916 - Glasgow - Uig

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Glasgow - Uig

Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 56) 06:45
Hillhead, at Kersland Street 06:53
Kelvinside, at Gartnavel Hospital 06:56
Anniesland Cross (before) 07:01
Drumry Roundabout (before) 07:08
Kilbowie Roundabout Westbound (at) 07:11
Dumbarton, before Barloan Toll 07:22
Balloch, opp Lower Stoneymollan Road 07:28
Arden Duck Bay (N-bound) 07:30
Luss, nr Loch Lomond Golf Course 07:36
Luss Bypass (N-bound) 07:39
Inverbeg, at Hotel 07:43
Tarbet, at Hotel car park 07:49
Inveruglas, at Loch Sloy Power Station 07:56
Ardlui, opp Hotel 08:05
Inverarnan, opp Hotel 08:08
Crianlarich, opp Public Toilets 08:18
Tyndrum, at Public Toilets 08:26
Tyndrum, at Public Toilets 08:30
Bridge Of Orchy, at Hotel 08:41
Glencoe, at Chairlift Road End 08:59
Glencoe, at Visitor Centre 09:16
Glencoe, o/s Hotel 09:17
Ballachulish, opp Tourist Information 09:19
Ballachulish, opp Chisholms Garage 09:19
N Ballachulish, opp Kinlochleven Rd End 09:23
Onich, opp Lodge on the Loch 09:24
Onich, opp Village Stores 09:26
Corran Ferry Junction (at) 09:29
Fort William, opp Croit Anna Hotel 09:41
Fort William, opp Seafield Gardens 09:43
Fort William Bus Station (Stances 5/6) 09:46
Fort William Bus Station (Stances 5/6) 10:00
Fort William, opp Leisure Centre 10:01
Fort William, opp Nevis Bank Lane 10:01
Fort William, at Inverlochy Junction 10:02
Fort William, opp Ben Nevis Ind Est 10:03
Lochybridge, opp British Aluminium 10:03
Lochybridge, after Tail Race 10:04
Lochybridge, opp Glenmhor Terrace 10:04
Torlundy, opp Bus Shelter 10:09
Nevis Range, opp Road End 10:11
Spean Bridge, opp Spean Crescent 10:17
Spean Bridge, opp Riverside Cottage 10:17
Stronaba, opp Road End 10:23
Glen Gloy, opp Road End 10:26
Letterfinlay, opp Hotel 10:31
Laggan Locks (at) 10:38
Laggan, o/s Youth Hostel 10:40
Laggan Great Glen Waterpark (opp and after) 10:41
Invergarry, o/s Seven Heads Store 10:41
Invergarry, opp Hotel 10:44
Invergarry, o/s Post Office 10:45
Bunloyne, at Junction 11:02
Cluanie, o/s Inn 11:14
Shiel Bridge, at Junction 11:33
Allt a’ Chruinn, opp Restaurant 11:35
Inverinate, nr Primary School 11:37
Dornie, opp Bridge Rd End 11:44
Ardelve, opp Camuslongart Rd End 11:44
Ardelve, at Road End 11:46
Nostie Road End (at) 11:47
Auchtertyre, at Business Park 11:49
Kirkton, at Village Hall 11:50
Reraig, opp Balmacara Hotel 11:51
Balmacara, opp Camp Site Rd End 11:53
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 11:59
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 12:05
Kyleakin, at Shorefront Shelter 12:10
Ashaig, opp Camp Site 12:17
Breakish, at Bus Shelter 12:19
Skulamus, at Armadale Rd End 12:21
Broadford, opp Waterloo Rd End 12:22
Broadford, at Old Mill Rd End 12:23
Broadford, opp Crowlin Bar 12:24
Broadford, at Post Office 12:26
Strollamus, opp Slipway 12:31
Dunan, opp Houses 12:32
Ard Dorch, opp Picture House 12:34
Luib, at Road End 12:36
Sconser, opp Skye Golf Club 12:45
Sconser, opp Ferry Rd End 12:46
Sconser, opp Ferry Rd End 12:48
Sligachan, o/s Hotel 12:53
Portree, opp Braes Rd End 13:04
Portree, at Aros Centre Rd End 13:07
Portree Somerled Square (Stance 1) 13:08
Portree Somerled Square (Stance 1) 13:10
Portree, opp Co-Op 13:11
Portree, opp Sluggans Industrial Estate 13:12
Borve, at Drumuie Rd End 13:14
Borve, opp Road End 13:16
Borve, after A850 Junction 13:17
Annishader, opp Road End 13:22
Kensaleyre, at Church 13:23
Eyre, opp Road End 13:23
Romesdal, at Road End 13:25
Kingsburgh, at Road End 13:27
Peinlich Junction (at) 13:30
Cuidrach, at Road End 13:33
Earlish, at Road End 13:35
Uig, opp Sheadar Road End 13:37
Uig, at Post Office 13:38
Uig Police Station (W-bound) 13:38
Uig, opp Rha Bank 13:38
Uig Pier (at) 13:40

Uig - Glasgow

Uig Pier (at) 14:4518:15
Uig, at Rha Bank 14:4618:16
Uig Police Station (E-bound) 14:4618:16
Uig, opp Post Office 14:4618:16
Uig, at Sheadar Road End 14:4718:17
Earlish, opp Road End 14:4918:19
Cuidrach, opp Road End 14:5118:21
Peinlich Junction (at) 14:5418:24
Kingsburgh, opp Road End 14:5718:27
Romesdal, opp Road End 14:5918:29
Eyre, at Road End 15:0118:31
Kensaleyre, at Keistle Rd End 15:0218:32
Annishader, at Road End 15:0218:32
Borve, at North Road End 15:0518:35
Borve, at Road End 15:0818:38
Borve, opp Drumuie Rd End 15:0918:39
Portree, nr Sluggans Industrial Estate 15:1218:42
Portree, o/s Co-Op 15:1318:43
Portree Somerled Square (Stance 1) 15:1518:45
Portree Somerled Square (Stance 1) 15:20
Portree, at Cemetery 15:22
Portree, at Braes Rd End 15:25
Sligachan, opp Hotel 15:36
Sconser, at Ferry Rd End 15:41
Sconser, at Skye Golf Club 15:42
Luib, opp Road End 15:51
Ard Dorch, o/s Picture House 15:53
Dunan, at Houses 15:55
Strollamus, at Slipway 15:56
Broadford, opp Post Office 16:01
Broadford, o/s Caberfeidh Bar 16:03
Broadford, opp Hebridean Hotel 16:04
Skulamus, opp Armadale Rd End 16:06
Breakish, opp Bus Shelter 16:08
Ashaig, at Camp Site 16:10
Kyleakin, at Shorefront Shelter 16:17
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 16:22
Kyle of Lochalsh, at Harbour Slipway 16:30
Balmacara, at Camp Site Rd End 16:35
Reraig, o/s Balmacara Hotel 16:38
Kirkton, opp Village Hall 16:39
Auchtertyre, opp Business Park 16:40
Nostie, opp Road End 16:42
Ardelve, opp Road End 16:43
Dornie, at Bridge Rd End 16:45
Inverinate, opp Houses 16:52
Allt a’ Chruinn, at Restaurant 16:54
Shiel Bridge, opp Junction 16:56
Cluanie, opp Inn 17:15
Bunloyne, opp Junction 17:27
Invergarry, o/s School 17:44
Invergarry, o/s Hotel 17:45
Invergarry, opp Seven Heads Store 17:47
Laggan, at Great Glen Waterpark 17:48
Laggan, opp Youth Hostel 17:49
Laggan Locks (opp) 17:51
Letterfinlay, o/s Hotel 17:58
Glen Gloy, at Road End 18:03
Stronaba, at Road End 18:06
Spean Bridge, at Spean Crescent 18:12
Nevis Range, at Road End 18:17
Torlundy, opp Hotel 18:20
Lochybridge, at Glenmhor Terrace 18:23
Lochybridge, before Tail Race 18:24
Lochybridge, at British Aluminium 18:25
Fort William, at Ben Nevis Ind Est 18:25
Fort William, opp Inverlochy Junction 18:26
Fort William, at Nevis Bank Lane 18:26
Fort William, o/s Leisure Centre 18:27
Fort William, o/s Belford Hospital 18:27
Fort William Bus Station (Stances 3/4) 18:29
Fort William Bus Station (Stances 3/4) 19:10
Fort William, opp Yacht Club 19:11
Fort William, o/s Croit Anna Hotel 19:13
Corran Ferry, at Birchbrae Lodges Road End 19:25
Onich, o/s Village Stores 19:30
N Ballachulish, at Kinlochleven Rd End 19:32
Ballachulish, at Chisholms Garage 19:36
Ballachulish, o/s Tourist Information 19:37
Glencoe, opp Hotel 19:40
Glencoe, opp Visitor Centre 19:42
Glencoe, opp Chairlift Road End 19:58
Bridge Of Orchy, opp Hotel 20:14
Tyndrum, opp Pine Trees Leisure Park 20:25
Crianlarich, at Public Toilets 20:33
Crianlarich, at Public Toilets 20:38
Inverarnan, at Hotel 20:47
Ardlui, at Hotel 20:50
Inveruglas, opp Loch Sloy Power Station 20:59
Tarbet, opp Hotel car park 21:06
Inverbeg, opp Hotel 21:13
Luss Bypass (S-bound) 21:17
Luss, opp Loch Lomond Golf Course 21:19
Arden Lodge (at) 21:23
Arden Duck Bay (S-bound) 21:25
Balloch, nr Lower Stoneymollan Road 21:27
Dumbarton, after Barloan Toll 21:33
Kilbowie Roundabout Eastbound (at) 21:44
Drumchapel, nr Heathcot Place 21:47
Anniesland Cross (after) 21:55
Kelvinside, opp Gartnavel Hospital 21:58
Hillhead, opp Cecil Street 22:02
Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station (Stance 56) 22:12

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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