551 - Arnside - Kirkby Lonsdale

A bus service operated by Kirkby Lonsdale Coaches



Arnside - Kirkby Lonsdale

Milnthorpe, o/s The Square 09:05
Milnthorpe, o/s The Strands 09:06
Milnthorpe, o/s Bridge 09:07
Sandside, o/s Ship Inn 09:12
Sandside Sunny Ridge (near) 09:13
Carr Bank, by Garden Centre 09:14
Arnside Dale House (near) 09:15
Arnside, opp Rail Station 09:16
Arnside Ye Olde Fighting Cocks (near) 09:17
Arnside, o/s The Promenade 09:30
Arnside, o/s Our Lady of Lourdes Church 09:31
Arnside, at Springfield Avenue 09:31
Arnside, opp Hollins Lane 09:32
Arnside, o/s Foot of Briery Bank 09:34
Arnside, opp Dale House 09:35
Carr Bank, opp Garden Centre 09:36
Sandside, at Sunny Ridge 09:36
Storth, opp Ship Inn 09:39
Milnthorpe, opp Bridge 09:40
Milnthorpe The Square (near) 09:43
Milnthorpe, opp Chestnut Park 09:44
Milnthorpe, o/s Chestnut Park 09:45
Milnthorpe, o/s The Square 09:45
Milnthorpe Grisleymires Lane (near) 09:46
Milnthorpe, opp Top of Church Street 09:47
Heversham, o/s Dallam Junior School 09:48
Heversham, at Woodhouse Lane 09:48
Leasgill, at Strickland House 09:49
Leasgill, o/s Village Hall 09:50
Leasgill, o/s Eversley Farm 09:51
Levens, opp Shelter 09:52
Levens Bridge (o/s) 09:52
Levens, opp Hare & Hounds 09:53
Brettargh Holt, o/s Heaves Hotel 09:54
Brettargh Holt, at approach 09:55
Sedgwick, at Aqueduct 10:00
Halfpenny, opp Lane End 10:03
Summerlands (at) 10:06
Endmoor, o/s Old Police Station 10:10
Endmoor Farm (o/s) 10:11
Crooklands, opp Hotel 10:12
Crooklands, opp Millness Highways depot 10:13
Crooklands Roundabout (near) 10:14
Lupton, opp Plough Inn 10:17
Lupton, opp Jubilee Lane End 10:18
Kirkby Lonsdale Booth's (o/s) 10:23
Kirkby Lonsdale, at Market Place 10:25

Kirkby Lonsdale - Arnside

Kirkby Lonsdale, at Market Place 13:10
Kirkby Lonsdale, at Lunefield Drive 13:13
Lupton, at Jubilee Lane End 13:16
Lupton, o/s Plough Inn 13:18
Crooklands, at Roundabout 13:21
Crooklands, at Millness depot 13:24
Endmoor, opp Old Police Station 13:25
Summerlands (opp) 13:26
Crooklands, at Hotel 13:27
Halfpenny, at Road End 13:28
Endmoor Farm (opp) 13:30
Sedgwick, by Aqueduct 13:35
Brettargh Holt, at approach 13:38
Brettargh Holt Heaves Hotel (near) 13:39
Levens, at Hare & Hounds 13:40
Levens, opp Lane Foot 13:42
Levens Bridge (opp) 13:43
Leasgill, o/s West View 13:44
Leasgill, opp Village Hall 13:44
Heversham Woodhouse Lane (near) 13:46
Heversham, at Dallam School 13:47
Milnthorpe, o/s Top of Church Street 13:48
Milnthorpe The Square (near) 13:49
Milnthorpe, opp Grisleymires Lane 13:49
Milnthorpe, opp Chestnut Park 13:50
Milnthorpe, o/s Chestnut Park 13:51
Milnthorpe, o/s The Square 13:52
Milnthorpe, o/s The Strands 13:53
Milnthorpe, o/s Bridge 13:54
Sandside, o/s Ship Inn 14:00
Sandside Sunny Ridge (near) 14:01
Carr Bank, by Garden Centre 14:02
Arnside Dale House (near) 14:03
Arnside, opp Rail Station 14:04
Arnside, o/s The Promenade 14:05
Arnside Ye Olde Fighting Cocks (near) 14:05
Arnside, at Springfield Avenue 14:11
Arnside, o/s Our Lady of Lourdes Church 14:11
Arnside, opp Hollins Lane 14:12
Arnside, o/s Foot of Briery Bank 14:14
Arnside, opp Dale House 14:15
Carr Bank, opp Garden Centre 14:16
Sandside, at Sunny Ridge 14:16
Storth, opp Ship Inn 14:19
Milnthorpe, opp Bridge 14:20
Milnthorpe The Square (near) 14:21

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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