NX2 - Oxford City Centre, St Aldates - Didcot, Parkway Station

A bus service operated by Thames Travel

Oxford City Centre, St Aldates to Didcot, Parkway Station

Oxford Railway Station (Stop R3) 00:3001:3002:30
Oxford Park End Street (Stop D1) 00:3201:3202:32
Oxford New Road (Stop D4) 00:3301:3302:33
Oxford St Aldates (Stop H1) 00:4001:4002:4003:10
Oxford Police Station (Stop P1) 00:4001:4002:4003:10
Oxford, opp Whitehouse Road 00:4101:4102:4103:11
Oxford, opp Newton Road 00:4201:4202:4203:12
New Hinksey, opp Lake Street 00:4201:4202:4203:12
New Hinksey, opp Lincoln Road 00:4301:4302:4303:13
New Hinksey, adj Chatham Road 00:4301:4302:4303:13
New Hinksey, o/s Canning Crescent 00:4401:4402:4403:14
Oxford Redbridge Park and Ride (inside) 00:4501:4502:4503:15
Abingdon Lodge Hill (S-bound) 00:5001:5002:5003:20
Abingdon Peachcroft Roundabout (S-bound) 00:5101:5102:5103:21
Abingdon, opp South Avenue 00:5101:5102:5103:21
Abingdon, o/s Boundary House 00:5201:5202:5203:22
Abingdon, o/s Oxford Road Shops 00:5301:5302:5303:23
Our Ladys Abingdon (SW-bound) 00:5401:5402:5403:24
Abingdon Vineyard (Stop A10) 00:5401:5402:5403:24
Abingdon Stratton Way (Stop A4) 00:5601:5602:5603:26
Abingdon, opp Conduit Road 00:5601:5602:5603:26
Abingdon, opp Victoria Road 00:5701:5702:5703:27
Caldecott, adj Ladygrove Paddock 00:5701:5702:5703:27
Caldecott, adj Saxton Road 00:5901:5902:5903:29
Caldecott, adj Morland Gardens 00:5901:5902:5903:29
Drayton Abingdon Road (S-bound) 01:0102:0103:0103:31
Drayton, o/s The Green 01:0202:0203:0203:32
Drayton, adj East Way 01:0202:0203:0203:32
Drayton, adj Haywards Road 01:0302:0303:0303:33
Drayton Steventon Road Bridge (S-bound) 01:0302:0303:0303:33
Steventon, opp Field Gardens 01:0402:0403:0403:34
Steventon, nr The Green 01:0502:0503:0503:35
Steventon, o/s The Cherry Tree 01:0502:0503:0503:35
Milton Heights, opp Turn 01:0702:0703:0703:37
Milton Park, adj Milton Gate 01:0802:0803:0803:38
Great Western Park, adj Red Kite Way 01:1202:1203:1203:42
Great Western Park, adj Juniper Way 01:1202:1203:1203:42
Great Western Park, adj Boundary Park Pavilion 01:1302:1303:1303:43
Great Western Park, opp ASDA 01:1402:1403:1403:44
Great Western Park, adj Holly Lane 01:1502:1503:1503:45
Didcot, opp Community Hospital 01:1602:1603:1603:46
Didcot, o/s Wantage Road Shops 01:1702:1703:1703:47
Didcot, o/s Civic Hall 01:1802:1803:1803:48
Didcot Broadway (Stop B1) 01:1902:1903:1903:49
Didcot Orchard Centre (N-bound) 01:2002:2003:2003:50
Didcot Parkway Station (Stop R3) 01:2302:2303:2303:53

Didcot, Parkway Station to Oxford City Centre, St Aldates

Didcot Parkway Station (Stop R1) 00:3201:32
Didcot Sainsburys (Stop S3) 00:3301:33
Didcot Orchard Centre (S-bound) 00:3401:34
Didcot Broadway (Stop B2) 00:3401:34
Didcot, opp Civic Hall 00:3501:35
Didcot, opp Wantage Road Shops 00:3601:36
Didcot, o/s Community Hospital 00:3701:37
Great Western Park, opp Holly Lane 00:3901:39
Great Western Park, adj ASDA 00:4001:40
Great Western Park, opp Boundary Park Pavilion 00:4001:40
Great Western Park, opp Juniper Way 00:4101:41
Great Western Park, opp Red Kite Way 00:4101:41
Milton Park, opp Milton Gate 00:4601:46
Milton Heights, adj Turn 00:4701:47
Steventon, opp The Cherry Tree 00:4901:49
Steventon, o/s The Green 00:5001:50
Steventon, adj Field Gardens 00:5001:50
Drayton Steventon Road Bridge (N-bound) 00:5101:51
Drayton, opp Haywards Road 00:5101:51
Drayton, opp East Way 00:5201:52
Drayton, opp The Green 00:5301:53
Drayton Abingdon Road (N-bound) 00:5301:53
Caldecott, opp Morland Gardens 00:5501:55
Caldecott, opp Saxton Road 00:5601:56
Caldecott, opp Ladygrove Paddock 00:5701:57
Abingdon, adj Victoria Road 00:5801:58
Abingdon, adj Conduit Road 00:5901:59
Abingdon, o/s Coxeters 00:5901:59
Abingdon Stratton Way (Stop A2) 01:0002:00
Abingdon Vineyard (Stop A11) 01:0002:00
Our Ladys Abingdon (NE-bound) 01:0102:01
Abingdon, opp Oxford Road Shops 01:0102:01
Abingdon, opp Boundary House 01:0202:02
Abingdon, adj South Avenue 01:0302:03
Abingdon Peachcroft Roundabout (N-bound) 01:0402:04
Abingdon Lodge Hill (N-bound) 01:0402:04
Oxford Redbridge Park and Ride (inside) 01:1102:11
New Hinksey, opp Canning Crescent 01:1102:11
New Hinksey, opp Chatham Road 01:1202:12
New Hinksey, adj Lincoln Road 01:1202:12
New Hinksey, adj Lake Street 01:1302:13
Oxford, adj Newton Road 01:1402:14
Oxford, adj Whitehouse Road 01:1402:14
Oxford Police Station (Stop P2) 01:1502:15
Oxford Speedwell Street (Stop S1) 01:1502:15
Oxford Westgate (Stop E4) 01:1802:18
Oxford Park End Street (Stop D5) 01:1902:19
Oxford Railway Station (Stop R3) 01:2202:22

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