8X - Northdown Park Summerfield Road - Canterbury Bus Station

A bus service operated by Stagecoach South East

Northdown Park Summerfield Road - Canterbury Bus Station

Northdown Park, adj Summerfield Road 05:2206:40
Westwood, opp Bus Garage 06:2106:3307:26
Northdown Park, adj Eastchurch Road 05:2306:42
Northwood, adj Coxes Lane 06:2206:3407:27
Northdown Park, adj Lyngate Court 05:2406:43
Northwood, adj Hare and Hounds 06:2206:3407:28
Northwood, adj St Mark's Church 06:2306:3507:28
Broadstairs, adj Bookers 06:2606:3807:31
Broadstairs, adj Wilkes Road 06:2706:3907:32
Broadstairs, opp The Ridgeway 06:2706:3907:33
Broadstairs, adj Gladstone Road 06:2806:4007:34
Broadstairs, adj Swinburne Avenue 06:2906:4107:35
Broadstairs, opp East Kent College 06:2906:4107:35
Broadstairs, adj King Edward Avenue 06:3006:4307:37
Broadstairs, opp Baptist Church 06:3106:4307:37
Broadstairs, adj Pierremont Hall 06:3106:4407:38
Broadstairs, opp Railway Station 06:3206:4507:39
Broadstairs, adj Percy Road 06:3306:4607:40
Broadstairs, opp Bairds Hill 06:3406:4707:40
St Peter’s Railway Bridge (W-bound) 06:3606:4907:42
St Peter’s, opp Grange Road 06:3706:5007:43
St Peter’s, adj Grafton Road 06:3806:5107:45
Kingsgate, opp Reading Street 06:3806:5207:45
Kingsgate, opp College 06:3906:5307:47
Kingsgate, opp The Nineteenth Hole 06:4106:5507:49
Northdown Park, adj Friends Corner 06:4306:5707:51
Cliftonville, opp The Wheatsheaf 05:2706:4406:4606:5807:52
Cliftonville, adj Holly Lane 05:2806:4506:4706:5907:53
Cliftonville, adj Palm Bay Garage 05:2806:4606:4907:0007:54
Cliftonville, adj Holly Lane Post Office 05:2906:4706:5107:0107:55
Cliftonville, opp Warwick Road 05:3006:4906:5407:0307:57
Cliftonville, opp Sweyn Road 05:3106:5006:5507:0407:59
Cliftonville, opp St Paul's Church 05:3306:5206:5707:0608:00
Cliftonville, opp Athelstan Road 05:3406:5406:5907:0808:03
Margate, adj Dane Hill 05:3506:5507:0007:0908:04
Margate Cecil Square (Stop H) 05:3806:5807:0307:1208:08
Margate Marine Terrace (Stop C) 05:4207:0207:0707:1608:12
Westbrook, opp Nayland Rock 05:4307:0307:0807:1708:13
Westbrook, opp Royal Sea Bathing 05:4407:0407:0907:1808:14
Garlinge, adj Waverley Road 05:4507:0607:1107:2008:15
Garlinge, adj The Hussar 05:4607:0807:1307:2208:16
Garlinge, opp St James' Park Road 05:4707:0907:1407:2308:17
Westgate-on-Sea, adj Walmer Castle 05:4807:1007:1507:2408:18
Westgate-on-Sea, adj Library 05:4907:1207:1707:2608:20
Westgate-on-Sea, opp Domneva Road 05:5007:1307:1807:2708:22
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Hengist Road 05:5107:1407:1907:2808:23
Birchington-on-Sea, adj King Ethelbert School 05:5107:1507:2007:2908:24
Birchington-on-Sea, opp St James's Terrace 05:5207:1607:2107:3008:26
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Epple Road 05:5307:1707:2207:3108:27
Birchington-on-Sea The Square (Stop B) 05:5407:1907:2407:3308:29
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Park Avenue 05:5507:2007:2507:34
Birchington-on-Sea, o/s Railway Station 08:31
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Broadley Avenue 05:5507:2007:2507:34
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Brooks End 05:5607:2107:2607:35
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Netherhale Farm 05:5807:2307:2807:37
St Nicholas at Wade, opp The Length 06:0007:2507:3007:39
St Nicholas at Wade Crossroads (SW-bound) 06:0007:2507:3007:39
Sarre, adj Crown Inn 06:0207:2807:3307:41
Upstreet, opp Wall End Farm 06:0507:3107:3607:44
Upstreet, adj Grove Ferry Hill 06:0607:3207:3707:45
Upstreet, opp Post Office 06:0707:3307:3807:46
Upstreet, adj Port Farm 06:0807:3407:3907:47
Hersden, adj Lakesview Business Park 06:1007:3607:4107:49
Hersden, adj Canterbury Industrial Park 06:1007:3607:4107:49
Hersden, opp East View 06:1107:3707:4207:50
Hersden, opp The Sycamores 06:1207:3807:4307:52
Hersden, opp Chislet Gardens 06:1307:3907:4407:53
Westbere, opp Bredlands Lane 06:1407:4107:4607:55
Westbere, adj Pennington Close 06:1507:4307:4807:57
Sturry, opp Redcot Lane 06:1607:4407:4907:59
Sturry Staines Hill (SW-bound) 06:1707:4507:5008:00
Sturry, opp Homewood Road 06:1807:4807:5308:02
Sturry, adj Railway Station 06:1907:4907:5408:04
Sturry, adj Fordwich Road 06:2007:5107:5608:06
Vauxhall Road (opp) 06:2307:5608:0108:11
Vauxhall, adj Reed Avenue 06:2407:5708:0208:12
Sturry Road, adj South Street 06:2407:5908:0408:14
Sturry Road, opp Asda 06:2507:5908:0408:14
Sturry Road, adj Honeywood Close 06:2608:0108:0608:16
Northgate Kingsmead Roundabout (SW-bound) 06:2608:0208:0708:17
Northgate, adj St Thomas' School 06:2808:0508:1008:20
Canterbury, adj Magistrates Court 06:2808:0608:1108:21
Canterbury Bus Station (arrivals) 06:3008:0908:1408:24

Canterbury Bus Station - Westwood Cross Shopping Centre

Canterbury Bus Station (Bay C2) 06:5323:15
Canterbury, opp Magistrates Court 06:5423:16
Northgate, opp St Thomas' School 06:5523:16
Northgate, adj Kingsmead Roundabout 06:5623:17
Sturry Road, opp Brymore Road 06:5723:18
Sturry Road, adj Asda 06:5823:19
Vauxhall, opp Reed Avenue 06:5923:20
Vauxhall, opp Sturry Road Park and Ride Terminal 07:0023:20
Sturry, opp Fordwich Road 07:0223:22
Sturry, opp Railway Station 07:0323:23
Sturry, adj Homewood Road 07:0423:24
Sturry Staines Hill (NE-bound) 07:0523:25
Sturry, adj Redcot Lane 07:0623:26
Westbere, opp Pennington Close 07:0723:26
Westbere, adj Bredlands Lane 07:0823:27
Hersden, adj Chislet Gardens 07:0923:29
Hersden, adj The Sycamores 07:1023:29
Hersden, adj East View 07:1123:30
Hersden, opp Canterbury Industrial Park 07:1223:30
Hersden, opp Lakesview Business Park 07:1223:31
Upstreet, opp Port Farm 07:1423:33
Upstreet, adj Post Office 07:1523:33
Upstreet, opp Grove Ferry Hill 07:1523:33
Upstreet, adj Wall End Farm 07:1723:35
Sarre, opp Crown Inn 07:1923:37
St Nicholas at Wade Crossroads (NE-bound) 07:2123:39
St Nicholas at Wade, adj The Length 07:2223:39
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Netherhale Farm 07:2423:40
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Brooks End 07:2723:42
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Broadley Avenue 07:2823:43
Birchington-on-Sea, opp Park Avenue 07:2923:43
Birchington-on-Sea The Square (Stop A) 07:3023:44
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Epple Road 07:3123:45
Birchington-on-Sea, adj St James's Terrace 07:3323:46
Birchington-on-Sea, opp King Ethelbert School 07:3423:46
Birchington-on-Sea, adj Hengist Road 07:3423:47
Westgate-on-Sea, adj Domneva Road 07:3623:47
Westgate-on-Sea, opp Library 07:3723:48
Westgate-on-Sea, opp Walmer Castle 07:3823:49
Garlinge, adj St James' Park Road 07:3923:50
Garlinge, opp The Hussar 07:4023:50
Garlinge, opp Waverley Road 07:4123:51
Westbrook, adj Royal Sea Bathing 07:4323:52
Westbrook, adj Nayland Rock 07:4423:52
Margate Marine Terrace (Stop A) 07:4523:53
Margate Cecil Street Council Offices (Stop K) 07:4623:54

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 21 June 2024

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