656 - Dumbleton, St Peter's Church - Bishops Cleeve, Tesco Superstore Forecourt

A bus service operated by Pulhams Coaches

Dumbleton, St Peter's Church to Bishops Cleeve, Tesco Superstore Forecourt

Dumbleton, by St Peter's Church 09:35
Dumbleton, opp Blacksmiths Lane 09:35
Dumbleton, nr Bank Farm Turn 09:35
Little Beckford Cheltenham Road (SW bound) 09:40
Teddington Hands Garage (opp) 09:41
Teddington, o/s Village Hall 09:43
Alstone, opp Bus Shelter 09:45
Little Washbourne Turn (by) 09:47
Little Washbourne, by The Hobnails 09:48
Alderton Garage (opp) 09:49
Alderton, opp War Memorial 09:50
Alderton, opp Gardeners Arms 09:51
Alderton, on Cambridge Square 09:52
Alderton, after Brookside 09:53
Alderton, opp Brookside 09:53
Alderton, opp Village Store 09:54
Alderton, after War Memorial 09:55
Gretton Fields, opp Sunrise Nurseries 09:59
Gretton Fields, o/s Gilders Yard 10:01
Gretton, o/s Christ Church 10:02
Gretton, by Working Lane 10:03
Gretton, by The Royal Oak 10:03
Greet, by Gretton Turn 10:05
Greet, before Becketts Lane 10:06
Greet, by GWR Railway 10:06
Winchcombe, o/s School 10:06
Winchcombe, nr Greet Road 10:07
Winchcombe, before Gretton Road 10:08
Winchcombe, in Barnmeadow Road 10:10
Winchcombe, opp Library 10:11
Winchcombe, after Old Police Station 10:11
Winchcombe, by War Memorial 10:14
Winchcombe, opp Corner Cupboard Inn 10:15
Winchcombe, opp Brook Close 10:16
Postlip Hall Lodge (by) 10:18
Cleeve Hill, opp Stockwell Lane 10:23
Cleeve Hill, o/s Rising Sun Hotel 10:24
Southam, opp War Memorial 10:27
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s Smiths Industries 10:31
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Sports Field 10:33
Bishop’s Cleeve, before Petrol Station 10:35
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Cleeve School 10:40
Woodmancote, before Britannia Way 10:40
Woodmancote, after Potters Field Road 10:40
Woodmancote, opp Newsagent 10:41
Woodmancote, opp Bushcombe Lane 10:42
Woodmancote, opp Oxbutts Caravan Park 10:43
Woodmancote, after Railway Bridge 10:44
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Sandown Road 10:45
Bishop’s Cleeve, nr Gilders Paddock 10:45
Bishop’s Cleeve, on Tesco Superstore Forecourt 10:46

Bishops Cleeve, Tesco Superstore Forecourt to Dumbleton, St Peter's Church

Bishop’s Cleeve, on Tesco Superstore Forecourt 12:15
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Gilders Paddock 12:15
Bishop’s Cleeve, adj Sandown Road 12:15
Bishop’s Cleeve, before Millham Road 12:17
Woodmancote, nr Oxbutts Caravan Park 12:18
Woodmancote, nr Bushcombe Lane 12:19
Woodmancote, adj Newsagent 12:20
Woodmancote, before Potters Field Road 12:21
Woodmancote, opp Britannia Way 12:22
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s Cleeve School 12:24
Bishop’s Cleeve, after Petrol Station 12:27
Bishop’s Cleeve, o/s Sports Field 12:29
Bishop’s Cleeve, opp Smith's Industries North 12:30
Bishop’s Cleeve, before Southam Lane 12:30
Southam Road East (nr) 12:30
Southam, by War Memorial 12:30
Cleeve Hill, opp Rising Sun Hotel 12:37
Cleeve Hill Stockwell Lane (corner of) 12:38
Cleeve Hill, opp Malvern View 12:38
Postlip Hall Lodge (opp) 12:42
Winchcombe Brook Close (corner of) 12:45
Winchcombe, o/s Corner Cupboard Inn 12:45
Winchcombe, after War Memorial 12:47
Winchcombe, opp Old Police Station 12:49
Winchcombe, by Library 12:50
Winchcombe, on Barnmeadow Road 12:50
Winchcombe, nr Gretton Road 12:53
Winchcombe, by Greet Road 12:58
Winchcombe, opp School 13:05
Greet, opp GWR Railway 13:09
Greet, after Becketts Lane 13:12
Greet, nr Littleworth 13:12
Gretton, opp The Royal Oak 13:12
Gretton, opp Working Lane 13:12
Gretton, opp Christ Church 13:12
Gretton Fields, opp Gilders Yard 13:13
Gretton Fields, by Sunrise Nurseries 13:13
Alderton, opp War Memorial 13:13
Alderton, opp Gardeners Arms 13:13
Alderton, on Cambridge Square 13:13
Alderton, opp Village Store 13:13
Alderton, after War Memorial 13:14
Alderton Garage (by) 13:14
Little Washbourne, opp The Hobnails 13:14
Little Washbourne Turn (opp) 13:14
Alstone, by Bus Shelter 13:15
Teddington, opp Village Hall 13:17
Teddington Hands Garage (by) 13:18
Little Beckford Estate (opp) 13:19
Little Beckford Cheltenham Road (NE bound) 13:19
Grafton, adj Hillview Cottages 13:20
Dumbleton, by Bank Farm Turn 13:24
Dumbleton Blacksmiths Lane (corner of) 13:24
Dumbleton, opp St Peter's Church 13:25

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