X26 - Maynooth - Louisa Bridge - Leeson Street Lower

A bus service operated by Bus Átha Cliath – Dublin Bus

Maynooth Kingsbry 07:1007:2007:40
Maynooth Old Greenfield 07:1107:2107:41
Maynooth Station 07:1107:2207:42
Maynooth 07:1307:2307:43
Maynooth SC 07:1407:2507:45
Maynooth Road Carton Grove 07:1507:2507:45
Maynooth Carton House 07:1807:2807:48
Leixlip Intel West 07:2007:3207:52
Leixlip Intel Main Entrance 07:2207:3407:54
Leixlip Intel East 07:2407:3607:56
Leixlip Louisa Bridge Stn 07:2607:3807:58
Leixlip Ryevale Lawns 07:2707:3907:59
Leixlip Our Lady's Nativity 07:2907:4108:01
Leixlip Village 07:3007:4208:02
Leixlip 07:3107:4408:04
Leixlip Cooldrinagh Terrace 07:3207:4508:05
Leixlip Springfield Hotel 07:3407:4608:06
Lucan Liffey Valley Golf 07:3507:4708:07
Lucan Tandy's Lane 07:3807:4908:09
Lucan Vesey Park 07:3907:5108:11
Lucan Hermitage Bridge 07:4307:5408:14
Liffey Valley SC 07:4607:5708:17
Palmerstown Kennelsfort Road 07:4908:0008:20
Palmerstown The Oval 07:5008:0108:21
Islandbridge Memorial Gardens 08:02s08:14s08:34s
Islandbridge South Circular Road 08:03s08:15s08:35s
Heuston Station 08:08s08:21s08:41s
Wolfe Tone Quay Sarsfield Quay 08:10s08:24s08:44s
The Coombe Arran Quay 08:13s08:28s08:48s
Smithfield Four Courts 08:16s08:31s08:51s
Temple Bar Ormond Quay 08:19s08:33s08:53s
Dublin Bachelors Walk 08:22s08:37s08:57s
Near Tara Station Moss Street 08:27s08:44s09:04s
Pearse Station Prince's Street South 08:29s08:46s09:06s
Pearse Station 08:32s08:49s09:09s
Merrion Square West 08:34s08:51s09:11s
Dublin City South Merrion Street 08:35s08:52s09:12s
Dublin City South Pembroke Street Lower 08:38s08:55s09:15s
Dublin City South Embassy of Malta 08:4108:5809:18

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from Transport for Ireland, 17 April 2024

Bus Átha Cliath – Dublin Bus