SET - SET Beccles - Southwold

A bus service operated by Borderbus

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

SET Beccles to Southwold

Beccles Free School (adj) 15:10
Beccles, adj Clerks Piece 15:11
Beccles, opp Bluebell Way 15:12
Ellough, o/s Industrial Estate 15:13
North Cove, outside Three Horseshoes 15:14
Barnby, outside Nursery 15:15
Barnby, adj West Cottage 15:16
Carlton Colville, adj Marsh Lane 15:22
Carlton Colville, opp Hollow Grove Way 15:23
Carlton Colville, adj Daffodil Walk 15:24
Carlton Colville Uplands Community Centre (Adjacent) 15:25
Carlton Colville, opposite Co-Op 15:26
Carlton Colville, adj Damask Close 15:27
Carlton Colville Elm Tree Roundabout (S-bound) 15:28
Carlton Colville, adj Tom Crisp Way 15:29
Carlton Colville, opp Deepdale 15:29
Carlton Colville Fortress Road (Adjacent) 15:31
Carlton Colville, opp Tom Crisp Way 15:32
Whitton Andaman Surgery (Adjacent) 15:32
Whitton, opp Aldwyck Way 15:34
Whitton, adj Westwood Avenue 15:35
Whitton, opp Ravenwood Mews 15:36
Whitton Homefield Avenue (Adjacent) 15:37
Whitton, adj Britten Road 15:38
Pakefield, adj Tramway Hotel 15:41
Pakefield Grand Avenue (Adjacent) 15:41
Pakefield Primary School (Opposite) 15:43
Pakefield Gateway Retail Park (Adjacent) 15:43
Pakefield, opp Morrisons 15:45
Pakefield, o/s Holiday Village 15:45
Pakefield, opposite Jaydene Caravan Park 15:45
Kessingland The Hollies (Adjacent) 15:46
Kessingland, opposite Oaklands Terrace 15:46
Kessingland Heathland Beach Caravan Park (Adjacent) 15:47
Kessingland, opposite Pond Farm 15:48
Kessingland Queens Terrace (Adjacent) 15:49
Kessingland Lincoln Court (Adjacent) 15:50
Kessingland St Edmunds Crescent (Adjacent) 15:51
Kessingland Fisherman's Way (Adjacent) 15:53
Kessingland Beaconsfield Road (Adjacent) 15:54
Kessingland, outside Church 15:55
Kessingland, opposite Church Road 15:55
Kessingland Suffolk Wildlife Park (Adjacent) 15:56
Benacre, opp Toad Row 16:00
Benacre Road (opp) 16:00
Wrentham, o/s Palmers Lane 16:00
Wrentham, opp Chapel Road 16:03
Wrentham, opposite Walker Gardens 16:04
Wrentham, adj Playing Fields 16:05
Frostenden, adj Gipsy Lane 16:06
Wangford Pound Corner (Adjacent) 16:07
Wangford, opp Millfields 16:08
Wangford, adj Church Street Corner 16:09
Reydon School Lane (Adjacent) 16:10
Reydon Wangford Road (E-bound) 16:11
Reydon, opposite Windsor Road 16:12
Reydon Mount Pleasant (Adjacent) 16:13
Reydon The Firs (Adjacent) 16:14
Reydon, opposite Randolph Hotel 16:14
Reydon Lowestoft Road (Adjacent) 16:15
Southwold Pier Avenue (Adjacent) 16:16
Southwold, adj North Green 16:16
Southwold Kings Head (Adjacent) 16:17

Southwold to SET Beccles

Southwold Kings Head (Adjacent) 07:13
Southwold, opposite Pier Avenue 07:14
Reydon, opposite Lowestoft Road 07:15
Reydon Randolph Hotel (Adjacent) 07:16
Reydon, opposite The Firs 07:16
Reydon, opposite Mount Pleasant 07:17
Reydon Windsor Road (Adjacent) 07:18
Reydon Wangford Road (W-bound) 07:18
Reydon, opposite School Lane 07:18
Wangford, opp Church Street Corner 07:22
Wangford, adj Millfields 07:23
Frostenden, opposite Gipsy Lane 07:26
Wrentham, opp Playing Fields 07:27
Wrentham Walker Gardens (Adjacent) 07:28
Wrentham, adj Chapel Road 07:29
Wrentham, opposite Palmers Lane 07:30
Kessingland, opposite Suffolk Wildlife Park 07:34
Kessingland Church Road (Adjacent) 07:35
Kessingland, opposite Church 07:35
Kessingland, opposite Beaconsfield Road 07:37
Kessingland, opposite Fisherman's Way 07:38
Kessingland, opposite St Edmunds Crescent 07:40
Kessingland, opposite Lincoln Court 07:41
Kessingland, opposite Queens Terrace 07:42
Kessingland Pond Farm (Adjacent) 07:43
Kessingland, opposite Heathland Beach Caravan Park 07:44
Kessingland Oaklands Terrace (Adjacent) 07:44
Pakefield Jaydene Caravan Park (Adjacent) 07:44
Pakefield, opp Holiday Village 07:44
Pakefield, adj Morrisons 07:45
Pakefield, opposite Gateway Retail Park 07:46
Pakefield Primary School (Outside) 07:47
Pakefield, opp Saxon Road 07:48
Pakefield, opp Tramway Hotel 07:49
Whitton, opp Britten Road 07:58
Whitton, opp Homefield Avenue 07:59
Whitton, adj Ravenwood Mews 08:00
Whitton, opp Westwood Avenue 08:00
Whitton, adj Aldwyck Way 08:00
Whitton, opposite Andaman Surgery 08:00
Carlton Colville, opp Deepdale 08:01
Carlton Colville Fortress Road (Adjacent) 08:02
Carlton Colville, opp Tom Crisp Way 08:03
Carlton Colville Elm Tree Roundabout (N-bound) 08:03
Carlton Colville, opp Damask Close 08:04
Carlton Colville, adj Co-Op 08:05
Carlton Colville, opposite Uplands Community Centre 08:06
Carlton Colville, opp Daffodil Walk 08:07
Carlton Colville, adj Hollow Grove Way 08:07
Carlton Colville, opp Marsh Lane 08:08
Barnby, opp West Cottage 08:11
Barnby, opposite Nursery 08:12
North Cove, opposite Three Horseshoes 08:13
Ellough, opp Industrial Estate 08:15
Beccles, adj Bluebell Way 08:17
Beccles, opp Clerks Piece 08:18
Beccles, adj Banham Road 08:19
Beccles Free School (adj) 08:20

Timetable data from, 12 April 2024