941 - Newcastle - Team Valley

A bus service operated by Weardale Motor Services


Monday to Friday

Newcastle - Team Valley

Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle Newgate Street (N-bound) 06:40
Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle St James (W-bound) 06:41
Newcastle upon Tyne Barrack Road-St James Park (NW-bound) 06:42
Arthur’s Hill Stanhope Street-Social Club (W-bound) 06:43
Arthur’s Hill Stanhope Street-Avison Street (W-bound) 06:43
Arthur’s Hill Stanhope Street-Baxterwood Court (W-bound) 06:43
Arthur’s Hill Stanhope Street-Stanton Street (W-bound) 06:43
Arthur’s Hill Stanhope Street-Brighton Grove (W-bound) 06:44
Arthur's Hill-Brighton Grove (S-bound) 06:45
Fenham Newcastle C.A.V Campus (A) 06:45
Fenham West Road-The Plaza (W-bound) 06:46
Fenham West Road-Colston Street (W-bound) 06:46
Fenham West Road-College (W-bound) 06:46
Fenham West Road-Tillmouth Gardens (W-bound) 06:47
Fenham West Road-Fox And Hounds (W-bound) 06:48
Denton Burn Newcastle Crematorium (NW-bound) 06:49
Denton Burn West Road-Brignall Gardens (NW-bound) 06:49
Denton Burn West Road (NW-bound) 06:51
Denton Burn West Road-A1 (NW-bound) 06:51
Denton Burn West Road-The Ramparts (NW-bound) 06:52
Denton Burn West Road-Avalon Drive (NW-bound) 06:52
Lemington Road Ends (W-bound) 06:54
Lemington Union Hall Road-West Denton Road (S-bound) 06:55
Lemington Union Hall Road-Hartside (S-bound) 06:56
Lemington Union Hall Road-Bewick Crescent (S-bound) 06:56
Lemington Tyne View - Montague Street (E-bound) 06:58
Lemington Scotswood Road-Holy Saviour (SE-bound) 06:58
Lemington Scotswood Road-St Georges (E-bound) 06:59
Lemington Scotswood Road - Bells Close (E-bound) 06:59
Lemington Scotswood Road-Bells Close (E-bound) 06:59
Scotswood Road-B&q (E-bound) 07:00
Blaydon Derwenthaugh Road-Marina (SE-bound) 07:02
Metrocentre Riverside Way-Clasper Way (E-bound) 07:03
Metrocentre Derwenthaugh Bridge Approach (SE-bound) 07:04
Metrocentre Interchange (H) 07:06
Team Valley Kingsway North - First Avenue (D) 07:16
Team Valley Kingsway-Second Avenue (S-bound) 07:16
Team Valley Kingsway-Fourth Avenue (S-bound) 07:16
Team Valley Centre (S-bound) 07:18
Team Valley Kingsway-Seventh Avenue (S-bound) 07:19
Team Valley Kingsway South - Ninth Avenue (S-bound) 07:20

Team Valley - Newcastle

Team Valley Kingsway South (N-bound) 16:05
Team Valley Kingsway-Seventh Avenue (N-bound) 16:05
Team Valley Centre (N-bound) 16:08
Team Valley Kingsway-Fifth Avenue (N-bound) 16:08
Team Valley Kingsway-Fourth Avenue (N-bound) 16:09
Team Valley Kingsway-Second Avenue (N-bound) 16:10
Team Valley Kingsway North (C) 16:11
Team Valley Lobley Hill Road - New Road (E) 16:11
Metrocentre Interchange (D) 16:23
Metrocentre Derwenthaugh Bridge Approach (NW-bound) 16:24
Metrocentre Riverside Way-Clasper Way (W-bound) 16:25
Blaydon Derwenthaugh Road-Bridge (W-bound) 16:26
Scotswood Road-B&q (W-bound) 16:27
Lemington Scotswood Road-Bells Close (W-bound) 16:28
Lemington Scotswood Road-St Georges Terace (W-bound) 16:29
Lemington (W-bound) 16:30
Lemington Union Hall Road-Bewick Crescent (N-bound) 16:31
Lemington Union Hall Road-Kirkstone Avenue (N-bound) 16:31
Lemington Union Hall Road-Hospital Lane (N-bound) 16:32
Lemington Union Hall Road-West Road (N-bound) 16:33
W Denton Lemington Road Ends (E-bound) 16:34
W Denton A69-The Burnside (E-bound) 16:34
Denton Burn West Road-South View (SE-bound) 16:35
Denton Burn West Road-A1 (SE-bound) 16:36
Denton Burn West Road (SE-bound) 16:37
West Road- Denton Burn Hotel (SE-bound) 16:37
Denton Burn Newcastle Crematorium (E-bound) 16:39
Fenham West Road-Fox And Hounds (SE-bound) 16:39
Fenham West Road-Roman Fort (E-bound) 16:40
Fenham West Road-College (E-bound) 16:41
Fenham West Road-Shipley Avenue (E-bound) 16:41
Fenham West Road-The Plaza (E-bound) 16:42
Fenham Newcastle C.A.V Campus (C) 16:43
Arthur’s Hill Westgate Road-Gloucester Road (E-bound) 16:43
Arthur’s Hill Westgate Road-Elswick Street (E-bound) 16:44
Elswick Westgate Road-Tindal Street (E-bound) 16:45
Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle Newgate Street (SE-bound) 16:48

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Weardale Motor Services