7B - Cardinal Wiseman School - Coventry City Centre - Brownshill Green

A bus service operated by National Express Coventry


Monday to Friday, Coventry LEA school days

Brownshill Green - Cardinal Wiseman School

Brownshill Green, after Hawks Mill Lane 07:30
Hawkes End, adj Freshfield Close 07:30
Hawkes End, opp Carvell Close 07:31
Hawkes End, opp Marystow Close 07:31
Allesley, adj Butt Lane 07:32
Allesley, adj Cameron Close 07:33
Allesley, adj Neale Ave 07:34
Allesley Post Office (opp) 07:34
Allesley Park, adj Butchers Lane 07:35
Allesley Park, opp Norton Grange 07:36
Allesley Park, opp Dulverton Avenue 07:37
Coundon, opp Grayswood Avenue 07:39
Coundon, adj Southbank Rd 07:40
Chapel Fields, adj Redesdale Avenue 07:41
Chapel Fields, adj Moseley Avenue 07:42
Spon End, opp Alvis Retail Park 07:43
Spon End, adj Meriden St 07:45
Spon End, before Ringway 07:46
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL4) 07:48
Coventry Well St (Stop BS3) 07:49
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand N) 07:52
Coventry Baths (Stop CU4) 08:00
Coventry The Whitefriars (Stop CU1) 08:01
Gosford Green, opp Far Gosford Street 08:03
Gosford Green, adj Swan Lane 08:04
Gosford Green, adj Clements St 08:05
Upper Stoke, adj Villiers St 08:05
Upper Stoke, adj Caludon Rd 08:06
Upper Stoke, opp Coventry St 08:07
Upper Stoke, opp North St 08:08
Upper Stoke, adj Stubbs Grove 08:10
Upper Stoke, after Dennis Rd 08:10
Upper Stoke, adj Alfall Rd 08:11
Upper Stoke, after Honiton Rd 08:12
Wyken, before Sewall Highway 08:13
Wyken, after Lamerton Close 08:13
Stoke Heath, adj Dennis Rd 08:14
Wyken, adj Brixham Drive 08:15
Wyken, adj Blackberry Lane 08:16
Henley Green, opp Hermes Crescent 08:17
Wyken, opp Doncaster Close 08:17
Henley Green, adj Broad Park Rd 08:18
Henley Green, adj Luscombe Rd 08:18
Henley Green, adj Pandora Rd 08:19
Woodway Park, adj Woodway Walk 08:21
Woodway Park, opp Cardinal Wiseman School 08:23

Cardinal Wiseman School - Brownshill Green

Woodway Park, opp Cardinal Wiseman School 15:35
Woodway Park, opp Potters Green Rd 15:35
Woodway Park, opp Woodway Walk 15:37
Henley Green, opp Pandora Rd 15:39
Henley Green, opp Luscombe Rd 15:40
Henley Green, opp Broad Park Rd 15:41
Wyken, adj Doncaster Close 15:42
Henley Green, adj Hermes Crescent 15:42
Wyken Green, opp Attwood Crescent 15:44
Wyken, opp Brixham Drive 15:44
Stoke Heath, opp Dennis Rd 15:46
Wyken, at Sewall Highway 15:48
Upper Stoke, adj Honiton Rd 15:48
Upper Stoke, before Dennis Rd 15:50
Upper Stoke, opp Stubbs Grove 15:51
Upper Stoke, adj North St 15:53
Upper Stoke, adj Coventry St 15:54
Upper Stoke, opp Caludon Rd 15:55
Upper Stoke, opp Villiers St 15:55
Gosford Green, opp Clements St 15:56
Gosford Green, opp Swan Lane 15:57
Gosford Green, adj Far Gosford Street 15:58
Gosford Green, after All Saints Square 15:59
Coventry Under Ring Rd (Stop CU2) 16:00
Coventry Grove St (Stop CU5) 16:01
Coventry Sports Centre (Stop FX1) 16:02
Coventry Pool Meadow Bus Station (Stand G) 16:04
Coventry Cross Cheaping (Stop BS5) 16:09
Coventry Belgrade Theatre (Stop UL3) 16:11
Spon End, after Ringway 16:12
Spon End, opp Meriden St 16:13
Spon End, adj Alvis Retail Park 16:14
Chapel Fields, opp Moseley Avenue 16:15
Chapel Fields, opp Redesdale Avenue 16:16
Coundon, opp Southbank Rd 16:17
Coundon, adj Grayswood Avenue 16:18
Allesley Park, adj Dulverton Avenue 16:18
Allesley Park, adj Norton Grange 16:20
Allesley Park, opp Butchers Lane 16:21
Allesley Post Office (opp) 16:22
Allesley, opp Neale Ave 16:23
Allesley, opp Cameron Close 16:23
Allesley, opp Butt Lane 16:24
Hawkes End, adj Marystow Close 16:25
Hawkes End, adj Carvell Close 16:26
Hawkes End, opp Freshfield Close 16:27
Brownshill Green, after Hawks Mill Lane 16:28

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