BH2 - Bungay High School - Lowestoft

A bus service operated by Borderbus

Monday to Friday until Friday 19 July 2024

Bungay High School to Lowestoft

Bungay, outside High School 15:15
Bungay, adj Old Grammar School Lane 15:16
Bungay, opp Mayfair Road 15:17
Bungay, opp Joyce Road 15:17
Bungay, opposite Annis Hill 15:17
Mettingham, opp Rectory Lane 15:20
Shipmeadow, adj Council Houses 15:22
Barsham, adj Old School House 15:24
Beccles, opp Health Centre 15:28
Beccles Alexandra Road (E-bound) 15:30
Beccles, opposite Ellough Road 15:34
Beccles Park Drive (Adjacent) 15:34
Worlingham, opposite Kempton Cross 15:35
Worlingham, opposite Garden Lane 15:36
Worlingham, opp Service Station 15:37
North Cove, outside Three Horseshoes 15:40
Barnby, outside Nursery 15:41
Barnby, adj West Cottage 15:42
Carlton Colville, adj Marsh Lane 15:46
Carlton Colville, opp Hollow Grove Way 15:47
Carlton Colville, adj Daffodil Walk 15:47
Carlton Colville Uplands Community Centre (Adjacent) 15:49
Carlton Colville, opposite Co-Op 15:50
Carlton Colville, adj Damask Close 15:51
Carlton Colville, opp Clifford Drive 15:52
Lowestoft, outside Elm Tree Road 15:53
Oulton Broad, opp Whitton Close 15:54
Oulton Broad, opp Highland Way 15:54
Oulton Broad, adj Planters Grove 15:55
Oulton Broad, opposite Colville Road 15:56
Oulton Broad, nr Swing Bridge 15:57
Oulton Broad, opp Library 15:58
Oulton Broad, opp North Railway Station 16:00
Oulton, opp Lakeland Drive 16:01
Normanston, adj Monckton Avenue 16:02
Normanston, adj Fir Lane 16:02
Normanston Fire Station (Adjacent) 16:03
Normanston Northgate South End (E-bound) 16:04
Normanston, opposite Rotterdam Road 16:04
Normanston East Coast College (Near) 16:04
Normanston, opposite Tudor Rose 16:06
Normanston, opp Cross Keys 16:08
Lowestoft Adrian Road (Adjacent) 16:10
Lowestoft, opp Railway Station 16:12
Lowestoft, adj East Point Pavilion 16:14
Lowestoft, adj Waterloo Road 16:15
Lowestoft, outside Claremont Pier 16:15
Kirkley, adj London Road South 16:17
Kirkley, opp Marquis of Lorne 16:18
Kirkley, opp Enstone Road 16:19
Kirkley, adj Fighting Cocks 16:20

Lowestoft to Bungay High School

Oulton Broad, opp Whitton Close 07:25
Oulton Broad, opp Nelson Wharf 07:26
Oulton Broad, opp Crompton Road 07:27
Oulton Broad, opp South Elmham Terrace 07:28
Oulton Broad, nr Swing Bridge 07:29
Oulton Broad, opp Library 07:31
Oulton Broad, opp North Railway Station 07:32
Oulton, opp Lakeland Drive 07:32
Normanston, adj Monckton Avenue 07:33
Normanston, adj Fir Lane 07:33
Normanston Fire Station (Adjacent) 07:34
Normanston Northgate South End (E-bound) 07:35
Normanston, opposite Rotterdam Road 07:36
Normanston East Coast College (Near) 07:36
Normanston, opposite Tudor Rose 07:36
Normanston, opp Cross Keys 07:37
Lowestoft Adrian Road (Adjacent) 07:39
Lowestoft, opp Railway Station 07:40
Lowestoft, adj East Point Pavilion 07:43
Lowestoft, adj Waterloo Road 07:44
Lowestoft, outside Claremont Pier 07:45
Kirkley, adj London Road South 07:46
Kirkley, opp Marquis of Lorne 07:47
Kirkley, opp Enstone Road 07:48
Kirkley, adj Fighting Cocks 07:49
Whitton, opp Britten Road 07:50
Whitton, opp Homefield Avenue 07:50
Whitton, adj Ravenwood Mews 07:50
Whitton, opp Westwood Avenue 07:51
Whitton, adj Aldwyck Way 07:51
Whitton, opposite Andaman Surgery 07:52
Carlton Colville Elm Tree Roundabout (N-bound) 07:53
Carlton Colville, opp Damask Close 07:54
Carlton Colville, adj Co-Op 07:55
Carlton Colville, opposite Uplands Community Centre 07:56
Carlton Colville, opp Daffodil Walk 07:57
Carlton Colville, adj Hollow Grove Way 07:58
Carlton Colville, opp Marsh Lane 08:00
Barnby, opp West Cottage 08:04
Barnby, o/s Lay-by 08:05
Barnby, opposite Nursery 08:05
North Cove, opposite Three Horseshoes 08:05
Worlingham, opposite Service Station 08:07
Worlingham Garden Lane (Adjacent) 08:08
Worlingham Kempton Cross (Adjacent) 08:09
Beccles, opposite Park Drive 08:09
Beccles Ellough Road (Adjacent) 08:10
Beccles Alexandra Road (W-bound) 08:12
Beccles, adj Health Centre 08:14
Barsham, opp Old School House 08:16
Shipmeadow, opp Council Houses 08:18
Mettingham Rectory Lane (Adjacent) 08:20
Bungay Annis Hill (Adjacent) 08:22
Bungay, adj Joyce Road 08:23
Bungay, adj Mayfair Road 08:24
Bungay, opp George Baldry Way 08:24
Bungay, outside High School 08:25

Timetable data from, 12 June 2024