575 - Maidstone - Kings Hill

A bus service operated by Arriva Kent and Surrey


Monday to Friday, school days (not bank holidays)

Maidstone to Kings Hill

Maidstone Chequers Bus Station (Stop H2) 15:28
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade (Stop E3) 15:30
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop B) 15:31
Maidstone West Railway Station (Stop A1) 15:32
Maidstone, adj Bower Place 15:34
Maidstone, adj Bower Lane 15:35
Maidstone, adj St Michael's Church 15:36
Maidstone, opp The Poplars 15:37
Maidstone, adj Clare Park 15:38
Maidstone, opp Oakwood Park 15:3815:4015:40
Maidstone, adj Western Road 15:3915:4115:41
Maidstone, adj Cherry Tree 15:4015:4215:42
Barming, opp St Andrew's Church 15:4115:4315:43
Barming Fountain Lane (Stop B) 15:4215:4415:44
Barming Heath, adj Oakapple Lane 15:4415:4615:46
Barming Heath, o/s Maidstone Hospital 15:4715:4915:49
Barming, adj Hermitage Farm 15:4815:5015:50
Barming, opp Railway Station 15:4915:5115:51
Barming, adj Whitepost Wood Lane 15:4915:5115:51
Aylesford Hermitage Lane (N-bound) 15:5015:5215:52
Aylesford, opp Preston Hall 15:5015:5215:52
Aylesford, adj Retail Park 15:5115:5315:53
Aylesford, opp Teapot Lane 15:5215:5415:54
Ditton, adj TA Centre 15:5415:5615:56
Ditton Corner (W-bound) 15:5615:5815:58
Ditton, opp Bell Lane 15:5715:5915:59
Larkfield, adj Wealden Hall 15:5916:0116:01
East Malling, opp Larkspur Road 16:01
Larkfield, adj Fire Station 16:0216:02
Larkfield, adj Martin Square 16:0216:02
Larkfield, adj Heron Road 16:0316:03
Larkfield, opp Swallow Road 16:0316:03
Larkfield, adj Kent Mart 16:0416:04
Larkfield, opp Partridge Avenue 16:0516:05
Clare Park, adj Edward Walk 16:03
Larkfield, after Motorway Bridge 16:0516:05
Larkfield, adj Jerome Road 16:0616:06
Larkfield, adj Southey Way 16:0716:07
Clare Park, opp Temple Way 16:03
Larkfield, opp Auden Road 16:0816:08
Larkfield, adj Lunsford Park Tesco 16:0816:08
Larkfield, adj Thackeray Road 16:0816:09
Larkfield, adj Jerome Road 16:09
Leybourne, adj RSPCA Centre 16:11
Ham Hill, opp Freemasons Arms 16:13
Ham Hill, adj The Holmesdale School 16:14
Snodland, adj St Katherine's School 16:16
Snodland, adj Gorham Close 16:16
Snodland, adj Midsummer Road 16:17
Snodland, adj Townsend Road 16:18
Holborough, adj Wickham Road 16:20
Holborough, opp Higham Avenue 16:21
Holborough Manley Boulevard (NE-bound) 16:21
Snodland, opp Clock Tower 16:24
Snodland, opp Co-op 16:25
Larkfield, before Motorway Bridge 16:09
Larkfield, adj Partridge Avenue 16:10
Larkfield, opp Kent Mart 16:10
Larkfield, adj Swallow Road 16:11
Larkfield, opp Heron Road 16:11
Larkfield, opp Martin Square 16:12
Larkfield, opp Fire Station 16:12
Larkfield, opp Lunsford Lane Turning 16:0516:15
Leybourne, opp Roundhay 16:0716:17
Leybourne, opp Barleycorn 16:0816:17
Leybourne, adj The Old Rectory 16:0916:18
Leybourne, opp Willowmead 16:1016:19
Leybourne, adj School 16:1116:20
Leybourne, opp Church 16:1216:21
Leybourne Castle Way (SW-bound) 16:1316:22
West Malling Town Hill Roundabout (just before) 16:1516:24
West Malling Town Hill (S-bound) 16:1716:26
West Malling High Street (S-bound) 16:1816:27
St Leonard’s Street, adj Manor Park Country Park 16:1916:28
St Leonard's Street (SW-bound) 16:2016:29
St Leonard’s Street Teston Road (SW-bound) 16:2016:29
West Malling King Hill (SW-bound) 16:2116:30
Kings Hill Gibson Drive (SE-bound) 16:2316:32
Kings Hill, adj Forest Way 16:2516:34
Kings Hill, adj Melrose Avenue 16:2616:35
Kings Hill Bovarde Avenue (NW-bound) 16:2716:36
Kings Hill, opp Baxter Way 16:2816:37
Kings Hill, adj Asda 16:3016:39

Kings Hill to Maidstone

Snodland, opp Co-op 07:04
Kings Hill, opp Asda 07:15
Snodland, adj Clock Tower 07:06
Kings Hill, adj Baxter Way 07:16
Holborough Snodland Bypass (N-bound) 07:07
Kings Hill Bovarde Avenue (SE-bound) 07:17
Holborough Manley Boulevard (SW-bound) 07:08
Kings Hill, opp Melrose Avenue 07:18
Holborough, adj Higham Avenue 07:09
Kings Hill, opp Forest Way 07:21
Snodland, opp Townsend Road 07:12
Kings Hill Gibson Drive (NW-bound) 07:22
Snodland, opp Midsummer Road 07:13
West Malling King Hill (NE-bound) 07:24
Snodland, opp Gorham Close 07:14
St Leonard’s Street Teston Road (NE-bound) 07:25
Snodland, opp St Katherine's School 07:15
St Leonard’s Street, opp Manor Park Country Park 07:26
Ham Hill, opp The Holmesdale School 07:16
West Malling High Street (N-bound) 07:1107:28
Ham Hill, adj Freemasons Arms 07:17
West Malling Town Hill (N-bound) 07:1107:28
Larkfield, adj Southey Way 07:22
West Malling Town Hill Roundabout (just after) 07:1307:29
Larkfield, adj Lunsford Park Tesco 07:2307:25
Leybourne Turning West (E-bound) 07:1407:30
Larkfield, opp Auden Road 07:2407:26
Leybourne, opp Roundhay 07:15
Larkfield, adj Thackeray Road 07:2507:27
Leybourne, opp Barleycorn 07:16
Larkfield, before Motorway Bridge 07:2707:29
Leybourne, adj The Old Rectory 07:17
Larkfield, adj Partridge Avenue 07:2807:30
Leybourne, opp Willowmead 07:18
Larkfield, opp Kent Mart 07:3007:32
Leybourne, adj School 07:19
Larkfield, adj Swallow Road 07:3107:33
Leybourne, opp Church 07:20
Larkfield, opp Heron Road 07:3207:34
Leybourne Castle Way (SW-bound) 07:21
Larkfield, opp Martin Square 07:3407:36
Leybourne Turning East (E-bound) 07:2307:31
Larkfield, opp Fire Station 07:3507:37
Larkfield, adj Lunsford Lane Turning 07:2507:33
Clare Park, adj Chapman Way 07:27
Clare Park, adj Temple Way 07:28
Clare Park, opp Edward Walk 07:30
East Malling, adj Larkspur Road 07:32
Larkfield, opp Wealden Hall 07:3607:3607:3807:40
Ditton, adj Bell Lane 07:3807:3807:4007:42
Ditton Corner (E-bound) 07:3907:3907:4107:43
Ditton, opp TA Centre 07:4107:4107:4307:45
Aylesford, adj Teapot Lane 07:4307:4307:4507:47
Aylesford, opp Retail Park 07:4607:4607:4807:50
Aylesford Hermitage Lane (S-bound) 07:4707:4707:4907:51
Barming, opp Whitepost Wood Lane 07:4807:4807:5007:52
Barming, adj Railway Station 07:4907:4907:5107:53
Barming, opp Hermitage Farm 07:5107:5107:5307:55
Barming Heath, o/s Maidstone Hospital 07:5307:5307:5507:57
Barming Heath, opp Oakapple Lane 07:5507:5507:5707:59
Barming Fountain Lane (Stop A) 07:5707:5707:5908:01
Barming, adj St Andrew's Church 07:5807:5808:0008:02
Maidstone, opp Cherry Tree 07:5907:5908:0108:03
Maidstone, opp Western Road 08:0008:0008:0208:04
Maidstone, adj Oakwood Park 08:0208:0208:0408:06
Maidstone, adj The Poplars 08:0408:0308:0608:08
Maidstone, opp St Michael's Church 08:0508:0408:0708:09
Maidstone, opp Bower Lane 08:0608:0508:0808:10
Maidstone Terrace Road (N-bound) 08:0808:0708:1008:12
Maidstone Rocky Hill (Stop U) 08:1008:0808:1208:14
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop T) 08:1308:1108:1508:17
Maidstone Chequers Bus Station (Stop J5) 08:14
Maidstone King Street (Stop L1) 08:1508:1708:19
Maidstone, adj Crompton Gardens 08:19
Maidstone, adj Haynes 08:1808:2008:22
Maidstone, opp Waterloo Street 08:22
Vinters Park, o/s Invicta Girls' Grammar School 08:2308:2508:27

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AKSS/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 16 November 2022

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