58 - Maidstone - East Malling - West Malling - Ryarsh - Addington - Wrotham

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Maidstone - East Malling - West Malling - Ryarsh - Addington - Wrotham

Maidstone Chequers Bus Station (Stop H1) 13:00
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade (Stop E1) 13:02
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop B) 13:02
Maidstone West Railway Station (Stop A1) 13:04
Maidstone, adj Bedford Place 13:05
Maidstone, adj Bower Mount Road 13:06
Maidstone Somerfield Hospital (Stop B) 13:07
Allington, opp London Road Retail Park 13:07
Allington, opp Buckland Lane 13:08
Allington, opp Grace Avenue 13:08
Allington, adj Conway Road 13:09
Allington Way (adj) 13:10
Allington, adj Sir Thomas Wyatt 13:10
Aylesford Coldharbour Roundabout (W-bound) 13:12
Aylesford, opp Preston Hall 13:14
Aylesford, adj Retail Park 13:14
Aylesford, opp Teapot Lane 13:15
Ditton, adj TA Centre 13:16
Ditton Corner (W-bound) 13:17
Ditton, opp Bell Lane 13:17
Larkfield, adj Wealden Hall 13:18
East Malling, opp Larkspur Road 13:20
East Malling, opp Beech Road 13:20
East Malling, opp King and Queen 13:22
East Malling, adj Cottenham Close 13:22
East Malling, adj Stickens Lane 13:23
East Malling, opp Winterfield Lane 13:25
Larkfield, opp Lunsford Lane Turning 13:26
Leybourne Turning West (W-bound) 13:29
West Malling Town Hill Roundabout (just before) 13:30
West Malling Town Hill (S-bound) 13:31
West Malling High Street (N-bound) 13:32
West Malling Town Hill (N-bound) 13:32
West Malling Town Hill Roundabout (just after) 13:34
Leybourne Turning West (E-bound) 13:35
Leybourne, opp Roundhay 13:36
Leybourne, opp Barleycorn 13:37
Leybourne, adj The Old Rectory 13:38
Leybourne, opp Willowmead 13:39
Leybourne, adj School 13:39
Leybourne, opp Castle Lake 13:40
Leybourne, opp Spider's Hall 13:42
Birling Park (opp) 13:45
Birling, adj Nevill Bull 13:46
Birling, adj Masters Lane 13:46
Ryarsh, adj Stables 13:47
Ryarsh, adj Duke of Wellington 13:48
Ryarsh, adj The Street 13:49
Ryarsh, adj Church Road 13:50
Ryarsh Turning (opp) 13:51
Addington, opp Greenways 13:52
Addington, o/s Golf Club 13:52
Addington, opp The Green 13:54
Trottiscliffe, opp The George 13:58
Wrotham Heath, adj The Vineyard 14:02
Wrotham Heath, adj Royal Oak 14:02
Wrotham Heath, opp Nepicar Farm 14:03
Platt Common (adj) 14:05
Platt Flour Mill (W-bound) 14:06
Borough Green, adj Brockway 14:07
Borough Green, o/s The Black Horse 14:07
Borough Green High Street (NE-bound) 14:08
Borough Green, opp Railway Station 14:09
Borough Green, opp The Avenue 14:09
Wrotham, opp School 14:11
Wrotham, adj The Bull 14:14

Wrotham - Addington - Ryarsh - West Malling - East Malling - Maidstone

Wrotham, opp The Bull 09:30
Wrotham, adj School 09:32
Borough Green, adj The Avenue 09:33
Borough Green, opp Railway Station 09:35
Borough Green High Street (SW-bound) 09:35
Borough Green, opp Brockway 09:36
Platt Flour Mill (E-bound) 09:38
Platt Common (opp) 09:38
Wrotham Heath, adj Nepicar Farm 09:39
Wrotham Heath, adj Huntsman Lane 09:40
Wrotham Heath, opp Royal Oak 09:41
Addington, o/s Golf Club 09:45
Addington, opp The Green 09:46
Trottiscliffe, opp The George 09:50
Wrotham Heath, adj The Vineyard 09:54
Addington, adj Greenways 09:57
Ryarsh Turning (adj) 09:58
Ryarsh, opp Church Road 09:59
Ryarsh, opp The Street 10:00
Ryarsh, opp Duke of Wellington 10:02
Birling, opp Masters Lane 10:04
Birling, opp Nevill Bull 10:05
Birling Park (adj) 10:05
Leybourne, adj Spider's Hall 10:07
Leybourne Park Road (E-bound) 10:07
Leybourne, adj Castle Lake 10:08
Leybourne, opp School 10:09
Leybourne, adj Willowmead 10:09
Leybourne, adj Baywell 10:10
Leybourne, adj Barleycorn 10:11
Leybourne, adj Roundhay 10:12
Leybourne Turning West (W-bound) 10:13
West Malling Town Hill Roundabout (just before) 10:14
West Malling Town Hill (S-bound) 10:15
West Malling High Street (N-bound) 10:17
West Malling Town Hill (N-bound) 10:17
West Malling Town Hill Roundabout (just after) 10:19
Leybourne Turning West (E-bound) 10:20
Leybourne Turning East (E-bound) 10:20
Larkfield, adj Lunsford Lane Turning 10:21
Clare Park, adj Chapman Way 10:22
East Malling, adj Winterfield Lane 10:23
East Malling, opp Stickens Lane 10:25
East Malling, adj King and Queen 10:27
East Malling, adj Beech Road 10:28
East Malling, adj Larkspur Road 10:29
Larkfield, opp Wealden Hall 10:31
Ditton, adj Bell Lane 10:31
Ditton Corner (E-bound) 10:32
Ditton, opp TA Centre 10:33
Aylesford, adj Teapot Lane 10:34
Aylesford, opp Retail Park 10:35
Aylesford, o/s Preston Hall 10:35
Aylesford Coldharbour Roundabout (SE-bound) 10:37
Allington, opp Sir Thomas Wyatt 10:38
Allington Way (opp) 10:39
Allington, opp Conway Road 10:40
Allington, adj Grace Avenue 10:41
Allington, adj Buckland Lane 10:41
Allington, adj London Road Retail Park 10:42
Maidstone Somerfield Hospital (Stop A) 10:43
Maidstone, opp Bower Mount Road 10:43
Maidstone Rocky Hill (Stop U) 10:45
Maidstone The Cannon (Stop T) 10:48
Maidstone Royal Star Arcade (Stop M1) 10:48
Maidstone King Street (Stop L3) 10:50

Timetable data from Nu-Venture/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 12 June 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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