408 - Oban - Bonawe

A bus service operated by West Coast Motors

Oban - Bonawe

Oban, at Bus Depot 07:0511:0517:40
Oban, at High School 15:47
Oban, at Creag Bhan Village 07:0511:0517:40
Oban, nr McKelvie Road junct 07:0611:0617:41
Oban, opp Lorn and Isles Hospital 07:0811:0817:43
Oban, opp Fire Station 07:0811:0817:43
Oban, at Millpark Terrace 07:0911:0917:44
Oban, after Millpark Road 07:0911:0917:44
Oban, opp Soroba Park Terrace 07:0911:0915:4917:44
Oban, opp Lorn Resource Centre 15:50
Oban, opp Lochavullin Car Park 07:1111:1117:46
Oban, opp Old Parish Church 15:52
Oban, at Supermarkets 07:1211:1217:47
Oban Station Road (Stance 1) 07:1511:1515:5417:50
Oban, at North Pier Car Park 07:1511:1515:5417:50
Oban, at Corran Halls Car Park 07:1611:1615:5517:51
Oban, at Pennyfuir Cemetery 07:1911:1915:5817:54
Dunbeg, at Road End 07:2411:2416:0317:59
Connel, opp Bridge Junction 07:2811:2816:0718:03
North Connel, opp Etive Park 16:11
North Connel, at Black Crofts 07:3211:3216:1518:07
Achnaba, at Ardchattan Church 07:3811:3816:2018:13
Ardchattan, at Priory 07:4311:4316:2518:18
Bonawe, opp Kenmore Cottages 07:5311:5316:3418:28
Bonawe Quarries (nr) 07:5611:5616:3718:31

Bonawe - Oban

Bonawe Quarries (nr) 07:5812:0016:4018:35
Bonawe, at Kenmore Cottages 08:0212:0316:4318:38
Ardchattan, opp Priory 08:1312:1316:5318:48
Achnaba, opp Ardchattan Church 08:1912:1816:5818:53
North Connel, opp Black Crofts 08:2612:2417:0418:59
North Connel, opp Etive Park 08:29
Connel, nr Bridge Junction 08:3312:2817:0819:03
Dunbeg, opp Road End 08:3712:3217:1219:07
Oban, opp Pennyfuir Cemetery 08:4212:3717:1719:12
Oban, at Highland Theatre 08:4512:4017:2019:15
Oban, at Dolce Vita 08:4612:4117:2119:16
Oban Station Road (Stance 5) 08:4712:4217:2219:17
Oban, before Old Parish Church 08:4712:4317:2319:18
Oban, at Jobcentre Plus 08:48
Oban, at Soroba Lane 12:4517:2519:20
Oban, at Soroba Park Terrace 08:4912:4617:2619:21
Oban, at High School 08:51
Oban, opp Millpark Terrace 08:5212:4617:2619:21
Oban, at Fire Station 08:5212:4717:2719:22
Oban, at Lorn and Isles Hospital 08:5312:4717:2719:22
Oban, opp McKelvie Road junct 08:5412:4817:2819:23
Oban, opp Creag Bhan Village 08:5512:4917:2919:24
Oban, opp Bus Depot 08:5612:5017:3019:25

Timetable data from West Coast Motors, 16 April 2024

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