555 - Lancaster - Kendal - Keswick

Operated by Stagecoach Cumbria and North Lancashire


Windermere - Keswick
Lancaster - Kendal - Keswick

Lancaster Bus Station (Stand 14) 08:1509:25then hourly until15:25
Lancaster, by Parliament Street 08:1709:2715:27
Newton, by Ladies Walk 08:1709:2715:27
Lansil, by Langdale Rd 08:1909:2915:29
Lansil, by Aqueduct 08:2009:3015:30
Lansil, by Riverside Park 08:2009:3015:30
Caton Road, o/s Lancaster Business Park 08:2109:3115:31
Prizet, opp BP Garage 08:4409:5415:54
Kendal, at Lumley Road 08:4609:5615:56
Kendal South, at Thornleigh Road 08:4709:5715:57
Kendal South, at Romney Road 08:4809:5815:58
Kendal South, o/s College 08:4909:5915:59
Kendal, o/s Kirkland 08:5110:0116:01
Kendal, at Highgate 08:5210:0216:02
Kendal, o/s The Shakespeare Inn 08:5310:0316:03
Kendal Bus Station (Ken) (Stand C) 08:5510:0516:05
Kendal, adj Queens Road 09:1110:1116:11
Kendal, opp Whinfell School 09:1210:1216:12
Kendal, opp Helsfell Hall 09:1210:1216:12
Plantation Bridge, at Ratherheath Road End 09:1710:1716:17
Plantation Bridge, at lay-by 09:1910:1916:19
Staveley, at Stock Bridge Farm 09:2110:2116:21
Staveley, at Eagle & Child 09:2110:2116:21
Staveley, at Abbey Square 09:2210:2216:22
Staveley, opp Brow Lane 09:2310:2316:23
Reston Cottages (opp) 09:2510:2516:25
Ings, at turn for village 09:2710:2716:27
Windermere, at Thwaite Lane 09:3310:3316:33
Windermere Bus Rail Interchange (Stop 1) 09:3410:3416:34
Windermere, o/s Barclays Bank 07:0008:00
Windermere, o/s Cedar Manor Hotel 09:4010:4016:40
Windermere, o/s Library 07:0008:00
Windermere, o/s Firgarth Hotel 09:4110:4116:41
Goodley Dale, at Brook Court 07:0108:01
Goodley Dale, at Baddeley Clock 07:0208:02
Goodley Dale, o/s Oakleigh Guest House 07:0308:03
Bowness on Windermere, at Beresford Road 07:0408:04
Bowness on Windermere, opp Royalty Cinema 07:0408:04
Bowness on Windermere, opp St Martins Church 07:0608:06
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Bowness Pier 07:0708:07
Bowness on Windermere, in St Martins Church 07:0708:07
Bowness on Windermere, at car park 07:0708:07
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Windermere Jetty Museum 07:0808:08
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Rayrigg Meadow 07:0908:09
Troutbeck Bridge, at Moss Ghyll 07:1108:1109:4210:4216:42
Troutbeck Bridge, o/s Garage 07:1208:1209:4310:4316:43
Troutbeck Bridge, o/s White Cross Caravan Pk 07:1308:1309:4410:4416:44
Brockhole, by Visitor Centre 07:1508:1509:4510:4516:45
Low Wood, opp Hotel 07:1708:1709:4710:4716:47
Waterhead Hotel for Pier (o/s) 07:2008:2009:5010:5016:50
Ambleside, at Hayes Garden Centre 07:2108:2109:5210:5216:52
Ambleside Loughrigg Avenue (near) 07:2208:2209:5210:5216:52
Ambleside bus interchange (Stand 1) 07:2408:2409:5410:5416:54
Ambleside, at Vicarage Road 07:2908:2910:0011:0017:00
Ambleside, opp Health Centre 07:3008:3010:0111:0117:01
Ambleside, on Scandale Bridge 07:3108:3110:0211:0217:02
Church for Rydal Mount (near) 07:3408:3410:0411:0417:04
Rydal White Moss Common (near) 07:3708:3710:0711:0717:07
Grasmere, at Daffodil House for Dove Cottage 07:4108:4110:1111:1117:11
Grasmere, at School 07:4108:4110:1211:1217:12
Grasmere Heaton Cooper Studio (near) 07:4308:4310:1311:1317:13
Grasmere, opp Village Hall 07:4508:4510:1511:1517:15
Grasmere The Swan Hotel (near) 07:4508:4510:1611:1617:16
Dunmail Raise, opp Winterseeds 07:4608:4610:1711:1717:17
Dunmail Raise, at Town Head 07:4808:4810:1811:1817:18
Dunmail Raise (at) 07:4908:4910:2011:2017:20
Thirlmere, at Amboth turn 07:5208:5210:2211:2217:22
Thirlmere Wythburn Church (near) 07:5308:5310:2311:2317:23
Thirlmere, at Swirls car park 07:5708:5710:2811:2817:28
Thirlmere, opp Kings Head Hotel 07:5908:5910:2911:2917:29
Thirlmere, opp Fisher Place 08:0009:0010:3011:3017:30
Legburthwaite (opp) 08:0009:0010:3111:3117:31
Stanah, at Dam road end 08:0109:0110:3211:3217:32
Stanah, at Shoulthwaite Farm 08:0409:0410:3511:3517:35
Dale Bottom (near) 08:0609:0610:3711:3717:37
Castlerigg, opp Castle Lane 08:0809:0810:3911:3917:39
Castlerigg, at Rakefoot 08:0909:0910:4011:4017:40
Chestnut Hill, opp Lonsties 08:1009:1010:4011:4017:40
Chestnut Hill, at Manor Brow 08:1009:1010:4011:4017:40
Chestnut Hill, opp Nether Place 08:1109:1110:4111:4117:41
Keswick, at Latrigg Close 08:1109:1110:4211:4217:42
Keswick, o/s Twa Dogs Inn 08:1109:1110:4211:4217:42
Keswick, at Fire Station 08:1209:1210:4211:4217:42
Keswick Park Hotel (opp) 08:1309:1310:4311:4317:43
Keswick Bus Station (K) (Stand 2) 08:1409:1410:4411:4417:44

Keswick - Windermere
Keswick - Kendal - Lancaster

Keswick Bus Station (K) (Stand 2) 11:00then hourly until18:0018:3019:30
Keswick, at Greta Bank 11:0118:0118:3119:31
Keswick, opp Fire Station 11:0218:0218:3119:31
Keswick, opp Twa Dogs Inn 11:0218:0218:3219:32
Keswick, opp Latrigg Close 11:0218:0218:3219:32
Chestnut Hill, at Nether Place 11:0318:0318:3219:32
Chestnut Hill Manor Brow (near) 11:0418:0418:3319:33
Chestnut Hill, at Lonsties 11:0418:0418:3319:33
Castlerigg, at Rakefoot 11:0418:0418:3419:34
Castlerigg, at Castle Lane 11:0518:0518:3519:35
Dale Bottom (opp) 11:0718:0718:3719:37
Stanah, opp Shoulthwaite Farm 11:0918:0918:3919:39
Stanah Dam road end (near) 11:1318:1318:4219:42
Legburthwaite (at) 11:1318:1318:4319:43
Thirlmere, at Fisher Place 11:1418:1418:4319:43
Thirlmere, at Kings Head Hotel 11:1518:1518:4519:45
Thirlmere, opp car park 11:1618:1618:4619:46
Thirlmere, opp Wythburn Church 11:2018:2018:5019:50
Thirlmere, opp Amboth Turn 11:2118:2118:5119:51
Dunmail Raise (on) 11:2318:2318:5319:53
Dunmail Raise, at Town Head layby 11:2518:2518:5519:55
Dunmail Raise, at Winterseeds 11:2618:2618:5619:56
Grasmere, opp The Swan Hotel 11:2718:2718:5719:57
Grasmere, opp Blacksmiths 11:2718:2718:5719:57
Grasmere, o/s Village Hall 11:2818:2818:5719:57
Grasmere, opp Heaton Cooper Studio 11:2818:2818:5819:58
Grasmere School (near) 11:3118:3119:0020:00
Grasmere, opp Daffodil Hotel for Dove Cottage 11:3218:3219:0120:01
Rydal, at White Moss Common 11:3518:3519:0420:04
Church for Rydal Mount (opp) 11:3818:3819:0820:08
Ambleside, at Scandale Bridge 11:4118:4119:1020:10
Ambleside, at Health Centre 11:4218:4219:1120:11
Ambleside, o/s Salutation Hotel 11:4318:4319:1220:12
Ambleside bus interchange (Stand 2) 11:4518:4519:1520:15
Ambleside Hayes Garden Centre (near) 11:5018:5019:2020:20
Waterhead Hotel for Pier (opp) 11:5218:5219:2220:22
Low Wood, o/s Hotel 11:5418:5419:2420:24
Brockhole Visitor Centre (near) 11:5618:5619:2620:26
Troutbeck Bridge, opp White Cross Caravan Pk 11:5718:5719:2720:27
Troutbeck Bridge The Sun Hotel (near) 11:5918:5919:2820:28
Troutbeck Bridge, at Corner Cottage 12:0019:0019:2820:28
Windermere, opp Firgarth Hotel 12:0119:01
Bowness on Windermere, opp Rayrigg Meadow 19:3120:31
Windermere, opp St Mary's Church 12:0219:02
Bowness on Windermere, on Rayrigg Road 19:3120:31
Bowness on Windermere, opp Windermere Jetty Museum 19:3220:32
Bowness on Windermere Fold Head (near) 19:3320:33
Bowness on Windermere, opp St Martins Church 19:3320:33
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Bowness Pier 19:3420:34
Bowness on Windermere, in St Martins Church 19:3420:34
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Royalty Cinema 19:3620:36
Bowness on Windermere, o/s Bank Road 19:3620:36
Goodley Dale, opp Windermere Health Centre 19:3820:38
Goodley Dale, opp Baddeley Clock 19:3920:39
Goodley Dale, o/s Brook Road 19:3920:39
Windermere, opp Library 19:4020:40
Windermere, opp Beech Street 19:4120:41
Windermere Bus Rail Interchange (Stop 1) 12:0319:0319:4320:43
Windermere Thwaite Lane (near) 12:0919:09
Ings, opp turn for village 12:1319:13
Reston Cottages (o/s) 12:1519:15
Staveley, at Brow Lane 12:1619:16
Staveley, o/s Abbey Square 12:1719:17
Staveley, opp Eagle and Child 12:1819:18
Staveley, o/s Sandyhill Farm 12:1919:19
Plantation Bridge road end (near) 12:2119:21
Plantation Bridge, opp Ratherheath Road End 12:2419:24
Kendal, at Hellsfell 12:2919:29
Kendal, on Underley Road 12:3019:30
Kendal, at Union Street 12:3119:31
Kendal Blackhall Road (Stand F) 12:3219:32
Kendal, at Weavers Court 12:4719:47
Kendal South South Road (near) 12:4919:49
Kendal South Romney Road (near) 12:5019:50
Kendal South, opp Collin Road 12:5119:51
Kendal South Lumley Road (near) 12:5219:52
Prizet, at BP Garage 12:5319:53
Caton Road, opp Business Park 13:1720:17
Lansil, opp Riverside Park 13:1820:18
Lansil Way (opp) 13:2020:20
Lansil, opp Langdale Rd 13:2120:21
Lancaster Bus Station (Stand 15) 13:2720:27

Timetable data from Stagecoach Cumbria, 27 September 2022

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