Tower Estate, opp Crofton Road 08:18
Tower Estate, adj Wickes 08:19
Greetwell, adj Stoneleigh House 08:24
Cherry Willingham Fiskerton Road (N-bound) 08:30
Cherry Willingham, opp Waterford Lane 08:31
Cherry Willingham, opp Elm Avenue 08:33
Cherry Willingham, adj Green Lane 08:33
Cherry Willingham, opp Church Lane (North End) 08:34
Cherry Willingham, opp The Parade 08:35
Cherry Willingham, opp Eastcroft 08:37
Cherry Willingham, in The Priory Pembroke Academy 08:38
Schooldays only

Cherry Willingham - Washingborough

Cherry Willingham, in The Priory Pembroke Academy 15:25
Cherry Willingham, adj The Parade 15:26
Cherry Willingham, adj Church Lane (North End) 15:27
Cherry Willingham, opp Green Lane 15:27
Cherry Willingham, adj Elm Avenue 15:28
Cherry Willingham, adj Waterford Lane 15:28
Cherry Willingham Fiskerton Road (S-bound) 15:29
Greetwell, opp Stoneleigh House 15:33
Tower Estate, opp Wickes 15:36
Tower Estate, adj Crofton Road 15:36
Lincoln, opp Jellicoe Avenue 15:37
Lincoln, adj Hartley Street 15:38
Lincoln, opp Clarina Street 15:39
Lincoln, opp Arboretum 15:40
Lincoln, opp Cheviot Street 15:41
Lincoln, adj Telephone Exchange 15:44
Lincoln East West Link Road (W-bound) 15:47
Lincoln, adj Thomas Cooper Church 15:50
Lincoln, adj St Peter At Gowt's Church 15:51
Lincoln, adj Sewell's Walk 15:52
Lincoln, opp Robey Street 15:53
Lincoln, opp Tealby Street 15:55
St Catherine’s, adj South Common 15:56
St Catherine’s, in Priory School Bus Park 16:00
Bracebridge Heath, opp Coningsby Crescent 16:03
Bracebridge Heath, adj Canwick Avenue 16:04
Bracebridge Heath, opp Caistor Drive 16:06
Branston, adj Ashfield Cottage Farm 16:12
Branston, opp Woodview Nursing Home 16:13
Branston, opp Park View Avenue 16:14
Branston Hall (opp) 16:14
Branston, opp Curtois Close 16:16
Branston, opp Fairleas 16:16
Branston, adj Hillside Estate 16:17
Heighington, adj Rempstone 16:19
Heighington Railway Bridge (E-bound) 16:20
Heighington, opp Recreation Ground 16:21
Heighington, opp Telephone Box 16:23
Heighington, opp Clarke Avenue 16:24
Heighington, adj Flag Pole 16:25
Heighington, o/s 41 Washingborough Road 16:27
Heighington, opp Lee Avenue 16:27
Washingborough Canwick Road (N-bound) 16:28
Washingborough, opp Park Lane Shops 16:30
Schooldays only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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