X37 - Penicuik Deanburn - Western Harbour

A bus service operated by Lothian Buses

Monday to Friday

Penicuik Deanburn - Western Harbour

Deanburn, at Terminus 07:1607:3607:56
Deanburn, at Royal Court 07:1707:3707:57
Deanburn, at Laverlock Drive 07:1807:3807:58
Deanburn, opp Silverburn Drive 07:1907:3907:59
Deanburn, at Gardeners Walk 07:1907:3907:59
Deanburn Ravelsykes Road (near) 07:2107:4108:00
Deanburn, at Ravendean Gardens 07:2207:4208:02
Deanburn, at Clerk Road 07:2307:4308:02
Penicuik, at Harlaw Grove 07:2407:4408:03
Penicuik, opp Craigiebield Crescent 07:2507:4508:04
Penicuik, opp Navaar House Hotel 07:2607:4608:05
Penicuik, at Lambs Pend 07:2607:4608:05
Penicuik Town Centre (Stop C) 07:2707:4708:06
Penicuik, at Wilson Street 07:2807:4808:07
Penicuik, at John Street Lane 07:2807:4808:07
Penicuik, at Angle Park 07:2907:4908:08
Penicuik, at Cuiken Avenue 07:3007:5008:09
Penicuik Queensway (near) 07:3107:5108:10
Mauricewood Road (at) 07:3207:5208:11
Mauricewood, opp Beeslack High School 07:3207:5208:11
Mauricewood Samoa Terrace (near) 07:3307:5308:12
Glencorse Barracks (opp) 07:3407:5408:13
Milton Bridge, opp Golf Club 07:3507:5508:14
Milton Bridge, at Milton Cottages 07:3607:5608:15
Gowkley Moss, at Bush Access 07:3807:5808:17
Bilston Ploverhall Cottages (near) 07:3907:5908:18
Bilston, at Castlelaw Crescent 07:4008:0008:19
Bilston, at Moorfoot View 07:4108:0108:20
Bilston, opp Roslin Road 07:4108:0108:20
Bilston, at Seafield Road 07:4208:0208:21
Loanhead, at Nivensknowe Park 07:4308:0308:22
Loanhead, at New Pentland Road 07:4408:0408:23
Straiton Cottages (at) 07:4608:0708:26
Straiton Park and Ride (Citybound) 07:4708:0808:27
Kaimes Crossroads (after) 07:5308:1408:33
Newington Road (NW-bound) 08:0808:2908:48
South Side, opp Surgeons' Hall 08:1208:3308:52
Old Town South Bridge (N-Bound 2) 08:1408:3508:54
Edinburgh Princes Street (Waverley Steps) (Stop PQ) 08:1708:3808:57
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PU) 08:2108:4209:01
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QD) 08:2408:4509:04
West End Drumsheugh Place (Stop QF) 08:2508:4609:05
Dean Bridge (after) 08:2708:4809:07
Orchard Brae, opp Learmonth Terrace 08:2808:4909:08
Comely Bank, opp Flora Stevenson School 08:3008:5109:10
Craigleith, at Comely Bank Cemetery 08:3108:5209:11
Craigleith, at Western General 08:3208:5309:12
Craigleith, opp West Woods 08:3308:5409:13
Craigleith, opp North Werber Park 08:3308:5409:13
Craigleith Crewe Toll (NW-bound) 08:3408:5509:14
Crewe Toll Roundabout Crewe Toll (N-bound) 08:3508:5609:15
Pilton, before Crewe Road Gardens 08:3508:5609:15
Pilton, before Crewe Road West 08:3608:5709:16
Pilton, opp Boswall Parkway 08:3608:5709:16
Pilton, opp Royston Mains Crescent 08:3708:5809:17
Granton Waterfront Broadway (N-bound) 08:3909:0009:19
Granton, at Scottish Gas HQ 08:4009:0109:19
Granton, at Saltire Square 08:4109:0209:20
Granton, opp Waterfront Lighthouse 08:4209:0309:21
Granton Harbour Chestnut Street (N-bound) 08:4209:0309:21
Granton Harbour (at) 08:4309:0409:22

Western Harbour - Penicuik Deanburn

Granton Harbour (at) 16:0016:3217:02
Granton Square (N-bound) 16:0116:3317:03
Granton Waterfront Lighthouse (near) 16:0216:3417:04
Granton, opp Saltire Square 16:0316:3517:05
Granton, opp Scottish Gas HQ 16:0516:3717:07
Granton Waterfront Broadway (S-bound) 16:0516:3717:07
Pilton, before Royston Mains Crescent 16:0716:3917:09
Pilton, after Boswall Parkway 16:0816:4017:10
Pilton, opp Crewe Road West 16:0816:4017:10
Pilton, opp Crewe Road Gardens 16:0916:4117:11
Crewe Toll Roundabout Crewe Toll (S-bound) 16:0916:4117:11
Crewe Toll Roundabout Crewe Toll (SE-bound) 16:1016:4217:12
Craigleith, before North Werber Park 16:1116:4317:13
Craigleith, before West Woods 16:1216:4417:14
Craigleith, opp Western General 16:1316:4517:15
Craigleith, opp Comely Bank Cemetery 16:1416:4617:16
Comely Bank, at Flora Stevenson School 16:1516:4717:17
Comely Bank, opp Orchard Brae Avenue 16:1616:4817:18
Orchard Brae, o/s Learmonth Terrace 16:1716:4917:19
Dean Bridge (before) 16:1816:5017:20
West End Drumsheugh Place (Stop QA) 16:2016:5217:22
West End Queensferry Street (Stop QC) 16:2216:5417:24
Edinburgh Princes Street (west) (Stop PC) 16:2416:5617:26
Edinburgh Princes Street (Scott Mon.) (Stop PJ) 16:2817:0017:30
Old Town South Bridge (S-bound 2) 16:3417:0617:36
South Side, after Surgeons' Hall 16:3717:0917:39
Newington Road (SE-bound) 16:4017:1217:42
Kaimes Crossroads (adj) 16:5417:2617:54
Straiton Park and Ride (S-bound) 17:0017:3218:00
Straiton Cottages (opp) 17:0117:3318:01
Loanhead, opp New Pentland Road 17:0317:3518:03
Loanhead, at Asda Straiton 17:0317:3518:03
Loanhead, opp Nivensknowe Park 17:0517:3718:05
Bilston, opp Seafield Road 17:0617:3818:06
Bilston, at Roslin Road 17:0717:3918:07
Bilston, opp Moorfoot View 17:0817:4018:08
Bilston, opp Ploverhall Cottages 17:0917:4118:08
Gowkley Moss, opp Bush Access 17:1017:4218:09
Milton Bridge, opp Milton Cottages 17:1117:4318:11
Milton Bridge, at Golf Club 17:1317:4518:12
Glencorse Barracks (at) 17:1417:4618:13
Mauricewood, opp Samoa Terrace 17:1417:4618:14
Mauricewood Beeslack High School (near) 17:1517:4718:14
Mauricewood Road (opp) 17:1617:4818:15
Penicuik, opp Queensway 17:1817:4918:16
Penicuik, opp Cuiken Avenue 17:1917:5018:17
Penicuik, opp Angle Park 17:2017:5118:18
Penicuik, opp Wilson Street 17:2117:5218:19
Penicuik Town Centre (Stop B) 17:2217:5318:20
Penicuik, opp Lambs Pend 17:2317:5418:21
Penicuik, at Navaar House Hotel 17:2317:5418:21
Penicuik, at Craigiebield Crescent 17:2417:5518:22
Penicuik, opp Harlaw Grove 17:2517:5618:23
Deanburn, opp Clerk Road 17:2617:5718:24
Deanburn, opp Ravendean Gardens 17:2717:5718:24
Deanburn, opp Lowrie Avenue 17:2817:5818:25
Deanburn, opp Ravelsykes Road 17:2817:5918:26
Deanburn, opp Monksrig Road 17:2917:5918:26
Deanburn, opp Gardeners Walk 17:3018:0018:27
Deanburn, at Silverburn Drive 17:3018:0018:27
Deanburn, opp Laverlock Drive 17:3118:0118:28
Deanburn, opp Royal Court 17:3218:0218:29
Deanburn, at Terminus 17:3318:0318:30

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

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