400 - Marloes - St David`s `Puffin Shuttle` via Broadhaven

A bus service operated by Richards Bros



St David's 'Puffin Shuttle' - Broadhaven - Marloes

St David’s New Street Playground (opp Church) 08:4012:4015:55
St David`s City Hall (before) 08:4112:4115:57
St David’s Caerfai Road (o/s Car Park) 08:4512:4516:00
St David`s Sch (before) 08:4512:4516:00
Vachelich, before Fachelich Turn 08:4912:4916:04
Upper Solva, before Minimarket 08:5312:5316:07
Solva, opp Memorial Hall 08:5312:5316:08
Lower Solva, before Solva Pottery 08:5512:5516:10
Penycwm, before Brawdy Turn 09:0013:0016:15
Penycwm Post Office (o/s former) 09:0213:0216:17
Newgale House 09:0513:0516:20
Newgale Car Park 09:1013:1016:25
Nolton Haven, before Mariners` Inn 09:1513:1516:30
Druidston Hotel (opp entrance) 09:2013:2016:35
Haroldston West, o/s West Farm 09:2513:2516:40
Broad Haven, o/s Post Office 09:3013:3016:45
Little Haven, opp Castle Hotel 09:3513:3516:50
Talbenny North Leys (junction for Little Haven) 09:3913:3916:54
Hasguard Cross, after Hasgaurd Cross 09:4013:4016:55
St Brides, opp Castle 09:5013:5017:05
Marloes, nr Cricket Ground 10:0314:0317:18
Marloes, opp Lobster Pot 10:0514:0517:20
Dale (nr) 17:25
Dale Meadows (nr) 17:25
Herbrandston, o/s School 17:38
Hubberston Dale Road (nr Suningdale Drive) 17:39
Hubberston, o/s Three Crowns 17:40
Hakin St Lawrence Hill (opp James Street) 17:42
Milford Haven, o/s Lord Nelson 17:45
Milford Haven, opp Milford Town Hall 17:45
Milford Haven Great North Road (before Robert Street) 17:46
Milford Haven Great North Road (o/s Enterprise) 17:47
Milford Haven, after Philips Avenue 17:48
Milford Haven, after Bunkers Hill 17:49
Steynton, before Horse & Jockey 17:51
Milford Haven, o/s Steynton Farm 17:51
Johnston Farm (o/s) 17:55
Johnston, opp Railway Hotel 17:56
Johnston, nr Clifton House 17:56
Pope Hill, after Vine Inn 17:57
Pope Hill Villa (after) 17:58
Merlin’s Bridge, o/s Boxing Club 18:02
Haverfordwest, o/s Railway Station 18:10
Haverfordwest Bus Station (Bay 1) 18:15
Prendergast Sydney Rees Way (o/s Debenhams) 18:18
Haverfordwest, o/s Withybush Hospital 18:20
Withybush Fishguard Road (o/s 64) 18:20
Withybush, adj The Lost Coins 18:20
Treffgarne Bridge (after) 18:26
Ford, o/s Wolfscastle 18:30
Wolfscastle, nr Wolf`s Castle School 18:30
Wolfscastle, before Sealyham Turn 18:30
Letterston Square (before) 18:32
Scleddau, after Gate Inn 18:37
Dyffryn, nr Kensington House 18:41
Goodwick The Parrog (opp Tesco) 18:42
Penyraber West Street (o/s 2) 18:45
Fishguard, at Ffordd yr Efail 2 18:46

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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