C39 - Windle Island - Widnes via Eccleston, Thatto Heath

A bus service operated by Warrington's Own Buses

Monday to Friday, Cronton & Riverside College days (not bank holidays) until Friday 28 June 2024

Windle Island - Eccleston, Thatto Heath - Widnes

Bleak Hill Brow, adj East Lancashire Road 08:01
Bleak Hill Brow, adj Malt House Court 08:01
Cowley Hill, adj Hammill Street 08:03
Cowley Hill, adj Dentons Green Lane 08:03
Cowley Hill, adj Swinburne Road 08:04
Cowley Hill, adj Fairfield Road 08:05
Cowley Hill, adj Beaconsfield Road 08:06
St Helens Newtown Dodd Avenue (E-bound) 08:08
St Helens Newtown, adj Hewitt Avenue 08:09
St Helens Newtown, adj Mulberry Avenue 08:10
St Helens Newtown, opposite Ellison Drive 08:10
West Park Gladstone Street (Adjacent) 08:12
West Park Constance Street (Adjacent) 08:13
West Park, outside Prescot Road 08:14
West Park, adj Roby Street 08:18
Thatto Heath Whittle Street (Adjacent) 08:19
Thatto Heath Lacey Street (Stop B) 08:19
Thatto Heath, adj Elephant Lane 08:20
Thatto Heath, adj Nutgrove Hall Drive 08:20
Thatto Heath Nutgrove Hall Drive (SE-bound) 08:21
Thatto Heath, opp Stratton Drive 08:23
Rainhill, opp Elton Head Road 08:25
St Anns Elderswood Road (Adjacent) 08:26
St Anns Warrington Road (Adjacent) 08:27
St Anns Rainhill Rail Staiton (Stop D) 08:28
St Anns, in Ashfield 08:28
Rainhill, opp Lawton Road 08:29
Rainhill Stoops, opp Dunbeath Avenue 08:30
Rainhill Stoops, adj School Lane 08:31
Rainhill Stoops, opp Norlands Lane 08:32
Barrows Green Wilmere House 08:34
Lunt’s Heath Valentine House 08:36
Lunt’s Heath Wilmere Lane 08:37
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 08:38
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 08:39
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 08:39
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 08:41
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 08:42
Lunt’s Heath The Globe 08:43
Farnworth Buckingham Avenue 08:44
Farnworth Pit Lane 08:45
Farnworth Widnes Station 08:47
Victoria Park Birchfield Road 08:48
Victoria Park Horse & Jockey 08:49
Widnes Halton College 08:53

Operates on college days only

Widnes - Eccleston, Thatto Heath - Windle Island

Widnes Milton Road 16:42
Widnes Horse & Jockey 16:44
Widnes Wade Deacon 16:44
Widnes Birchfield Road 16:45
Upton Rocks Widnes Station 16:45
Upton Rocks Pit Lane 16:47
Upton Rocks Buckingham Avenue 16:47
Upton Rocks The Globe 16:48
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:49
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 16:49
Upton Rocks Pex Hill 16:50
Upton Rocks Hillcrest 16:51
Upton Rocks Birchfield Gardens 16:52
Lunt’s Heath Valentine House 16:53
Upton Rocks Wilmere House 16:55
Rainhill, adj Norlands Lane 16:57
St Anns, opposite School Lane 16:58
St Anns Coylton Avenue (Adjacent) 16:59
St Anns Lawton Road (Adjacent) 17:00
St Anns, in St James Road 17:01
St Anns Rainhill Rail Station (Stop E) 17:02
St Anns, opposite Brandreth Close 17:02
St Anns St Ann Place (Adjacent) 17:03
Rainhill, adj Stapleton Road 17:04
Nutgrove, nr Rainhill Road 17:05
Thatto Heath, adj Stratton Drive 17:05
Thatto Heath Elton Head Road (E-bound) 17:06
Thatto Heath Nutgrove Hall Drive (NW-bound) 17:08
Thatto Heath, adj Scholes Lane 17:09
Thatto Heath, adj Lacey Street 17:10
Thatto Heath, adj Leslie Road 17:11
West Park, adj Regents Road 17:12
West Park Grosvenor Road (Adjacent) 17:13
West Park Prescot Road (Adjacent) 17:15
West Park Moxon Street (Adjacent) 17:17
West Park, opposite Doulton Street 17:18
St Helens Newtown, outside Dunriding Lane 17:19
St Helens Newtown, adj Mcfarlane Avenue 17:20
St Helens Newtown Chisnall Avenue (Adjacent) 17:20
St Helens Newtown Dodd Avenue (W-bound) 17:22
Cowley Hill, adj Coronation Road 17:23
Cowley Hill, adj Hartington Road 17:24
Cowley Hill, adj Rosebery Road 17:24
Bleak Hill Brow, adj Dartmouth Drive 17:26
Windle, adj East Lancashire Road 17:27

Operates on college days only

Timetable data from Warringtons Own Buses, 20 March 2024

Warrington's Own Buses


Contactless payment or cash accepted

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