86 - Beccles - Loddon - Norwich

A bus service operated by Our Bus

Monday to Friday

Beccles - Loddon - Norwich

Beccles Old Market Place (Bay 2) 09:4511:55
Bergh Apton, opp Church 15:22
Becclesgate (Adjacent) 09:4511:55
Gillingham, adj The Street 11:59
Aldeby, adj Elms Road 12:02
Aldeby, adj green 12:05
Burgh St Peter, opp Mill Road 12:07
Wheatacre, opp White Lion Road 12:09
Aldeby, adj Church Road 12:11
Toft Monks, adj The White Lion 12:15
Toft Monks, adj Bulls Green Road 12:19
Thurlton, adj Sandy Lane 07:2409:5812:2314:03
Thurlton, opp Hampton Avenue 07:2409:5812:2314:03
Thurlton, adj Beccles Road 07:2610:0012:3014:05
Loddon, adj Broadland Meadows 07:3310:0712:3714:12
Loddon, opp Market Place 07:3410:0812:3814:13
Loddon, adj Kittens Lane 07:3410:0812:38
Mundham, opp Garden House 07:3810:1212:42
Mundham, opp Common Road 07:4010:1412:44
Seething, adj Council Houses 07:4210:1612:46
Bergh Apton, adj Church 07:4710:2112:51
Alpington, adj Cherrywood 10:27
Alpington, adj Bus Shelter 07:5210:2812:56
Alpington, opp Village Hall 07:5310:2912:57
Poringland, adj Greenacres Drive 07:58
Framingham Earl, adj Slade Lane 10:3112:59
Framingham Earl, adj Highgrove Court 07:59
Framingham Earl, opp Gull 10:3213:00
Framingham Earl, opp High School 08:00
Framingham Earl, adj The Old Feathers 10:3513:04
Framingham Earl, adj Caistor Lane 08:00
Norwich Outside County Hall (Stop D) 10:4213:1214:3215:42
Framingham Earl, adj The Ramblers 08:01
Norwich, opp King Street 10:4213:1214:3215:42
Arminghall, opp Church Close 08:02
Norwich, adj Corton Road 10:4313:1314:3315:43
Bixley, opp White Horse Lane 08:05
Lakenham, opp The Cock 08:07
Lakenham, adj Cavell Road 08:08
Norwich Springbank (N-bound) 08:09
Norwich, opp Stratford Drive 08:10
Norwich, adj Hospital Lane 08:11
Norwich, adj Kensington Place 08:12
Norwich, adj Kings Lane 08:1410:4413:1514:3415:44
Norwich Bus Station (Stand K) 08:1510:4513:1714:3515:45

Norwich - Loddon - Beccles

Norwich Bus Station (Stand K) 13:2015:0016:2018:20
Norwich, adj Notre Dame School 13:2015:0016:2018:20s
Norwich, opp Kensington Place 15:01
Norwich, opp Corton Road 13:2116:2118:21s
Norwich, adj Cricket Ground Road 15:02
Norwich King Street (Stop C) 13:2116:2118:21s
Norwich, adj Stratford Drive 15:03
Norwich, opp County Hall 13:2216:2218:22s
Norwich Springbank (S-bound) 15:04
Framingham Earl, opp The Old Feathers 13:2916:2918:29s
Lakenham, opp Cavell Road 15:05
Framingham Earl, adj Gull 13:3216:3218:32s
Lakenham, adj The Cock 15:06
Bixley, adj White Horse Lane 15:09
Arminghall, adj Church Close 15:11
Framingham Earl, opp The Ramblers 15:12
Framingham Earl, opp Caistor Lane 15:12
Framingham Earl, adj High School 15:13
Framingham Earl, opp Highgrove Court 15:14
Framingham Earl, opp Greenacres Drive 15:15
Poringland, adj Railway Tavern 15:16
Alpington, adj Village Hall 13:3515:2016:3518:35s
Alpington, opp Bus Shelter 13:3515:2016:3518:35s
Alpington, adj Cherrywood 13:35s15:20s16:35s18:35s
Bergh Apton, opp Church 13:3915:2416:3918:39s
Seething, opp Council Houses 13:4516:4518:45s
Mundham, adj Common Road 13:4716:4718:47s
Mundham, adj Garden House 13:5016:5018:50s
Loddon, opp Kittens Lane 13:5416:5418:54s
Loddon, adj Market Place 09:0013:5616:5618:56s
Loddon, opp Broadland Meadows 09:0013:5616:5618:56s
Norton Subcourse, adj Loddon Road 09:04
Loddon, opp Industrial Estate 13:5616:5618:56s
Hales, opp The Garden House 13:5816:58s18:58s
Raveningham, opp Phone Box 14:0017:00s19:00s
Thurlton, opp Yarmouth Road 14:0217:02s19:02s
Thurlton, adj Sandy Lane 14:0317:03s19:03s
Thurlton, opp Hampton Avenue 14:0317:03s19:03s
Thurlton, opp Beccles Road 09:0814:0517:0519:05
Thurlton, adj Hampton Avenue 09:08
Thurlton, opp Sandy Lane 09:10
Toft Monks, opp Bulls Green Road 09:14
Toft Monks, opp The White Lion 09:18
Aldeby, opp Church Road 09:21
Wheatacre, adj White Lion Road 09:24
Burgh St Peter, adj Mill Road 09:26
Burgh St Peter Common Road (SW-Bound) 09:26
Aldeby, adj green 09:30
Aldeby, opp Elms Road 09:32
Gillingham, opp The Street 09:36
Beccles Fen Lane (Adjacent) 09:38
Beccles, adj Ravensmere East 09:39
Beccles Old Market Place (Bay 2) 09:40

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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