805 - Durness - Inverness

A bus service operated by The Durness Bus


Durness - Inverness

Leirinmore, opp Smoo Cave 08:00
Leirinmore, nr Hall 08:00
Durness, nr Church 08:02
Durness, opp Visitor Centre 08:04
Durness, opp Post Office 08:05
Durness, at Balnakeil Craft Village 08:10
Keoldale, opp Road End 08:14
Rhiconich, opp Kinlochbervie Road End 08:35
Achriesgill, opp East Road End 08:42
Achriesgill, at West Road End 08:43
Inshegra, at Rhuvolt Road End 08:44
Badcall, opp Post Box 08:48
Kinlochbervie, opp Manse Road 08:51
Kinlochbervie, at Burnside 08:51
Kinlochbervie, opp Ceilidh House 08:52
Kinlochbervie, at Bervie Road 08:53
Kinlochbervie, at Harbour 08:55
Kinlochbervie, opp Bervie Road 08:55
Kinlochbervie, o/s Ceilidh House 08:55
Kinlochbervie, opp Burnside 08:56
Kinlochbervie, at Manse Road 08:56
Badcall, at Post Box 08:57
Inshegra, opp Rhuvolt Road End 08:58
Achriesgill, opp West Road End 08:59
Achriesgill, at East Road End 08:59
Rhiconich, o/s Hotel 09:02
Rhiconich, opp Achlyness Road End 09:02
Rhiconich, opp Ardmore Road End 09:03
Skerricha, opp North Road End 09:04
Skerricha, opp South Road End 09:05
Laxford Bridge Junction (SW-bound) 09:10
Badnabay, at Road End 09:11
Scourie, opp Tarbet Road End 09:15
Scourie, at Post Office 09:20
Scourie, at Tarbet Road End 09:24
Badnabay, opp Road End 09:28
Laxford Bridge Junction (NE-bound) 09:30
Loch Stack, opp Alltnasuileig 09:32
Loch Stack, at Stack Lodge Road End 09:34
Achfary, opp Primary School 09:40
Loch More, opp Lochmore Lodge 09:40
Loch More, opp Kinloch 09:46
Loch Merkland, nr West Merkland 09:50
Loch Merkland, opp Merkland Lodge 09:53
Corrykinloch, opp Road End 09:57
Overscaig, opp Hotel 10:00
Fiag Bridge (E-bound) 10:05
West Shinness Lodge (opp) 10:14
Shinness, at Lodge Road End 10:15
Achnairn, at Road End 10:17
Colaboll, at Road End 10:19
Tirryside, at Road End 10:20
Dalchork, opp Scourie Road End 10:20
Lairg, opp Angling Club 10:23
Lairg, at Lochside 10:24
Lairg, nr Manse Road 10:24
Lairg Football Ground (S-bound) 10:25
Lairg, opp Black Bridge 10:25
Lairg, at Rhianbreck Road End 10:26
Lairg, opp Station 10:27
Lairg Achinduich (S-bound) 10:31
Invershin Farm Road End (opp) 10:34
Invershin, o/s Hotel 10:35
Bonar Bridge, at Post Office 10:40
Ardgay, opp Post Office 10:43
Ardchronie, at Bridge 10:44
Ardross, opp Primary School 11:00
Evanton, opp Skiach Services 11:06
Evanton Allt Graad (SW-bound) 11:09
Ardullie Roundabout (S-bound) 11:14
Duncanston Crossroads (S-bound) 11:19
Tore Layby (SE-bound) 11:25
Tore, opp Arpafeelie Junction 11:27
Charleston Layby (SE-bound) 11:31
Craigton, before Kessock Bridge 11:35
Longman, before Seafield Road 11:38
Longman, at Stagecoach Depot 11:38
Longman, opp Inverness College 11:38
Inverness Farraline Park 11:40
Inshes, at Raigmore Hospital 11:50

Inverness - Durness

Inshes, at Raigmore Hospital 14:30
Inverness Farraline Park 14:45
Longman, o/s Inverness College 14:46
Longman Seafield Road (NE-bound) 14:47
Craigton, after Kessock Bridge 14:50
Charleston Layby (NW-bound) 14:53
Tore, at Arpafeelie Junction 14:57
Tore, at Glackmore Junction 14:58
Tore Layby (NW-bound) 15:00
Duncanston Crossroads (NW-bound) 15:03
Ardullie Roundabout (N-bound) 15:06
Evanton Drummond Junction (NE-bound) 15:08
Evanton, at Skiach Services 15:10
Ardross, o/s Primary School 15:15
Ardgay, o/s Post Office 15:30
Bonar Bridge, opp Post Office 15:32
Invershin, opp Hotel 15:35
Invershin Farm Road End (at) 15:36
Lairg Achinduich (N-bound) 15:39
Lairg, nr Station 15:42
Lairg, opp Rhianbreck Road End 15:43
Lairg, at Black Bridge 15:44
Lairg Football Ground (N-bound) 15:45
Lairg, opp Manse Road 15:45
Lairg, opp Lochside 15:45
Lairg, nr Angling Club 15:46
Dalchork, at Scourie Road End 15:49
Tirryside, opp Road End 15:49
Colaboll, opp Road End 15:50
Achnairn, opp Road End 15:52
Shinness, opp Lodge Road End 15:54
West Shinness Lodge (nr) 15:55
Fiag Bridge (W-bound) 16:04
Overscaig, nr Hotel 16:10
Corrykinloch, at Road End 16:12
Loch Merkland, nr Merkland Lodge 16:16
Loch Merkland, opp West Merkland 16:19
Loch More, nr Kinloch 16:23
Loch More, nr Lochmore Lodge 16:28
Achfary, at Primary School 16:30
Loch Stack, opp Stack Lodge Road End 16:33
Loch Stack, at Alltnasuileig 16:35
Laxford Bridge Junction (W-bound) 16:37
Badnabay, at Road End 16:37
Scourie, opp Tarbet Road End 16:39
Scourie, at Post Office 16:42
Skerricha, at South Road End 16:46
Skerricha, at North Road End 16:46
Rhiconich, at Ardmore Road End 16:46
Rhiconich, at Achlyness Road End 16:46
Rhiconich, opp Hotel 16:47
Achriesgill, opp East Road End 16:50
Achriesgill, at West Road End 16:50
Inshegra, at Rhuvolt Road End 16:50
Badcall, opp Post Box 16:52
Kinlochbervie, opp Manse Road 16:53
Kinlochbervie, at Burnside 16:53
Kinlochbervie, opp Ceilidh House 16:54
Kinlochbervie, at Bervie Road 16:54
Kinlochbervie, at Harbour 16:55
Kinlochbervie, opp Bervie Road 16:55
Kinlochbervie, o/s Ceilidh House 16:55
Kinlochbervie, opp Burnside 16:55
Kinlochbervie, at Manse Road 16:55
Badcall, at Post Box 16:56
Inshegra, opp Rhuvolt Road End 16:57
Achriesgill, opp West Road End 16:57
Achriesgill, at East Road End 16:57
Rhiconich, at Kinlochbervie Road End 16:59
Keoldale, at Road End 17:12
Durness, at Balnakeil Craft Village 17:15
Durness, at Post Office 17:15
Durness, o/s Visitor Centre 17:15
Durness, opp Church 17:17
Leirinmore, opp Hall 17:19
Leirinmore, nr Smoo Cave 17:20
Will run upto 20 mins late if via Scourie

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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