898N - Whickham School - Scotland Head via Knightside Gardens, Dunston, Swalwell, Winlaton

A bus service operated by Go North East

Fridays, Gateshead School Term Dates days

Whickham School (NW-Bound) 15:25
Whickham Fellside Road-Runnymede Road (NE-Bound) 15:25
Whickham Fellside Road - West Street (N-Bound) 15:26
Whickham Front Street - St Mary's Green (E-Bound) 15:27
Whickham Front Street - School Lane (E-Bound) 15:28
Whickham Highway-Coniston Avenue (E-Bound) 15:29
Dunston Mansion Heights (E-Bound) 15:31
Dunston Whickham Highway-Hillcrest Drive (SE-Bound) 15:31
Lobley Hill Whickham Highway-Bracken Drive (SE-Bound) 15:32
Lobley Hill Knightside Gardens-Whickham Highway (N-Bound) 15:33
Lobley Hill Knightside Gardens - Woodburn Gardens (N-Bound) 15:34
Lobley Hill Knightside Gardens-Woodside Gardens (N-Bound) 15:35
Dunston Knightside Gardens-Douglas Gardens (N-Bound) 15:35
Dunston Cypress Crescent (N-Bound) 15:36
Dunston Wilson Street (NW-Bound) 15:36
Dunston Ellison Road (W-Bound) 15:37
Dunston Market Lane-Bank Foot (W-Bound) 15:38
Dunston Market Lane-School (NW-Bound) 15:38
Swalwell Market Lane-Cemetery (W-Bound) 15:39
Swalwell Market Lane-Beverley Drive (W-Bound) 15:39
Swalwell Market Lane-Millers Lane (W-Bound) 15:39
Swalwell Hexham Road - Brewery Bank (SW-Bound) 15:40
Swalwell Hexham Road (NW-Bound) 15:40
Shibdon Road-Swalwell Roundabout (NW-Bound) 15:41
Swalwell Shibdon Road-Axwell Park (W-Bound) 15:42
Blaydon Shibdon Road-Shibdon Bank (NW-Bound) 15:43
Blaydon Shibdon Bank-Hazel Road (SW-Bound) 15:44
Blaydon Shibdon Bank-Lime Street (SW-Bound) 15:45
Blaydon Bleach Green (W-Bound) 15:45
Winlaton Tyne Street (E-Bound) 15:46
Winlaton Litchfield Terrace (N-Bound) 15:46
Winlaton Bus Station (C) 15:48
Winlaton Scotland Head-St Pauls Church (S-Bound) 15:49
Winlaton Scotland Head-Park Lane (S-Bound) 15:50

Timetable data from Go North East, 10 June 2024

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