7B - Cardinal Wiseman School - Brownshill Green

A bus service operated by National Express Coventry

Cardinal Wiseman School - Brownshill Green

Woodway Park, opposite Cardinal Wiseman School 08:3015:35
Woodway Park, adj Collier Place 08:3015:35
Woodway Park, opposite Woodway Walk 08:3215:37
Henley Green, opp Pandora Rd 08:3415:39
Henley Green, after Hermes Crescent 08:3515:40
Henley Green, after Caradoc Close 08:3615:41
Wyken, adj Doncaster Close 08:3715:42
Henley Green, opp New Green Park 08:3715:42
Wyken Green, opp Attwood Crescent 08:3915:44
Wyken, opp Brixham Drive 08:3915:44
Stoke Heath, opp Dennis Rd 08:4115:46
Wyken, before Forknell Avenue 08:4315:48
Upper Stoke Honiton Rd (adjacent) 08:4315:48
Upper Stoke, before Dennis Rd 08:4515:50
Upper Stoke, opp Stubbs Grove 08:4615:51
Upper Stoke, opp Barras Heath Park 08:4815:53
Upper Stoke, opp Alpha House 08:4915:54
Upper Stoke, opp Caludon Rd 08:5015:55
Upper Stoke, opp Chandos St 08:5015:55
Gosford Green, opposite Clements St 08:5115:56
Gosford Green Jimmy Hill Way (near) 08:5215:57
Gosford Green Far Gosford Street (adjacent) 08:5315:58
Gosford Green, after All Saints Square 08:5415:59
Coventry University (Stop CU2) 08:5616:01
Coventry Starley Gardens (Stop CU5) 08:5616:01
Coventry Code Building (Stop FX1) 08:5716:02
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand G) 08:5916:04
Coventry Cross Cheaping (Stop BS5) 09:0916:09
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL3) 09:1116:11
Spon End, after Ringway 09:1216:12
Spon End, opp Meriden St 09:1316:13
Spon End, adj Alvis Retail Park 09:1416:14
Chapel Fields, opp Moseley Avenue 09:1516:15
Chapel Fields, opp Redesdale Avenue 09:1616:16
Coundon, opp Southbank Rd 09:1716:17
Coundon, adj Grayswood Avenue 09:1816:18
Allesley Park, adj Dulverton Avenue 09:1816:18
Allesley Park Norton Grange (adjacent) 09:2016:20
Allesley Park, before Lion Fields Avenue 09:2116:21
Allesley Post Office (opposite) 09:2216:22
Allesley, opposite Neale Ave 09:2316:23
Allesley, opp Cameron Close 09:2316:23
Allesley, opp Bree Close 09:2416:24
Hawkes End, adj Marystow Close 09:2516:25
Hawkes End, adj Carvell Close 09:2616:26
Hawkes End, opp Freshfield Close 09:2716:27
Brownshill Green, after Hawkes Mill Lane 09:2816:28

Brownshill Green - Cardinal Wiseman School

Brownshill Green, after Hawkes Mill Lane 07:3014:30
Hawkes End, adj Freshfield Close 07:3014:30
Hawkes End, opp Carvell Close 07:3114:31
Hawkes End, opp Marystow Close 07:3114:31
Allesley, adj Bree Close 07:3214:32
Allesley, adj Cameron Close 07:3314:33
Allesley, adj Neale Ave 07:3414:34
Allesley Post Office (opposite) 07:3414:34
Allesley Park, after Lion Fields Avenue 07:3514:35
Allesley Park, opp Norton Grange 07:3614:36
Allesley Park, opp Dulverton Avenue 07:3714:37
Coundon, opp Grayswood Avenue 07:3914:39
Coundon, adj Southbank Rd 07:3914:39
Chapel Fields, adj Redesdale Avenue 07:4014:40
Chapel Fields, adj Moseley Avenue 07:4214:42
Spon End, opp Alvis Retail Park 07:4314:43
Spon End, adj Meriden St 07:4514:45
Spon End, before Ringway 07:4514:45
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL4) 07:4814:48
Coventry Well St (Stop BS3) 07:4914:49
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand J) 07:5214:52
Coventry Starley Gardens (Stop CU4) 07:5914:59
Coventry University (Stop CU1) 08:0015:00
Gosford Green, opposite Far Gosford Street 08:0315:03
Gosford Green, adj Jimmy Hill Way 08:0415:04
Gosford Green Clements St (adjacent) 08:0415:04
Upper Stoke, adj Chandos St 08:0515:05
Upper Stoke, adj Caludon Rd 08:0615:06
Upper Stoke, adj Alpha House 08:0715:07
Upper Stoke, adj Barras Heath Park 08:0815:08
Upper Stoke, adj Stubbs Grove 08:1015:10
Upper Stoke, after Dennis Rd 08:1015:10
Upper Stoke, opp Wycliffe Road West 08:1115:11
Upper Stoke, after Honiton Rd 08:1215:12
Wyken, after Forknell Avenue 08:1315:13
Wyken, after Armscott Road 08:1315:13
Stoke Heath, adj Dennis Rd 08:1515:14
Wyken, adj Brixham Drive 08:1615:15
Wyken Croft Nature Park (opp) 08:1815:16
Henley Green, adj New Green Park 08:1915:17
Wyken, opp Doncaster Close 08:1915:17
Henley Green, opp Caradoc Close 08:2115:18
Henley Green, before Hermes Crescent 08:2115:18
Henley Green, adj Pandora Rd 08:2215:19
Woodway Park Woodway Walk (adjacent) 08:2515:21
Woodway Park, opposite Cardinal Wiseman School 08:2815:23

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