917 - Hillborough - Canterbury

Operated by Stagecoach South East

Herne Streetfield - Canterbury Simon Langton Girls' School

Herne, opp Streetfield 06:56
Herne, adj Woodrow Chase 06:57
Herne, adj Windmill 06:58
Herne, adj Windmill Close 06:59
Herne Pigeon Lane (just before) 07:00
Herne Hunters Forstal (E-bound) 07:00
Broomfield, opp Arden Road 07:01
Broomfield, opp Gorse Lane 07:02
Broomfield, opp The Meadows 07:02
Broomfield, adj Hoopers Lane 07:03
Broomfield, opp Huntsman and Horn 07:04
Broomfield Heart in Hand Corner (N-bound) 07:05
Hillborough May Street Cross (N-bound) 07:07
Hillborough, adj Barnes Way 07:09
Hillborough, adj Sanderling Road 07:10
Beltinge, opp Bishopstone Lane 07:11
Beltinge, opp Gainsborough Drive 07:12
Beltinge, adj Coventry Gardens 07:13
Beltinge, adj Terminus Drive 07:14
Beltinge, adj Osborne Gardens 07:15
Beltinge Dollies Corner (NW-bound) 07:16
Herne Bay, adj Glen Avenue 07:17
Herne Bay, adj Dence Park North 07:19
Herne Bay, adj Downs Park North 07:20
Herne Bay, adj Railway Station 07:27
Herne Bay, opp Bullers Avenue 07:28
Herne Bay Sea Street (NW-bound) 07:29
Westcliff Albany Drive The Broadway (N-bound) 07:30
Westcliff, adj Selsea Avenue 07:31
Westcliff, adj Ridgeway Cliff 07:32
Westcliff Grand Drive (just before) 07:33
Westcliff, opp West Cliff Drive 07:34
Westcliff, opp Fitzgerald Avenue 07:35
Herne Bay Sea Street Roundabout (just after) 07:37
Greenhill Roundabout (SW-bound) 07:39
Greenhill, opp Longmead Close 07:40
Greenhill, adj Rowland Drive 07:42
Greenhill Hawks Road (N-bound) 07:44
Greenhill Coulter Road Layby (NW-bound) 07:45
Greenhill Coulter Road (NE-bound) 07:46
Greenhill Blackburn Road (E-bound) 07:46
Greenhill Herne Drive (SE-bound) 07:48
Greenhill, adj Poplar Drive Shops 07:49
Chestfield, adj Maydowns Road 07:54
Chestfield, adj The Leas 07:55
Chestfield, opp Willow Way 07:55
Chestfield, adj Golf Club 07:56
Chestfield, opp Cherry Orchard 07:56
Radfall Ride (opp) 07:57
Radfall, adj Dukeswood 07:58
Radfall, adj Broomfield Gate 07:59
Tyler Hill, adj Britton Court Farm 08:03
Tyler Hill, opp The Tyler's Kiln 08:04
University of Kent Alcroft Grange (S-bound) 08:06
St Stephen’s, opp The Archbishop's School 08:08
St Stephen’s, adj Ye Olde Beverlie 08:10
St Stephen’s, adj Market Way 08:13
Northgate, opp Sainsbury's 08:15
Northgate, adj St Thomas' School 08:21
Canterbury, adj Magistrates Court 08:23
Canterbury, adj Waitrose 08:24
Canterbury, adj St Augustine's Road 08:26
Canterbury, opp St Lawrence Road 08:27
Canterbury, adj Barton Road 08:29
Canterbury, opp School Passage 08:30
Canterbury Old Gate Inn (SE-bound) 08:31
Canterbury, adj St Anselm's School 08:32
Canterbury, adj Simon Langton Girls' School 08:35

Canterbury St Anselm's School - Herne Streetfield

Canterbury, adj St Anselm's School 15:40
Canterbury, adj Simon Langton Girls' School 15:42
Canterbury, adj Kent Cricket Ground 15:46
Canterbury, adj St Lawrence Road 15:49
Canterbury, opp St Augustine's Road 15:53
Canterbury, opp Waitrose 15:55
Canterbury, opp Magistrates Court 16:00
Northgate, opp St Thomas' School 16:01
Northgate, o/s Sainsbury's 16:04
St Stephen’s, opp Market Way 16:06
St Stephen’s, opp Ye Olde Beverlie 16:08
St Stephen’s, adj The Archbishop's School 16:09
University of Kent Alcroft Grange (N-bound) 16:10
Tyler Hill, adj The Tyler's Kiln 16:12
Tyler Hill, opp Britton Court Farm 16:13
Radfall, opp Broomfield Gate 16:17
Radfall, opp Dukeswood 16:18
Radfall Ride (adj) 16:19
Chestfield, adj Cherry Orchard 16:20
Chestfield, adj Willow Way 16:21
Chestfield, opp The Leas 16:21
Chestfield, opp Maydowns Road 16:22
Greenhill Roundabout (SW-bound) 16:28
Greenhill, opp Longmead Close 16:28
Greenhill, adj Rowland Drive 16:29
Greenhill Hawks Road (N-bound) 16:30
Greenhill Coulter Road Layby (NW-bound) 16:30
Greenhill Coulter Road (NE-bound) 16:31
Greenhill Blackburn Road (E-bound) 16:31
Greenhill Herne Drive (SE-bound) 16:33
Greenhill, adj Poplar Drive Shops 16:34
Herne Bay, before Sea Street Roundabout 16:36
Westcliff, adj Fitzgerald Avenue 16:37
Westcliff, adj West Cliff Drive 16:38
Westcliff, after Grand Drive 16:39
Westcliff, opp Ridgeway Cliff 16:40
Westcliff, opp Selsea Avenue 16:41
Westcliff Albany Drive The Broadway (S-bound) 16:42
Herne Bay Sea Street (SE-bound) 16:43
Herne Bay, adj Bullers Avenue 16:44
Herne Bay, adj Railway Station 16:45
Herne Bay, opp Downs Park North 16:50
Herne Bay, opp Dence Park North 16:51
Herne Bay, opp Glen Avenue 16:52
Beltinge Dollies Corner (SE-bound) 16:53
Beltinge, opp Osborne Gardens 16:54
Beltinge, opp Terminus Drive 16:54
Beltinge, opp Coventry Gardens 16:54
Beltinge, adj Gainsborough Drive 16:55
Beltinge, adj Bishopstone Lane 16:56
Hillborough, opp Barnes Way 16:57
Hillborough Reculver School (S-bound) 16:57
Hillborough May Street Cross (S-bound) 16:58
Broomfield Heart in Hand Corner (W-bound) 17:01
Broomfield, adj Huntsman and Horn 17:02
Broomfield, opp Hoopers Lane 17:03
Broomfield, adj The Meadows 17:04
Broomfield, adj Gorse Lane 17:04
Broomfield, adj Arden Road 17:04
Herne Hunters Forstal (W-bound) 17:05
Herne, opp Windmill 17:05
Herne, opp Woodrow Chase 17:06
Herne, adj Streetfield 17:06

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 15 June 2024

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