88 - Newton Abbot - South Devon College

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South West


Newton Abbot - South Devon College

Totnes Coronation Road opp Town Mill (Stop D) 07:10then hourly until14:1015:0516:1017:10
Totnes Rail Station (Stop C) 07:1014:1015:0516:1117:11
Swallowfields King Edward VI School (NW-bound) 07:1114:1115:0616:1217:12
Swallowfields Puddavine (NW-bound) 07:1214:1215:0716:1317:13
Cott Queens Arms (NW-bound) 07:1214:1215:0716:1517:15
Dartington Shinners Bridge (W-bound) 07:1414:1415:0916:1717:17
Dartington School (N-bound) 07:1414:1415:0916:1717:17
Dartington Church (NW-bound) 07:1414:1415:0916:1717:17
Dartington Huxhams Cross (NW-bound) 07:1514:1515:1016:1817:18
Dartington South Devon Steiner School (NW-bound) 07:1614:1615:1116:1917:19
Dartington Staverton Turn (NW-bound) 07:1814:1815:1316:2117:21
Buckfastleigh Dart Bridge (SW-bound) 07:2414:2415:1916:2717:27
Buckfastleigh Station Approach (Stop A) 07:2614:2615:2116:2917:29
Buckfastleigh Plymouth Road (NE-bound) 07:3014:3015:2416:3317:33
Buckfastleigh Woodholme Car Park (SW-bound) 06:3707:3214:3215:2516:3517:35
Buckfastleigh Plymouth Road (SW-bound) 06:3707:3214:3215:2516:3517:35
Buckfastleigh Jet Garage (Stop B) 06:3907:3414:3415:2716:3717:37
Buckfastleigh Dart Bridge (NW-bound) 06:4007:3514:3515:2816:3817:38
Buckfastleigh Abbey Inn (NW-bound) 06:4007:3614:3615:2916:3917:39
Buckfast Abbey (W-bound) 06:4107:3714:3715:3016:4017:40
Buckfast Higher Mill Lane (NE-bound) 06:4207:3814:3815:3116:4117:41
Buckfast Spinning Mill (S-bound) 06:4207:3814:3815:3116:4117:41
Buckfastleigh Abbey Inn (SE-bound) 06:4407:4014:4015:3316:4317:43
Ashburton Peartree Cross (NE-bound) 06:4807:4714:4715:4016:5017:50
Ashburton West End Terrace (NE-bound) 06:4907:4814:4815:4116:5117:51
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop B) 06:5007:5014:5015:4316:5317:53
Ashburton Memorial (NE-bound) 06:5007:5014:5015:4516:5317:53
Ashburton Police Station (NE-bound) 06:5007:5114:5115:4616:5417:54
Ashburton South Dartmoor Community College (NE-bound) 15:50
Ashburton, opp East End Terrace 06:5107:5114:5115:5116:5417:54
Caton Alston Cross (NE-bound) 06:5307:5314:5315:5316:5617:56
Caton Cross (NE-bound) 06:5407:5414:5415:5416:5717:57
Goodstone Cross (SE-bound) 06:5407:5514:5515:5516:5817:58
Bickington Cross (E-bound) 06:5607:5714:5715:5717:0018:00
South Knighton Bone Mill Cross (E-bound) 06:5707:5814:5815:5817:0118:01
Newton Abbot Seale-Hayne (E-bound) 06:5908:0015:0016:0017:0318:03
Newton Abbot Hele Park (E-bound) 07:0008:0115:0116:0117:0418:04
Mile End Road (E-bound) 07:0108:0215:0216:0217:0518:05
Highweek Ashburton Road (SE-bound) 07:0208:0315:0316:0317:0618:06
Broadlands Barton Drive (SE-bound) 07:0308:0415:0416:0417:0718:07
Broadlands Avenue (opp) 07:0408:0515:0516:0517:0818:08
Broadlands Greenaway Road (E-bound) 07:0508:0615:0616:0617:0918:09
Broadlands Coombeshead School (NE-bound) 07:0608:0715:0716:0617:1018:10
Newton Abbot College (S-bound) 07:0708:0815:0816:0817:1118:11
Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop D) 07:0908:1015:1016:1017:1318:13

South Devon College - Newton Abbot

Newton Abbot Sherborne Road (Stop G) 08:3009:50then hourly until17:5018:50
Newton Abbot College 6th Form Centre (N-bound) 08:3109:5117:5118:51
Broadlands, opp Coombeshead School 08:3209:5217:5218:52
Broadlands Greenaway Road (W-bound) 08:3309:5317:5318:53
Broadlands Manor Road (W-bound) 08:3309:5317:5318:53
Broadlands Barton Drive (NW-bound) 08:3409:5417:5418:54
Highweek Ashburton Road (NW-bound) 08:3509:5517:5518:55
Mile End Road (W-bound) 08:3609:5617:5618:56
Newton Abbot Hele Park (W-bound) 08:3809:5817:5818:58
South Knighton Bone Mill Cross (W-bound) 08:4010:0018:0019:00
Bickington Cross (W-bound) 08:4310:0318:0319:02
Goodstone Cross (W-bound) 08:4410:0418:0419:03
Caton Cross (SW-bound) 08:4510:0518:0519:04
Caton Alston Cross (SW-bound) 08:4610:0618:0619:05
Ashburton, adj East End Terrace 08:4810:0918:0919:08
Ashburton South Dartmoor Community College (NE-bound) 08:50
Ashburton, opp Hospital 09:0010:0918:0919:09
Ashburton, opp Memorial 09:0410:1018:1019:10
Ashburton Bull Ring (Stop A) 09:1110:1118:1119:11
Ashburton West End Terrace (SW-bound) 09:1110:1118:1119:12
Ashburton Peartree Cross (S-bound) 09:1210:1218:1219:14
Buckfastleigh Dart Bridge (SW-bound) 09:1810:1818:18
Buckfastleigh Abbey Inn (NW-bound) 09:1810:1818:18
Buckfast Abbey (W-bound) 09:2110:2118:21
Buckfast Higher Mill Lane (NE-bound) 09:2210:2218:22
Buckfast Spinning Mill (S-bound) 09:2310:2318:23
Buckfastleigh Abbey Inn (SE-bound) 09:2410:2418:24
Buckfastleigh Station Approach (Stop A) 09:2610:2618:26
Buckfastleigh Plymouth Road (NE-bound) 09:2910:2918:29
Buckfastleigh Woodholme Car Park (SW-bound) 09:3110:3118:31
Buckfastleigh Plymouth Road (SW-bound) 09:3110:3118:31
Buckfastleigh Jet Garage (Stop B) 09:3410:3418:34
Buckfastleigh Dart Bridge (NW-bound) 09:3610:3618:36
Dartington Staverton Turn (SE-bound) 09:4210:4218:42
Dartington South Devon Steiner School (SE-bound) 09:4310:4318:43
Dartington Huxhams Cross (SE-bound) 09:4510:4518:45
Dartington Church (SE-bound) 09:4610:4618:46
Dartington Shinners Bridge (SE-bound) 09:4710:4718:47
Cott, opp Queens Arms 09:4910:4918:49
Swallowfields Puddavine (SE-bound) 09:5010:5018:50
Swallowfields King Edward VI School (SE-bound) 09:5110:5118:51
Totnes Rail Station (Stop B) 09:5210:5218:52
Totnes Opposite Royal Seven Stars Hotel (Stop E) 09:5510:5518:55
Bridgetown Pathfields (SE-bound) 09:5610:5618:56
Bridgetown Westonfields (NE-bound) 09:5710:5718:57
Bridgetown Westonfields (E-bound) 09:5710:5718:57
Bridgetown Stafford Court (NE-bound) 09:5810:5818:58
Bridgetown Higher Westonfields (E-bound) 09:5810:5818:58
Bridgetown Blackpost Cross (NW-bound) 09:5910:5918:59
Bridgetown Highlands (W-bound) 09:5910:5918:59
Bridgetown, opp Cross Park 10:0011:0019:00
Bridgetown Seymour Place (SW-bound) 10:0111:0119:01
Totnes Coronation Road opp Town Mill (Stop D) 10:0311:0319:03

Timetable data from Stagecoach South West, 27 September 2022, the Traveline National Dataset

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