79B - Turquoise Line - Nottingham - Arnold

A bus service operated by Nottingham City Transport


Nottingham - Arnold

Nottingham Maid Marian Way (Stop M4) 05:2515:0218:0723:09
Nottingham Broadmarsh (Stop C4) 05:2515:0318:0823:09
Lace Market Fletcher Gate (Stop H1) 05:2715:0518:1023:11
Nottingham George Street (Stop H2) 05:2815:0618:1123:12
Nottingham Victoria Centre (Stop W2) 05:2915:1018:1523:15
Nottingham Upper Parliament Street (Stop U3) 05:3715:1418:1923:18
Nottingham Cathedral (Stop Y2) 05:3815:1518:2023:19
Canning Circus (Stop CC08) 05:3915:1718:2223:21
Radford Boden Street (Stop RA33) 05:4015:1818:2323:22
Radford Peveril Street (Stop RA19) 05:4015:1818:2323:22
Radford Hartley Road (Stop RA49) 05:4115:1918:2423:23
Radford Player Street (Stop RA30) 05:4215:2018:2523:24
Radford Gregory Boulevard (Stop RA31) 05:4415:2318:2823:26
Bobbers Mill Chadwick Road (Stop RA32) 05:4415:2318:2823:26
Whitemoor Aspley Lane (Stop WM18) 05:4515:2418:2923:27
The Whitemoor (Stop WM19) 05:4615:2518:3023:28
Whitemoor Western Boulevard (Stop WM11) 05:4715:2618:3123:29
Whitemoor Basford Road (Stop WM12) 05:4815:2918:3423:30
Cinderhill Bar Lane (Stop CI04) 05:4815:3018:3523:30
Cinderhill Llanberis Grove (Stop CI05) 05:4915:3118:3623:31
Aspley Broxtowe Lane (Stop CI40) 05:4915:3118:3623:31
Aspley Broxtowe Avenue (Stop AS61) 05:5015:3218:3723:32
Aspley Dulverton Vale (Stop AS62) 05:5015:3218:3723:32
Aspley The Green (Stop AS63) 05:5015:3318:3823:32
Aspley Bells Lane (Stop AS64) 05:5115:3318:3823:33
Aspley Eltham Drive (Stop AS05) 05:5115:3418:3923:33
Aspley Dulverton Vale (Stop AS06) 05:5215:3518:4023:34
Cinderhill Walbrook Close (Stop AS07) 05:5215:3618:4123:34
Cinderhill Phoenix Park Interchange (Stop CI01) 05:5315:3718:4223:35
Cinderhill Headstocks (Stop BU50) 05:5415:3818:4323:35
Hempshill Vale Leonard Street (Stop BU51) 05:5515:3918:4423:36
Hempshill Vale Coventry Court (Stop BU52) 05:5615:4018:4523:37
Bulwell Sellers Wood Drive (Stop BU53) 05:5715:4118:4623:38
Bulwell Bus Station (Stop BU02) 05:5815:4318:4823:39
Bulwell Duke Street (Stop BU20) 18:51
Bulwell Merchant Street (Stop BU21) 18:51
Bulwell Squires Avenue (Stop BU22) 18:52
Bulwell Ludford Road (Stop BU23) 18:53
Bulwell Morrisons (Stop BU24) 18:54
Bulwell The Apollo (Stop BU25) 18:54
Bulwell Hall Lawton Drive (Stop BU26) 18:55
Bulwell Bestwood Road (Stop BU27) 18:56
Rise Park Road West (Stop RP07) 18:57
Rise Park Road East (Stop RP08) 18:58
Rise Park Charles II (Stop RP01) 19:00

Timetable data from Nottingham City Transport/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 6 September 2023. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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