3X - Bristol - Aztec West

A bus service operated by Stagecoach West


Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Bristol - Aztec West

Broadmead (B1) 06:5007:2007:50
Kingsdown Bristol Royal Infirmary (H1) 06:5107:2107:51
Bristol Park Row (U5) 06:5307:2307:53
Tyndall’s Park Park Street Top (U6) 06:5507:2507:55
Tyndall’s Park Triangle West (U3) 06:5607:2607:56
Clifton Belgrave Road (N-bound) 06:5807:2807:58
Clifton Down Station (N-bound) 07:0007:3008:00
Clifton Apsley Road (NW-bound) 07:0207:3208:02
Redland Black Boy Hill (B) 07:0407:3408:04
Redland Grove Road (E-bound) 07:0507:3508:05
Redland Chapel Green Lane (SE-bound) 07:0607:3608:06
Redland Ermleet Road (E-bound) 07:0807:3808:08
Redland Station (C) 07:0907:3908:09
Bishopston Zetland Road Junction (C) 07:1207:4208:12
Bishopston Sommerville Road (N-bound) 07:1407:4408:14
Bishopston Hatherley Road (N-bound) 07:1607:4608:16
Bishopston Nevil Road (N-bound) 07:1807:4808:18
Horfield Ashley Down Road (N-bound) 07:1907:4908:19
Horfield Churchways Avenue (N-bound) 07:2007:5008:20
Horfield Common Muller Road Top (C) 07:2207:5208:22
Horfield Sports Centre (N-bound) 07:2307:5308:23
Horfield Filton Road (N-bound) 07:2507:5508:25
Filton Northville Road (N-bound) 07:2607:5608:26
Filton Police Station (N-bound) 07:2707:5708:27
Filton Springfields (N-bound) 07:2807:5808:28
Filton Church (NE-bound) 07:2907:5908:29
Filton College (N-bound) 07:3108:0108:31
Filton Airfield (N-bound) 07:3208:0208:32
Filton Gipsy Patch Lane (N-bound) 07:3308:0308:33
Patchway Callicroft Road (N-bound) 07:3408:0408:34
Patchway The Grove (N-bound) 07:3508:0508:35
Patchway Stoke Lane (N-bound) 07:3608:0608:36
Patchway Hempton Lane (N-bound) 07:3708:0708:37
Patchway Aztec West Roundabout (Stop A) 07:3708:0708:37
Aztec West Park Avenue (W-bound) 07:3808:0808:38
Aztec West Waterside Drive (E-bound) 07:4008:1008:40
Aztec West Park Avenue (E-bound) 07:4008:1008:40

Aztec West - Bristol

Aztec West Park Avenue (W-bound) 16:1517:1518:15
Aztec West Waterside Drive (E-bound) 16:1717:1718:17
Aztec West Park Avenue (E-bound) 16:1817:1818:18
Bradley Stoke Approach Road (E-bound) 16:1817:1818:18
Patchway Aztec West Roundabout (Stop B) 16:1917:1918:19
Patchway Hempton Lane (S-bound) 16:2017:2018:20
Patchway The Grove (S-bound) 16:2217:2218:22
Patchway Callicroft Road (S-bound) 16:2317:2318:23
Filton Gipsy Patch Lane (S-bound) 16:2417:2418:24
Filton Cleve Road (S-bound) 16:2517:2518:25
Filton College (S-bound) 16:2617:2618:26
Filton Church (SW-bound) 16:2817:2818:28
Filton Springfields (S-bound) 16:2817:2818:28
Filton Police Station (S-bound) 16:2917:2918:29
Filton Northville Road (S-bound) 16:3117:3118:31
Horfield Filton Road (S-bound) 16:3217:3218:32
Horfield Sports Centre (S-bound) 16:3317:3318:33
Horfield Common Muller Road Top (B) 16:3517:3518:35
Horfield Churchways Avenue (S-bound) 16:3717:3718:37
Horfield Ashley Down Road (S-bound) 16:3817:3818:38
Bishopston Nevil Road (S-bound) 16:3917:3918:39
Bishopston Hatherley Road (S-bound) 16:4017:4018:40
Bishopston Sommerville Road (S-bound) 16:4217:4218:42
Bishopston Kingsley Road (SW-bound) 16:4417:4418:44
Redland Station (A) 16:4617:4618:46
Redland Ermleet Road (W-bound) 16:4717:4718:47
Redland Chapel Green Lane (NW-bound) 16:5017:5018:50
Redland Grove Road (W-bound) 16:5117:5118:51
Redland Black Boy Hill (D) 16:5217:5218:52
Clifton Apsley Road (SE-bound) 16:5317:5318:53
Clifton Down Station (S-bound) 16:5517:5518:55
Clifton Belgrave Road (S-bound) 16:5617:5618:56
Tyndall’s Park Queen's Road (U2) 16:5817:5818:58
Bristol Park Row (U4) 16:5917:5918:59
Kingsdown Bristol Royal Infirmary (H2) 17:0118:0119:01
Kingsdown Stokes Croft (N3) 17:0218:0219:02
Broadmead The Haymarket (B10) 17:0318:0319:03
Broadmead Rupert Street (B4) 17:0418:0419:04
Broadmead (B1) 17:0518:0519:05

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 1 December 2022

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