70B - Plymouth - Torpoint - - Portwrinkle/Insworke

A bus service operated by Go Cornwall Bus

Plymouth - Torpoint - Cremyll

Plymouth Royal Parade A3 (Stop A3) 13:0016:1018:2019:5521:25
Plymouth Western Approach (N-bound) 13:0216:1218:2219:5721:27
Plymouth Pilgrim Primary (NE-bound) 13:0216:1218:2219:5721:27
Plymouth North Cross (NE-bound) 13:0316:1318:2319:5821:28
Plymouth Railway Station (NW-bound) 13:0416:1418:2419:5921:29
Pennycomequick (W-bound) 13:0416:1418:2419:5921:29
Pennycomequick Earls Acre (N-bound) 13:0516:1518:2520:0021:30
Milehouse Alma Road (NW-bound) 13:0616:1618:2620:0121:31
Milehouse Alma Road (NW-bound) 13:0716:1718:2720:0221:32
Milehouse Road East (W-bound) 13:0716:1718:2720:0221:32
Milehouse Road West (SW-bound) 13:0716:1718:2720:0221:32
Stoke Ford Hill Top (S-bound) 13:0916:1918:2820:0321:33
Stoke Village (SW-bound) 13:1016:2018:2920:0421:34
Stoke Havelock Terrace (W-bound) 13:1116:2118:3020:0521:35
Devonport Exmouth Road (W-bound) 13:1216:2218:3120:0621:36
Devonport Ross Street (W-bound) 13:1316:2318:3220:0721:37
Devonport UTC Plymouth (S-bound) 13:1416:2418:3320:0821:38
Devonport Ferry Road (SW-bound) 13:1516:2518:3420:0921:39
Torpoint Ferry (SW-bound) 13:3916:4918:5420:2421:54
Torpoint Harvey Street (NW-bound) 13:3916:4918:5420:2421:54
Torpoint Antony Road Sainsburys (W-bound) 13:4016:5018:5520:2521:55
Torpoint Cadet Hut (W-bound) 13:4116:5118:5620:2621:56
Torpoint, opp Bus Depot 13:4216:5218:5720:2721:57
Torpoint School (W-bound) 13:4216:5218:5720:2721:57
Torpoint Sycamore Drive (W-bound) 13:4316:5318:5820:2821:58
Torpoint Goad Close (NW-bound) 13:4516:5518:5920:2921:59
Torpoint, opp Clegg Avenue 13:4516:5518:5920:2921:59
Torpoint Kernow Close (W-bound) 13:4616:5618:5920:2921:59
Torpoint Goad Avenue (NW-bound) 13:4616:5618:5920:2921:59
Torpoint Borough Park (NE-bound) 13:4616:5619:0020:3022:00
Torpoint, opp Trevithick Avenue 13:4716:5719:0020:3022:00
Torpoint Kynance Close (E-bound) 13:4816:5819:0120:3122:01
Torpoint, opp Pendennis Close 13:4916:5919:0120:3122:01
Torpoint, adj Davy Close 13:5117:0219:0220:3222:02
Torpoint Goad Avenue Bottom (SE-bound) 13:5117:0319:0320:3322:03
Torpoint Hawthorn Avenue (SW-bound) 13:5217:0419:0320:3322:03
Torpoint Pencair Avenue (W-bound) 13:5417:0619:0420:3422:04
Torpoint HMS Raleigh (W-bound) 13:5717:1019:0620:3622:06
Torpoint, opp Trevol Business Park 13:5717:1019:0620:3622:06
Antony Trevol Road Hay Farm (W-bound) 13:5817:1119:0720:3722:07
Antony St John Turning (W-bound) 13:5817:1119:0720:3722:07
Antony Pedigree Farm (W-bound) 13:5917:1219:0820:3822:08
Antony Village Shop (W-bound) 14:0017:1319:0920:3922:09
Opposite Sheviock Church (NW-bound) 14:0417:1719:1320:4322:13
Crafthole Cross Park (S-bound) 14:0817:2119:1620:4622:16
Antony Tregantle Fort Junction (SW-bound) 14:1217:2519:1920:49
Antony Tregantle Fort Main Car Park (S-bound) 14:1317:2619:1920:49
Antony Tregantle Fort Car Park (SE-bound) 14:1417:2719:2020:50
Freathy Tregantle Beach (SW-bound) 14:1417:2719:2020:50
Freathy Tregantle Beach Corner (SE-bound) 14:1517:2819:2020:50
Freathy Sharrow Point (SE-bound) 14:1717:3019:2220:52
Freathy Shelter (SE-bound) 14:1817:3119:2320:53
Freathy Farmers Field Car Park (SE-bound) 14:1917:3219:2420:54
Whitsand Bay Tregonhawke Path to Beach (SE-bound) 14:2017:3319:2420:54
Whitsand Bay Holiday Park (SE-bound) 14:2217:3519:2620:56
Whitsand Bay Rame View Cafe (SE-bound) 14:2317:3619:2620:56
Whitsand Bay Lay By (SE-bound) 14:2517:3819:2820:58
Cawsand Polhawn Car Park (SE-bound) 14:2617:3919:2920:59
Maker-with-Rame Polhawn (NE-bound) 14:2817:4119:3021:00
Maker-with-Rame Rame Village (E-bound) 14:2917:4219:3121:01
Cawsand Forder Hill (NE-bound) 14:3017:4319:3321:03
Cawsand Triangle (NE-bound) 14:3217:4519:3421:04
Kingsand New Road (NW-bound) 14:3217:4519:3421:04
Kingsand New Road Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 14:3317:4619:3521:05
Kingsand Coombe Park (NW-bound) 14:3417:4719:3621:06
Kingsand Coombe Farm (NW-bound) 14:3517:4819:3621:06
Kingsand Fourlanesend Sch Jackmans Meadow (NE-bound) 14:3517:4819:3721:07
Kingsand Fourlanesend School (W-bound) 14:3517:4819:3721:07
Millbrook Millpool Head (N-bound) 14:3917:5219:4021:10
Millbrook, opp Garage 14:4117:5419:4121:11
Millbrook Playing Field (N-bound) 14:4217:5519:4121:11
Insworke Southdown Road Wellman Close (NE-bound) 14:4317:5619:4221:12
Insworke Insbrooke Crescent (SW-bound) 14:4417:5719:4321:13
Millbrook Playing Field (S-bound) 14:4517:58
Millbrook The Parade (SW-bound) 14:4718:00
Millbrook Millpool Head (S-bound) 14:4718:00
Kingsand Fourlanesend School (E-bound) 14:4918:02
Anderton Maker Heights Centre (NE-bound) 14:5018:03
Anderton, opp Fort Picklecombe Turning 14:5118:04
Mount Edgcumbe, opp War Memorial 14:5218:05
Cremyll, opp Drywalk Gate Edgcumbe House 14:5418:07
Cremyll Edgecumbe House Top Entrance (NE-bound) 14:5518:08
Cremyll Ferry (S-bound) 14:5718:10

Cremyll - Torpoint - Plymouth

Cremyll Ferry (S-bound) 06:4508:55
Crafthole Cross Park (S-bound) 22:17
Cremyll Edgcumbe House Top Entrance (SW-bound) 06:4608:56
Antony, opp Tregantle Fort 22:21
Cremyll Drywalk Gate Edgcumbe House (SW-bound) 06:4708:57
Antony Lower Tregantle (NE-bound) 22:22
Mount Edgcumbe War Memorial (W-bound) 06:4808:58
Antony, opp St John Turn 22:23
Anderton Fort Picklecombe Turning (W-bound) 06:4908:59
Antony The Carew Arms (NE-bound) 22:24
Anderton Maker Heights Centre (SW-bound) 06:5109:01
Kingsand Fourlanesend School (W-bound) 06:5209:02
Millbrook Millpool Head (N-bound) 06:5409:04
Millbrook, opp Garage 06:5509:05
Millbrook Playing Field (N-bound) 06:5609:06
Insworke Southdown Road Wellman Close (NE-bound) 06:5709:07
Insworke Insbrooke Crescent (SW-bound) 06:5809:08
Millbrook Playing Field (S-bound) 06:5909:09
Millbrook The Parade (SW-bound) 07:0009:10
Millbrook Millpool Head (S-bound) 07:0009:10
Kingsand Fourlanesend School (E-bound) 07:0209:12
Kingsand Fourlanesend Sch Jackmans Meadow (SW-bound) 07:0209:12
Kingsand Coombe Farm (SE-bound) 07:0309:13
Kingsand, opp Coombe Park 07:0409:14
Kingsand, opp New Road Bus Shelter 07:0409:14
Kingsand New Road (SE-bound) 07:0509:15
Cawsand Triangle (SW-bound) 07:0709:17
Cawsand, opp Forder Hill 07:0709:17
Maker-with-Rame Rame Village (W-bound) 07:0809:18
Maker-with-Rame Polhawn (SW-bound) 07:0909:19
Cawsand Polhawn Car Park (NW-bound) 07:1109:21
Whitsand Bay Lay By (NW-bound) 07:1109:21
Whitsand Bay Rame View Cafe (NW-bound) 07:1309:23
Whitsand Bay Holiday Park (opp) 07:1409:24
Whitsand Bay Tregonhawke Path to Beach (NW-bound) 07:1509:25
Freathy Farmers Field Car Park (NW-bound) 07:1609:26
Freathy, opp Shelter 07:1709:27
Freathy Sharrow Point (NW-bound) 07:1809:28
Freathy Tregantle Beach Corner (NW-bound) 07:2009:30
Freathy Tregantle Beach (NE-bound) 07:2109:31
Antony Tregantle Fort Car Park (NW-bound) 07:2209:32
Antony Tregantle Fort (W-bound) 07:2209:32
Crafthole, opp Cross Park 07:2609:36
Sheviock Church (SE-bound) 07:3109:41
Antony, opp Village Shop 07:3509:4522:25
Antony St John Turning (NE-bound) 07:3609:4722:26
Antony St John Turning (E-bound) 07:3709:4722:26
Torpoint Trevol Business Park (E-bound) 07:3809:4922:27
Torpoint, opp HMS Raleigh 07:3909:5022:28
Torpoint, opp Pencair Avenue 07:4009:5122:29
Torpoint Goad Avenue (NE-bound) 07:4109:5322:30
Torpoint Goad Close (NW-bound) 07:4209:5422:31
Torpoint, opp Clegg Avenue 07:4209:5422:31
Torpoint Kernow Close (W-bound) 07:4309:5522:32
Torpoint Goad Avenue (NW-bound) 07:4309:5522:32
Torpoint Borough Park (NE-bound) 07:4309:5622:32
Torpoint, opp Trevithick Avenue 07:4409:5722:33
Torpoint Kynance Close (E-bound) 07:4509:5822:34
Torpoint, opp Pendennis Close 07:4509:5822:34
Torpoint, adj Davy Close 07:4609:5922:35
Torpoint Goad Avenue Bottom (SE-bound) 07:4609:5922:35
Torpoint Woodland Way (E-bound) 07:4710:0022:36
Torpoint School (E-bound) 07:4810:0122:37
Torpoint Bus Depot (NE-bound) 07:4910:0222:38
Torpoint, opp Cadet Hut 07:5010:0322:39
Torpoint Antony Road Sainsburys (E-bound) 07:5110:0422:40
Torpoint Harvey Street (SE-bound) 07:5310:0622:42
Torpoint Ferry (NE-bound) 07:5510:0822:44
Devonport Torpoint Ferry (N-bound) 08:1110:2623:10
Devonport Pottery Road (NE-bound) 08:1110:2623:10
Devonport Ferry Road (NE-bound) 08:1210:2723:10
Devonport UTC Plymouth (NW-bound) 08:1310:2823:11
Devonport Ross Street (E-bound) 08:1310:2823:11
Devonport Benbow Street (E-bound) 08:1410:2923:12
Stoke Keppel Place (E-bound) 08:1510:3023:13
Stoke Indian Inn (NE-bound) 08:1710:3223:14
Stoke Ford Hill (NE-bound) 08:1710:3223:14
Milehouse Road West (NE-bound) 08:1810:3323:14
Milehouse Road East (NE-bound) 08:1910:3423:15
Milehouse Central Park (SE-bound) 08:2010:35
Milehouse Bus Depot (SW-bound) 23:17
Milehouse Cuffe Road (S-bound) 08:2010:35
Pennycomequick De La Hay Avenue (S-bound) 08:2110:36
Pennycomequick Pilgrims Mews (SE-bound) 08:2210:37
Plymouth Railway Station (SE-bound) 08:2310:38
Plymouth Western Approach Flats (SW-bound) 08:2410:39
Plymouth Western Approach (Stop 2) 08:2510:40
Plymouth Derry's Cross North (SE-bound) 08:2710:42
Plymouth Royal Parade A3 (Stop A3) 08:3010:45

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